Monday Morning my hometown of Garwin was hit with a storm I never imagined would hit it.  It wasn’t tornados, more straight line winds.  Friends farms were destroyed, houses have roof’s ripped off, no power and gas and no idea when it will be turned back on.  The Legion Hall roof is gone.  The bandstand, community center and park are all smashed up.  The grain elevator that my dad owned and worked at for 35+ years is mangled and looks like Megatron ripped through there.  My dad’s old office is currently covered by a grain bin.  Looking at some of the photos from old friends I’m in awe of the damage.  The park and my dad’s elevator are places I’ve been around a million times growing up, and to see them destroyed or have caution tape around them is sad. 

I’m thankful that no one was hurt in this, and things can be replaced.  As I stated on my facebook, please keep us that have moved out of town aware of what is going on, what is needed and updates on news on the town and any new photos.

***I nabbed some photos from people on facebook and the web***

Photos from Nick Helton

I was working at my parents Monday and didn’t get into town but attached are photos from people in town that got them loaded to facebook.  I will add more as I can.  Also attached is news video of the damage. 

I know Garwin isn't Parkersburg and we don't have a polarize figure like Ed Thomas, but there are good people in Garwin, and I hope that the people who are covering this dont' forget about our little community. 

WHO Story by Andy Fales

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