College Football Polls are a JOKE

Both college football polls are a joke. The coaches poll being a part of the BCS is a joke. The SID’s vote and boost their fellow conference teams to get higher BCS rankings, total BIAS not based on facts. The AP voters cover a game, can’t see them all, go based off highlights on local news and SportsCenter and schools name appeal. College football needs something like the RPI. It’s a joke that teams can’t compete for the title because 1 team was ranked higher in preseason polls, it’s a joke

This week’s poll just add to the fuel. In the coaches poll, Cal is 19th and Oregon is 25th? Didn’t Cal just get smoked 42-3 by the Ducks? Oklahoma State is 12 and Houston is 15? Didn’t Houston walk into Stillwater and beat the Cowboys and another Big XII team this week? And Iowa at 17 and Penn State at 13? Wasn’t that game on ABC to a NATIONAL audience, and Iowa dominated 21-10?

In the AP poll 4 voters have Penn State at least 8 spots ahead of Iowa (Jay G. Tate, Paul Arnett ,Desmond Conner, & Sal Interdonato) 6 voters have Cal in the top 25 and left Oregon unranked. Paul Arnett left Cal at 10 and didn’t rank Oregon. Should he even have a vote? Does he not watch the games? I would like to see his rational. And with Houston and Oklahoma State, Pete DiPrimio has Houston unranked and Oklahoma State 14, and 9 others have Oklahoma State higher than Houston.

The coaches won’t release who voted for what so it’s secretive like an Iranian election and smells and looks just as bad as one too.

The voters who need to have their vote taken away for stupidity.

Paul Arnett– Ranked Penn State #12 and Iowa #22 : Ranked Cal #10 and didn’t rank Oregon

Jay G Tate – Ranked Penn State #10 and Iowa #20

Desmond Conner – Ranked Penn State #10 and Iowa #20

Sal Interdonato – Ranked Penn State #12 and Iowa #20

I’ve emailed all of them and I bet you and I know how many replies I’ll get. ZERO. Have some accountability people.

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Hawk Talk Top 7 - Week 4

Upset Saturday....Va Tech Destroys Miami, LSU needs a goal line stand to stop Mississippi State, and then the upsets, Ole Miss beat, Penn State manhandled by Iowa and Oregon blows up Cal.

And Superman QB Tim Tebow got hit with kryptonite and left the game vs Kentucky in the 3rd quarter.

Top 7.

4.Boise State


Hawk Talk Top 7 - Week 3

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. LSU
4. California
5. LSU
6. Penn State
7. Miami(Fl)


Breaking Point Predictions

Jericho & Big Show beat MVP & Henry and keep the titles and prolong the fued.

John Cena finally beats Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship

CM Punk loses World Heavyweight Championship to Undertaker.

DX keeps on beating Legacy because the WWE won't push anyone against HHH/HBK, they want to sell tshirts.

Kane beats the Great Kahli

William Regal wins the ECW title over Christian.....the Instant Classic goes to SmackDown

The Miz ends Kofi's US title run

Hawk Talk Top 7 - Week 3

Rivalry week 1 is done. It's still a Hawkeye State. The Showdown in Columbus was a great game, Big Ten coming up short. Same in the Big House but the Big Ten bests the Irish. Florida continued to play no one, and the Big XII blew against another non-BCS team.

6.Penn State


Hawk Talk Top 7 - Week 2

Heisman winner Sam Bradford goes down, BYU upsets the Sooners in the Jerry-Dome. Navy scares the Buckeyes in The Shoe, and Iowa blocks 2 field goals back-to-back in the final 7 seconds to avoid an upset from Northern Iowa. Welcome back College Football!!!

6.Oklahoma State
7.Boise State


2009 NFL Predictions

AFC East-New England
AFC North-Pittsburgh
AFC South-Indianapolis
AFC West-San Diego
AFC WC-Baltimore
AFC WC-Houston

NFC East-Philadelphia
NFC North-Chicago
NFC South-Atlanta
NFC West-San Francisco
NFC WC-Dallas
NFC WC-Green Bay

AFC Championship – San Diego over Pittsburgh
NFC Championship – Philadelphia over Chicago
Super Bowl – San Diego over Philadelphia