Kids do the dardenst things too…

So yesterday I had what Brady said…today, let’s go to Addyson and what she did at preschool. So I’m having a decent day and driving to pick her up. I pull up, go in to the building and get her backpack and walk out to the playground and get ready to get her, and Ms Kim says to me…”Addy got sick today, threw up.” I’m thinking oh great, sick kid, more pto. Then she goes on to explain to me how she got sick. “She got sick by eating grass.” WHAT? Um, did she see Molly doing it? Where was this coming from? A month or so ago she also stuck a marble up her nose and caused a nose bleed. So her doing strange things isn’t to odd, but yet still is. So Kim and Tonia go on telling me about what she did and what they saw. She had two handfuls of grass, and looking down there was a bare spot and then some, well vomit and grass in it. I’m still in shock that she did it. When they tell me about it, Addy gets all shy and trying to hide her face looking at me. She then runs to the car when I want to ask her about it. Gets in the car and buckled up. I then ask, “why did you eat the grass.” She said “I was playing a bunny game, and Bayleigh and I both did it”. Ok, what, more kids. Did they get sick? Especially if they are allergic to grass? I asked if she was hungry, thinking it was salad (she likes salad), she said no. And we do feed her, it’s not like she is starving. I don’t know. I guess kids say and do the darndest things too.

And on to the saying the darndest things. This morning taking her to preschool, she gets out a pencil she received from the preschool’s treasure chest for being caught doing something good. She tells me “Dad, I know what we need to do with the pencil. We need to put it in a nice spot so the steam can grow so we can write with it. Since you know, it’s a pencil, not a pen dad, it’s a pencil.” How cute/funny is that? I hope she never grows up out of this innocence but I know it’s coming and it will go faster and faster each coming day, month and year.


Kids say the darndest things….

Really. It’s true. And sometimes it’s really hilarious, even when it’s something they shouldn’t be saying. So Monday night, we are sitting at DQ and sharing some ice cream. In walks my cousin Kevin and his friend Larry. He spots us and comes over and talks to us for about 5 minutes or so. He goes to get back in line and then Brady starts to say something over and over, and well it is mumbling to us at first and then clear. Brayden goes “Aw Damnitt, he’s funny!” and he says it over and over. Now at this point Shawnna and I are trying to not laugh and keep him quiet enough that he doesn’t shout it for the whole store to hear. But he keeps saying it, and to hear a 2 year old say that, yes its wrong, but damnit, it’s funny!

So we get in to the car, and he keeps saying it. We are now at the point where we want him to stop saying a naughty word so he doesn’t say it at daycare. Then Addyson chimes up, “Dad, Bradyen is saying a naughty word. He’s saying Damnitt and damnit is something little kids shouldn’t say”. My reply is why are you saying it then? Surprisingly after that, it all stopped. Then we get home and Shawnna asks “Brady, where did you learn that word?” Brady quickly chimes in, “From daddy”. Thanks kid for throwing me under the bus. No surprise, my reply from standing in the kitchen was, damnit!

Wednesday night is here and I got to mow tonight, then got softball practice on Thursday. Friday will come and go then Saturday will be Kyle’s bachelor party. Watch out Tom Hanks and Bradley Cooper, here we come! Yea we aren’t going to be running into Mike Tyson or stealing a Tiger or driving a bus through a theater (I don’t think at least) but hitting the downtown bars and Stormer’s game and any other establishment will be a lot of fun. I’m sure there will be pictures that no one will ever see too!


Monday's Suck

know Garfield has it all right. Monday’s suck.

Sure you can wake up and have a great attitude and start the week off great, but really? After a weekend that included feeding the football fix by going to the Iowa spring practice, and also working outdoors, waking up this morning at 445 sucked. Yes I made it to the gym to work out. I was, and am still tired though. Ready to crash again. I’m going to have to go grab my coffee quick. Then today I have a team lunch, which is good, but I will want to crash after it. And it being Monday I’ll want to crash harder! Hopefully this week goes pretty quick though. Start testing for a project, and completing some work on that. Softball practice (YES!) on Thursday night again in Indianola, and then finally on Saturday Night, Kyle’s Bachelor party. We’ll try to steal a tiger! JK!

But until then and for another 15.5 hours, I’m with the great big furry orange cat. Monday’s suck!


Allergies blow…..

So the past 2 weeks have been rough, physically, mentally and emotionally. Work has been really busy with Wachovia Conversion, program updates and well just busy and taxing mentally and wearing me down. On top of that, allergies are kicking my butt the past 2 weeks. Sneezing and itching eyes and everything else that comes with it is just adding to wearing me down. Really hurting too on me trying to wake up at 445 in the AM to go work out. I was only there 2 days a last week and will be 2 days this week. I need to get my butt going all week next week, otherwise Dam to Dam is going to kick my butt. I am still losing weight though. Weighed in at 198 today. For those who aren’t reading and scoring at home, that is 32 pounds and 13.91% percent lost. So the emotional part involved my wife’s grandfather passing away. It’s been rough and has made us think a lot more about our families, and kids and where we are. Hopefully we will be following through on what we discussed. Softball practice tonight, please rain stay away!!


What to talk about....

Not much on my mind today. This past Thursday my wife's grandfather passed away after battling a lot of illnesses. So Thursday, Friday and Saturday have been busy with my wife gone, getting outfits for the visitation and funeral, making plans for the kids on Sunday and Monday, and cleaning the house, doing the laundry and dishes so the wife wouldn't have too. Brady and I also got the yard pretty much 99% cleaned up from last fall. Hopefully sometime in the next few months I can get the front porch done.

Allergies hit me hard this week and I ended up only getting to the gym 2 days this week. Kind of upset me, but I've been physically worn out. Then add in from work that I'm mentally spent and now somewhat emotionally and I'm tired.

Brady has been challenging this week too. We have a heck of a time tryig to get him to bed and well its been frustrarting. Addy wasn't that bad, she'll crash anywhere, Brady has trouble. Anyone who is not reading this have a thought on how to get a 2 year old to sleep?

The I-Cubs have opened the Sandberg regime with 3 straight loses. They'll bounce back!

Cubs have choked away more leads in the past 5 games for me to deal with all year!


When did my 4 year old become a teenager?

So you would think getting a 4 year old ready to go to preschool would be easy? Think again. My daughter, almost 5, is a diva. She’s not yet Charpay from High School Musical. (yes I’ve seen it about 40 times-sad I know). But she already is a shopper when she goes with her mom. Has 3 times as many shoes as I do already. I do call her my tomboy princess, because she does like to be outside and dig up worms and play with them, all while she’s dressed up in a nice dress. When I was her age, and maybe it’s because I’m a male, I wore what was picked out, put it on and went on my way. From my experiences with my mom and sister, the clothes issue never came to a topic till Junior High and High School. So when it comes to getting ready in the morning it’s a struggle.

We will pick out clothes before she goes to bed and she’s ok with them. Come the morning….all hell breaks loose and the shirt isn’t good and the pants feel funny. The socks don’t fit right. Seriously. And then when we let her pick out her own clothes it’s all dresses. She’ll pick out a short skirt when its 7 degrees outside. When I know the weather and tell her to get some jeans, she’ll come back with a dress. She loves dresses, loves to be “princessed” up. But at all times is that necessary? Shouldn’t she be in jeans or pants or something too? Summer comes, and shorts? Then what I really don’t understand is she asks to have some shirts she picks out, and then doesn’t wear them. I think that is what bugs me the most. Maybe I’m just crazy old dad that should let mom handle it. I don’t know, but my little girl is turning into a teenager over night, want her to just stay young and a kid for a little while longer.


Holy Hannah Montana

So I’m sitting at work and about 30 mins in I throw the iPod on. I know there are playlists I have set up, which I will have to use more often, but today I just selected randomly all songs. Well the first dozen or so songs have played and my iPod is on a love fest with Hannah Montana! Now those songs aren’t on there for my listening pleasure. I have an almost 5 year old girl who LOVES Hannah and her songs. I put those songs on there for her when we drive to preschool to let her listen and sing them. She knows all the words. And I love hearing her sing. I don’t think she’s the next American Idol but love hearing her sing “Best of Both Worlds” and watching her little dance to the line “mix it all together”. She loves it too when she can hold the iPod. So along with Hannah, she loves Taylor Swift, and she’s all over my iPod too. Surprisingly though I haven’t heard any of her yet. I’m sure she’s yet to come. Hopefully after a little Tim and Toby and Kid.

That being said my funeral song just came on. Kind of morbid random thought, but I think it’s a good song. Leave the Memories Alone by Fuel. Was introduced to it by the WWE when Ric Flair retired after WrestleMania 24. He’s since come back as a manger with AJ Styles in TNA. But that was one of the best retirements the WWE has done. Specially the dark – secret tributes by Vince and the Undertaker after Raw went off the air.


I can't believe I hit goal #1!

Ok, so since no one is reading, none of you know that I’ve been working out since mid January and dieting to get back to where I was before kids, be in better shape, be more active, and to show my kids a healthier lifestyle. We’ll I haven’t written on it till now, and got the idea from one of Brady’s daycare buddies mom. Hopefully will keep me more on track and reliable.

I missed working out for the past year or so, we had no Y membership and once we got it again for the kids swimming. Well my buddy Jason and I worked out a lot in 2008, then they had an accident and we kind of stopped. Felt like with Brady being a year older, and the kids wanting to do stuff, it was as good as time as any to get back into the swing of things. So a month or so of lifting and running I felt pretty good, and then talked talk to my brother and my nephew and he were on a strict diet for my nephews wrestling and I thought, that might not be so bad for me. I had already stopped drinking pop. Haven’t had one since Jan 22nd. So I started doing salads for lunch with water and cottage cheese and a lot more fruit.

Then my cousin’s fiancĂ© challenged me to do the 5K for Dam to Dam. I thought that was extra motivation to keep this up. Well I’m officially signed up for that, so I HAVE to go through with it.

So roughly 3 and a half months have passed, I’ve had my 32nd birthday. We’ve gone from snow to spring, and I’ve seen a lot of good results, though I’m not yet where I want to be. To go Biggest Loser tracking on you(or whoever may be reading this thing):

Started at:
Total %:

I’ve basically lost a Brady plus a little more. My goal is to get to 180. Right around were I was before finding out ther would be a little girl in our future. If I can get down to less, I’ll take it too, but I’m also lifting to try to get more muscle and tone.

I was really upset I let myself get up to 230, that happened with the 2 pregnancies and a less than active lifestyle of raising 2 little ones. Also when I was at my grandma’s funeral/viewing, an old buddy of my dad’s came up to me and said something like “Put a few on haven’t ya?” That didn’t upset, it motivated me.

I think that’s good for my first post on this subject. I’ll post a picture to see if you can see the difference: the first is from my 32nd birthday party, (didn’t weigh 200 then, was like 210-215ish). The 2nd is from my 31st birthday party.