College Football Polls are a JOKE

Both college football polls are a joke. The coaches poll being a part of the BCS is a joke. The SID’s vote and boost their fellow conference teams to get higher BCS rankings, total BIAS not based on facts. The AP voters cover a game, can’t see them all, go based off highlights on local news and SportsCenter and schools name appeal. College football needs something like the RPI. It’s a joke that teams can’t compete for the title because 1 team was ranked higher in preseason polls, it’s a joke

This week’s poll just add to the fuel. In the coaches poll, Cal is 19th and Oregon is 25th? Didn’t Cal just get smoked 42-3 by the Ducks? Oklahoma State is 12 and Houston is 15? Didn’t Houston walk into Stillwater and beat the Cowboys and another Big XII team this week? And Iowa at 17 and Penn State at 13? Wasn’t that game on ABC to a NATIONAL audience, and Iowa dominated 21-10?

In the AP poll 4 voters have Penn State at least 8 spots ahead of Iowa (Jay G. Tate, Paul Arnett ,Desmond Conner, & Sal Interdonato) 6 voters have Cal in the top 25 and left Oregon unranked. Paul Arnett left Cal at 10 and didn’t rank Oregon. Should he even have a vote? Does he not watch the games? I would like to see his rational. And with Houston and Oklahoma State, Pete DiPrimio has Houston unranked and Oklahoma State 14, and 9 others have Oklahoma State higher than Houston.

The coaches won’t release who voted for what so it’s secretive like an Iranian election and smells and looks just as bad as one too.

The voters who need to have their vote taken away for stupidity.

Paul Arnett– Ranked Penn State #12 and Iowa #22 : Ranked Cal #10 and didn’t rank Oregon

Jay G Tate – Ranked Penn State #10 and Iowa #20

Desmond Conner – Ranked Penn State #10 and Iowa #20

Sal Interdonato – Ranked Penn State #12 and Iowa #20

I’ve emailed all of them and I bet you and I know how many replies I’ll get. ZERO. Have some accountability people.

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  1. Jay G Tate’s response—
    I think Penn State is a better team. I hope that's succinct enough. Based on my opinion. That's all that matters on my ballot.

    Desmond Conner’s response—
    Thanks for your interest Matt but I've made my picks and don't care to explain anything about them. Thanks again, Desmond

    If anyone would like copies of the email’s let me know.

  2. Conner gets to vote because he writes for a paper. He better be prepared to explain himself to the readership that he represents. What a douchey response.

    I got no problem with PSU still being ranked ahead of Iowa. How many spots do you expect PSU to drop and how many spots should an unranked Iowa team jump? But 10 and 20 seem a little off the mark.

    If you want action taken, don't e-mail him directly, see if his paper has a comments section and hold him accountable to his readers there.

  3. Response from Doug Lesmerises, AP Voter from the Cleveland Plains Dealer


    I've VERY interested in those responses you got from some of the AP voters. "I think Penn State is the better team?"

    That is ridiculous and arrogant. I'm wary of becoming the crazy voting writer, but I may talk to my editor about doing a story talking to the people that voted Penn State ahead of Iowa.
    Thanks so much for writing, and I admire the work you put in to hold some voters accountable or at least make them explain their voting.

    I admit, I haven't had time to respond to all my emails, so I can sympathize with reporters who don't always write back, but to say Penn State is a better team is factually incorrect.


  4. Of the 4 writers I emailed last week about Iowa being below Penn State, 2 still have Iowa lower, but 2 thought after a week Iowa was better.

    I don't know if they didn't do their research or anything, but it's odd that after a huge win in Happy Valley Iowa wasn't worthy, but then getting the scare from Arkansas State and Penn State winning a conference game, Iowa is now better.

    I sent the following stats to the writers last week:
    Iowa's is the only team this year to beat 3 BCS conf teams.
    Iowa's opponent's record to date:12-4, all are 3-1, including Iowa State.
    Penn State's opponent's record to date: 8-7, take out 4-0 Iowa, they are 4-7.
    Iowa has the 11th rated hardest schedule according to Jeff Sagarin, Penn State has the 83rd toughest. (Sagarin Rankings are found http://www.kiva.net/~jsagarin/sports/cfsend.htm)