Friday 6 Pack – Crown Him

1-LeBron finally got his ring with a pretty good individual performance in the finals.  Does the ring change your view of LeBron and are the Heat the favorite next year to repeat?
Matt – Lebron is a great player, one of the top 2 players in the league (Kobe) and he was going to get his ring.  So no my view doesn’t change.  My view will change if/when he gets 3-4 rings.  He will never be Michael though.  Next year they are the favorites and someone needs to trademark the phrase “Re-Heat”
WendtI still think he's a gigantic douchebag so no his first title didn't change my mind about him
Painter – Not really. I never liked him nor disliked him.  I'm not a fan of the media hype but it is what it is.  Of course they'll start off as the favorite.
BlakeLeBron was an entirely different person starting with Game 6 of the Celtics series.  I don't like him, but you have to respect him after that run.  I could see the Heat being the favorite, but I don't think they'll repeat
Majors – Still a team game. He played out of his mind through the series, but he should have. I am not sure if the Heat are next year, the Thunder are young & hungry, will definitely be knocking on the door again, potentially a Bulls team, though I think Rose will be hurt for too long
Silker – I hate this question. It is the one everyone is asking and everyone is saying yes heat will four peat. My views on LeBron is about him being a douche not him winning. We know he can win. Can he show that he has class and is not a self centered ASS

2-Ladanian Tomlinson retired last week after signing a 1 day contract with the Chargers.  He’s 5th all time rushing in NFL history, where do you place LT in NFL running back history?
Matt – LT and AP I think are going to go down as the last great running backs.  The league is so physical right now that I don’t think you’ll see backs get close to 10-11,000 yards rushing in a career.  Payton is the all time best and LT is behind Jim Brown, Barry and Smith at least.
Wendt – Walter Payton, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith. Those are easily my top 4, I suppose Tomlinson would be in my top 7 somewhere
Painter – He was a great all-around RB in that he had a lot of rushing yards, was a great receiving back, and could block.  I don't know if I could put him in the top 3 all time but top 5 would be a good fit.
BlakeI don't think he's in my top 5
Majors – I place LT in the top 5. Coming from a Raiders fan, it is hard to say, but truth is he owned us. Dude was amazing in his prime
Silker – He is the best lately for his length of playing. He will fall all time with the likes of AP, Foster and some others that will have great careers. But I like the guy. Good hard player

3-Kansas City has the all-star game this year, you get 2 choices to put in the Home Run Derby, who you putting in?  And has the Derby run its course?
Matt – I think the current format has run its course and the players do all the damage in the first at bats.  Give them 10 cuts not 10 outs.  Speed it up.  With that I’d like to see Pujols vs Harper in KC. 
Wendt – Prince Fielder and Josh Hamilton. They make up too many new rules. Whoever hits the most homeruns should win, period
Painter – The Derby isn't close to what it used to be since a lot of the big names don't want to do it to save their swing.  That being said I'd put in Josh Hamilton and Bryce Harper
BlakeYes, it has run it's course (and so has Chris Berman announcing it).  Look at the league leaders in Home Runs right now.  Then yawn.  I'd like to see Pujols and Hamilton go at it, but really, I don't care.
Majors – I still like the Derby, it's just fun, entertainment. My entrances? Josh Hamilton & Prince Fielder. Swing away, boys
Silker – Hamilton and Willingham

4-ESPN the Magazine released the top sports moments (as voted by fans) in each state.  For Iowa it was ISU beating #2 OkState followed by UNI Farokmaneshing #1 Kansas.  Do you agree with ESPN the Mag or is this a case of what’s happened lately?  What’s your top Iowa Sports Moment?
Matt – This is one what’s fresh in people’s minds and two it’s an online vote and ISU fans come out in droves to vote in online polls.  The top sports moment in Iowa history is #1 vs #2 – Iowa-Michigan 1985.  That’s it that’s the list.
Wendt – Iowa vs Michigan in 1985 was pretty special. UNI beating Kansas was big time. Iowa State winning at Nebraska was once in a lifetime.  I'm not sure what the biggest is but ISU/Okie State was not
Painter – Definitely what's happened lately.  I guess people have forgotten Iowa over Michigan in 85 or even Iowa over Penn State in 08. And what about the Energy winning the championship?  To me the top moment was Ricky Stenhouse, Jr blowing an engine coming off turn 4 during last year's US Cellular 250 and having teammate Carl Edwards end up hitting him from behind and pushing Stenhouse to the victory.  That really made the race, and the Iowa Speedway, famous and gave the track its signature race.
BlakeISU over OSU was shocking because NOBODY expected it.  People expect Iowa to beat a top team every year.  As far as I'm concerned UNI over Kansas is my number 1 Iowa sports moment.
Majors – UNI was pretty cool, no doubt. We haven't had too many crazy moments, unfortunately. Wait till they see the Hawkeyes this year, though!!! (fingers crossed)
Silker – UNI would have been better if it wasnt college basketball in March. Lately every year has a Cinderella so it hurts UNI. I would put Iowa and Tate’s TD pass to win the bowl up there

5-It started with WWE/F wrestlers and Hulk Hogan with Eye of the Tiger, then to boxers and then MLB players with Mariano having Enter Sandman and Ricky Vaughn having Wild Thing.  Iowa even exits the tunnel at Kinnick to Back in Black.  What’s your entrance song going to the mound, plate or ring?
Matt – I’m going with a WWE wrestlers song…the Miz “I came to play” is pretty good.
Wendt – "Blaze of Glory"Jon Bon Jovi
Painter – Either For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica), A Warrior's Call (Volbeat), or You're Going Down (Sick Puppies) 
BlakeWatching Sunday Night Baseball, I heard Call Me Maybe played as a Mets player walked to the plate.  I got a kick out of that.  I like it if your secure enough to walk up to a total pop chick song.  I think the entrance music is a little silly.  If you need that to pump you up, you're doing it wrong.
Majors – Lunatic Fringe, by Red Rider. if you have seen Vision Quest or ever were a wrestler, there is nothing else to be said
Silker – Honestly it would be Loser.  I am just not that good and coordinated. I would like some strong country song however

6-The IGHSAU announced that the Girls State Soccer tournament is now coming to Des Moines from Muscatine.  I think outside of football and softball most championships are now in the Capital City.  Any chance that football makes its way to Des Moines and would you like to see the football championships played outside without the dome?
Matt – I’d love to see the games played outdoors but it is Iowa and weather is crazy but it’d be great to see the games for a year at Drake.  One thing I dislike with the IHSAA is having the semis in the dome.  Why make schools (and fans) drive to Cedar Falls twice?  Let the semis be played closer to schools home.  When GMG won the title in 87 we played 2 games in Garwin and one in Boone. 
Wendt – Drake Stadium is a possibility but our weather is so unpredictable in November that I think it needs to stay in Cedar Falls
Painter – The football championships fit in very well in Cedar Falls and even though I'm not a fan of dome football I don't see it moving to an outdoor stadium.
BlakeBecause of weather concerns and more importantly fair weather fans, I think it stays at the UNI Dome.  
Majors – This one is out of my strike zone, but I will swing away. I think it is cool when the HS kids play in the big boy stadiums. I say move it where ever would be the best venue for all involved. Besides, Iowa is not that big of a state, unlike here where it is 16 hours or more from here to Miami/Key West
Silker – None. It stays in the dome for tradition. If anything it would go to Iowa City and kinnick

7-BSox and the Lazer crew were talking about a bullying video that took place on a school bus with a bus monitor, if you haven’t seen it, click this link.  Thoughts on the video and what should be done?
Matt – Watching this video only 20 seconds in pissed me off so much.  The kids need to be taken over a knee and apologize to this lady in a public forum and then be punished by the school. 
Wendt – I watched it all but not at the same time, had to hit pause a few times because it made me sick to my stomach. I wasn't a good kid growing up and I really hope I would never do something like that. Those kids should be caned
Painter – I think a good ass-whupping is completely justified.  These kids need to learn respect, as do a lot of kids, and even adults, nowadays.
BlakeThe kids should get the crap kicked out of them
Silker – Bullying is a bad subject. I was bullied as a kid and I turned out fine. It has to do with parenting and monitoring your kids actions. However parents are now more into their phones and computers than their kids

NO 6pack next week.
Enjoy your 4th of July.
Love it or Leave it!  USA #1!


Be cautious at what you ask for….

And now most games in college football mean absolutely nothing.

Yes you read that right.  The new system the commissioners created just made most games meaningless.  There will be arguments saying that the playoff is better than the BCS, and the “thought” of the playoff is great!  It’s better than having the Coaches and Harris poll in the title system.  But this is just as bad and will cause as much trouble as the BCS did. 

If the commissioners agreed to have conference champions ONLY this would have been perfect.  5 teams, 5 conference champions (sorry Big East).  Have the Big XII add 2 more schools and a title game and its essentially a 10 team tournament.  You’d have 60 teams battling it out.  That way you put more emphasis on the conference championship, the division title and championship game.  Oh and the rest of each teams college season. 

Now you’re going to have it cut down to about 15 with 1/3rd coming from the SEC.  Sorry but it is.  How is that good?  The ACC pretty much has no games of meaning now. 

This is what the protection of the Rose Bowl by the Pac-12 and Big Ten did.  They could have fought hard for the conference champions only but wanted to also keep the Rose Bowl.  Give a lot, take a little?  They could have fought for on campus sites games that would have benefitted an economy in Columbus or Ann Arbor or Tallahassee.  Nope, let’s throw more money in to the bowls. 

And what did the Big Ten get; basically a guarantee that the conference champion will be in Pasadena New Year’s Day.  The last Big Ten school that would have made a case at being in the Final Four?  Ohio State the year LSU beat them in 2007?  5 years ago.  The SEC would have 2 most of those years.  In 2010 when the Big Ten had two teams at 11-1 and one at 10-2, no post season.  So as much as I love the Big Ten and the Rose Bowl, fans get ready because you’ll be sitting in the Rose Bowl more often than not. 

SEC schools, Alabama, LSU, Florida and Georgia….get used to seeing 2 of those schools YEARLY in the playoffs and probably a Big XII school and Oregon. 

This system is better than the BCS with the computers and coaches, but it’s really just a band aid on a broken system that will still funnel money into the bowls.


Safe House

Sunday with nothing on I rented Safe House with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.  Denzel played the role great and the part where he can have a little darkness in his characters seems to be roles he excels in and then it also was a push to make Ryan Reynolds more of an action star.  Reynolds I thought did well in this spot and was able to play off of Denzel but I don’t know if he is a main action star yet.  Like I said earlier, Denzel did great.  (spoiler) - I wish we could have had a little bit more with Robert Patrick. 

The movie overall had a Patriot Games and The Rock type feel to it with the way the story moved. The action was well done, the movie was one I’d watch again though about a quarter of the way through it I did predict the ending.

6/10 Stars


John Carter

Last night I finished watching John Carter; Disney’s supposed ‘flop’ that cost an executive his job.

First off I hate critics who actually throw stuff out on films and expect you the viewer to think the same; they said this movie was bad.  I actually enjoyed it and would watch it again.  The movie had a Star Wars, He-Man, Star Trek and Flash Gordon type feel to it.  The graphics and the cgi in the movie were great, and I thought Tim Riggins…I mean Taylor Kitsch did a good job as John Carter.  He did look a little pale though, tan him up a bit.  The chick too was smoking HOT but couldn’t understand the accent as well. 

So don’t believe what the critics say, it’s a good fun film that I’d rent again and watch with my boy.  I hope they make the sequel to this.

6/10 Stars

Friday 6 Pack

1-Some guy named Webb Simpson won the US Open at +1 at the Olympic Club, did you enjoy watching the course destroy the pros?
Matt – The USGA seems to think they want to bring the golfers down, but I’m not sure that’s what fans want to see.  I like to see great golf shots not just long drives but they made it a little tougher then it needed to be.  Holes 1-6 just didn’t seem fair to the pros, I’d hate to see what they’d do to me as a golfer.
Wendt – I am not a big fan of -15 winning a tournament but watching a golf course completely destroy golfers is not good TV
Blake – Not particularly.  I don't enjoy watching golf the way I play it.  I want them to be good!
Majors – Yeah, it was kinda cool. Since my pick didn't make the cut, I guess I can take a mulligan on that one, right?
2-Dale Jr ended a 4 year streak winning at Michigan this weekend; Tiger Woods has won 2 golf tournaments this year....who is more back Dale Jr or Tiger?
Matt – 2000 Tiger will never be back.  The Olympic I don’t think set up the way Tiger plays for him to win, that being said he was in it going into the weekend.  He’ll win tournaments and I think another major or 2.  Dale Jr was due and he’s been so close this year.  I think he’s finished every lap of the year so far and all the races I saw he’s always in the Top 10.  I think he has a better team around him and car and think he’s more back than Tiger.
Wendt – Neither. One race or one tournament doesn't=being back. Neither will ever be as good as they were (but is anyone?)
Blake – Dale Jr. has never been as dominate in his respective sport as Tiger was, so not sure there's a correct answer here.  Both their sports need those guys to be competitive and get some wins.
Majors – I think Tiger will start being more consistent, but with so much young talent, the days of him winning everything under the sun are probably gone. As for Dale, I guess if you turn left over & over enough times, you find Victory Lane
3-Paul Rhodes broke out the handle bars this past week...better look for him, full beard, shaved or the bars?
Matt – The handle bars are nice…he’s got a little Hulk Hogan going on.  I liked on soundoff what Murphy said, if he keeps they handlebars into the season they are worth 3 points every game.
Wendt – I'm a little uncomfortable talking about another man's facial hair
Blake – I cannot believe the amount of coverage this got.  I guess either clean shaven or the beard
Majors – Bars, Fu, whatever you call it, they are awesome
4-ESPN is calling Lebron "The Closer" now after games 2 and 3 (Heat are up 2-1 as I write this), is he a closer now?
Matt – LeBron isn’ the closer.  He’s probably the best player (argue with Durant) on the court.  The Heat has figured out the last 2 games how to score, take it to the hole!  MJ is the best closer in the NBA’s history but last I saw Marino is the Closer.
Wendt – The media does an awesome job of over analyzing big events. The simple answer is no
Blake – He's been amazingly dominate in the playoffs.  He's finally made The Leap and understands what it takes to win in the Finals.  It's been amazing to watch...and I don't even like the guy.
Majors – Eh, the media being the media. if he misses the game winning shot in Game 4, he will be back to being a choker in the eyes of the Mother Ship. The dude is a stud, that is all that matters
5-Lance Armstrong is being accused of doping....again.  How many times can one guys piss be tested and will this be the time something sticks?  If something is found will your view of Lance change?
Matt – Nothing will stick, it hasn’t yet.  BUT if he is caught I’m not going to think any different.  It’s a sport where EVERYONE cheated!  Part of me thinks that this guy can’t be clean and beating enhanced guys for 7 years in a row?  So I won’t be shocked.
Wendt – Can I be honest for a second? I really don't care if he did or didn't cheat. Cycling is just as corrupt as boxing
Blake – This will ultimately go the way of Roger Clemons and Barry Bonds.  It will become common public opinion that he was dirty...and no one will care.  His accomplishments on the bike have allowed him to do great and wonderful things for society, and ultimately, that's more worth while than any race in France.  
Majors – Biking is a dirty sport, across the board. I bike pretty heavily, so follow it more than most. I don't think much will change in my eyes, IMO. I am so glad our Government is spending all of this money on the investigations of atheltes & doping, Clemens, McGwire, Bonds, Armstrong, since these are the most pressing issues facing our Country at the moment. {sarcasm}
6-Adam Sandler's "That's My Boy" opened to a disappointing 13 million this weekend.  He hasn't had a great movie since Big Daddy?  Should the Sandman take some time off?
Matt – I think that Sandler needs to make some changes.  He has the same crew in most of his movies so it seems like the same movie in a way.  And he’s picked a bad time to release a movie with Madagascar 3 out, Prometheus and blockbuster Avengers still bringing in almost the same amount now a month and a half since release. 
Wendt – I really liked Grownups, Just Go With It and Jack and Jill. I don't think he needs to go away and with the money studios will throw at him he won't. 70 million was a pretty large budget for "That's My Boy" though.
Blake – His schtick is older than Jamie Moyer.  He's actually pretty good in drama's, so maybe he should look at doing more of those for a while.
Majors – I like Sandler, it just seems like his movies are the same. I was interested in seeing this one, but to pay 40-50 bucks? Ehhhh, not so sure. That's alot of coin!  {for the record, saw Avengers yesterday...THAT movie was worth it}


Lasting Images - Ladainian Tomlinson

Ladainian Tomlinson retired today after signing a 1 day contract with the Chargers and the past couple seasons with the New York Jets.  Tomlinson is probably a top 10 running back of all time maybe even top 5 (behind Payton, Brown, Smith and Sanders).  He was kind of out of the mold of Payton.  He could run like no other, when he was healthy he would take a hit and then when called for he would toss the ball too. 

The Chargers teams he had should have had at least 1 Super Bowl appearance and it’s a shocker that they didn’t with the talent they had on those teams.  Brady, Peyton and Ben kept getting in their way. 

He had a hell of a career and is a 1st ballot Hall of Famer and below is my lasting image of LT…which you say many times.


Red Tails

This week I watched Red Tails, George Lucas's last major motion picture.  It's about the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II. 

The movies that take a look at the history of the world I think are pretty cool, and imagine what it would be like in those days.  War was different, it was fought very close and on front lines.  With that the planes and pilots actually had dog fights rather than being picked up on radar miles out.  Part of me wonders how much adrenaline would run through ones body in that situation.  

On to the movie, as a Star Wars fan I saw a lot of similarities with the battles and comparing the P51s to the XWings and the destruction they did.  Luke's call sign in Star Wars was Red 5, the call signs the main group of pilots were Red 1-4; you never heard Red 5 though.  

I could have done with out the love scene in the movie, but really liked the comrodity with the pilots and the flight scenes where cool.  Seemed like a Howard Hughes type set up too.  

5/10 Stars


Father’s Day Weekend 6Pack

Happy Father’s Day to all Dad’s out there, some words from the great Payne Stewart immediately after dropping a 15 foot putt to beat Phil Mickelson Payne went over to Phil, took his face in his hands and told him “what you are about to experience is much more important than what you lost today”  The next day Phil became a dad for the first time.  Be safe, have fun, Happy Father’s day and enjoy the NBA Finals and US Open!    

1-The NBA Finals start Tuesday.  Heat - Thunder....who wins in how many games?
Matt – I’m going to go with Thunder in 6
Wendt – Thunder in 6
Painter – The Thunder just beat a team that had the momentum, I'll take them in 6
BlakeThunder in 6
Majors – I'm looking forward to this series. I have the Thunder in 6. I think they have more ammunition as a team, as well as play more as a team in general

2-Rafael Nadal became the first man to win the French Open 7 times...this is a big deal, would it be bigger if it was an American?
Matt – If he was an American he’d be herald as a tennis God.  He is a great player and will be probably a top 10 all time male player.  But until Andy Roddick or some other American can go on a run like him, it’s a niche sport here.
Wendt – Yes, it would be everywhere if he was USA born and raised but since it's not nobody outside of tennis cares
Painter – Sure it's a big deal for tennis.  That's like someone winning the Masters 7 times
BlakeIt pains me that so many sports are virtually gone from American dominance.  Tennis is fading fast in America, but this is a huge deal.  I'm not sure Nadal will ever catch Federer for career Grand Slam wins though, because he seems to be a bit fragile.
Majors – It's cool and all, I am just not a huge tennis guy. I definitely respect him, he is unbeatable on the clay

3-Manny Pacquio was essentially robbed in his fight with Timothy Bradley Saturday night.  Some are saying this is what boxing needs to get back?  Do you think this will get boxing back?
Matt – Controversy won’t bring fans back, but it does get it discussed in front of MLB and NFL and the NBA for a bit.  What is odd is they have a rematch date and posters already set?  Kind of has a Vince McMahon feel to it. Boxing has to many governing bodies and needs 1 belt for each weight class not 3-4 belts.
Wendt – Manny vs Floyd could help bring boxing back but it'll never happen
Painter – This is a step in the right direction but it needs more.  A unified championship system, heroes and villains, more frequent fights, and less pay-per-view would help.  Boxing could really learn something from the professional wrestling world.
BlakeNo.  An official world wide governing body is the only thing that can bring boxing back.  That and another Rocky comeback
Majors – Nope. Bob Arum is the manager for both Bradley & Pac Man. He even admitted he will make a ton of money in the rematch. Then he followed that with a cough, it was a strange decision, cough. Boxing is so flippin dirty, I don't even bother anymore. Plus they essentially have 37 belts for each weight class. Even Vince McMahon laughs when boxing says it isn't set up. I feel bad for the boxers, though, they may make a ton of money, but it is fake

4-We did this with Iowa...now to be fair,the Cyclones.  In the past 11 years what are the top Cyclone wins on the gridiron?
Matt – 2011 vs #2 Oklahoma State – the biggest Paul Rhodes win.  2009 at Nebraska – they had no business beating Suh and the Huskers that day.  2005 vs #8 Iowa – Danny Mac shocked the top 10 Hawks again.
Wendt – 2009 at Nebraska, 2010 at Texas, 2011 vs Oklahoma State
Painter – Okie St last year, at Texas and at Nebraska, and to them any time they beat Iowa
BlakeIowa State over Oklahoma State last year.  End of list
Majors – Ummm, I believe it would have to be the game where they beat the Sisters of the Traveling Pants of North Central State College of the Blind.  Ok, ok. I definitely don't think they can count the OK St game last year. It was too much emotion on the day for the Cowboys. Guess I am really not sure

5-The US Open tees up this week....who is your pick to win it? (history lesson - Majors did call Bubba at the Masters)
Matt – I’m going to go with my initial Masters pick, Dustin Johnson.  I hope it’s a different Johnson winning though!  Go Zach!
Wendt – Give me Luke Donald
Painter – Jason Dufner has had the hot hand this year, I'll take him
BlakeFor some reason I feel this is the one where Tiger gets a little closer to Jack.
Majors – Yeah, would love to call the local boy again, but can't go to the well too much. I think I am going to go with Luke Donald. I think Tiger could do something, if he keeps his head straight. I am not saying he is back, but he definitely had some mojo last weekend

6-The Pirates have won 12-15 and are in a tie for first in the NL Central with the Reds, they were hot last year too...is this the year Pittsburgh gets post season baseball back?
Matt – I really hope they make a run, I like McCutchen a lot!  I’m going to say yes they make it over the Reds. 
Wendt – Nope, Reds and Cardinals will rise to the top before it's all over and Pitt will probably be a 4th place team
Painter – Um, nope, although the NL Central isn't very good at all this year
BlakeUm...the central is open this year for the taking this year.  But I still don't see it.  Red should win.
Majors – They are a solid young team. They quit trading away their prosects, too. i think they could do it this year. The Phillies got old, QUICK! (For the record, Cliff Lee is killing my fantasy team, still ZERO wins this season)


This Means War

Last night with nothing on TV (as it will be in the summer mostly due to reruns) I rented This Means War starring Reese Witherspoon (top 5 worthy!), Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.  Yes it is a chick flick but it also has some action around it that helps. 
Classic story of a girl getting in the way of 2 guys.  Both are trying to get her in different fashions.  Pine is more of a player and Hardy more of the nice guy.  The interactions and involvement of the CIA are kind of funny where they two try to sabotage each other.  Chelsea Handler provides some more comic relief but the 2 guys play well off each other too. 
It was a different “chick flick” and had some good laughs.  Kind of expected/predicted the ending which wasn’t bad.  It’s worth a rent.
5/10 Stars

***Note --- I am switching from Flixster to IMDB for my ratings on movies and will include a side bar (if possible) on my blog of my top rankings and lists.  IMDB also uses 10 stars instead of 5 like Flixster so I will have to double my ratings points from Flixster.***


Wisconsin Dells

So the vacation is done and my pto days are almost over.  I'm spending my last day off home with Ryleigh.  She goes back to daycare tomorrow after a 2 week hiatus.

As for the vacation.  It was definitely fun to get a way and it was just about the right amount of time.  The trip started out Tuesday mid day with the kids and lunchables in the van.  Surprise stops in Marshalltown to see grandma and Conrad to see Grandpa were kind of impromptu.  After that it was on to Dyersville and the Field of Dreams.  

When we got there it wasn't as it was in the movies, in a few months though it will be.  The corn was about 6 inches high.  But still it was the Field of Dreams.  The kids ran the bases and there were a couple softballs there they were playing with.  The trip there ended with a trip, Brayden, skinned up a knee and had some blood and blood wrenching screams and with that the trip to the Field of Dreams was done and it was on to Dubuque.  When Brayden gets older I'm going to have to take him there for a catch.  

In Dubuque we ate at the Dubuque Mining Co.  Burgers were really good. After that headed down toward the Mississippi River and the river walk.  The kids loved it, they walked all over there.  Ryleigh especially since she was all tied up in her car seat a lot and really doesn't have a DS or leapster to play with.  It's a great view on the river and where we were looking across we saw Illinois and Wisconsin.  Breakfast at the hotel was pretty good and prompted Addy to compliment the chef on their scrambled eggs. Next was a drive to Wisconsin.

We couldn't check in to the hotel/water park till 4 so instead of driving straight to the Dells we hit Madison.  Little did I remember it was the day after the huge recall election and when I pulled up right by the capital the CNN Express was there and I swear news cameras on every corner.  For lunch we stopped at The Old Fashioned.  Great cheese curds, really good and maybe some of the best I've had.  After lunch in Madison I had to check out Camp Randall Stadium.  It took a little bit to get there with construction.  It was a cool looking stadium on the outside and I'm sure looks great on the inside.  I wanna get to a game there.  Also happened to just walk by Barry Alvarez when I was leaving, and I was in full on black and gold!  After that it was on to the Dells.

Upon arriving the kids wanted to hit the water park.  When driving up to the Wilderness Hotel all you saw were green tubes and brown buildings.  Checked in and within 2 minutes of being in the hotel room the kids where in swim suits.  The park was broken up into like 3 major parks.  2 of them had indoor/outdoor parts and one completely outdoor.  The biggest one also had a water dome with a wave pool.  I wont get into every day there because it was pretty much the same.  The kids loved the water parks.  The wave pool was fun and they jumped the waves and rode the waves.  Most of the big slides they were too small to go down so we went down with them in the double tubes.  Ryleigh was too small for a lot of them, but she did enjoy the lazy river.  It was 3 or so days of water parks, slides, big waves and a few drinks.  

The Tanger Outlet mall there was a really cool wilderness type set up.  Had my first Dunkin Donuts experience.  Brayden got a picture with the Belmont Cow.  Addy is showing she is growing up and closer to a teenager than I want.  And Ryleigh just had fun a bunch as long as she was out of the car seat.    

Overall the trip was pretty good.  The 3 water parks were pretty much the same.  The room was nice.  The one thing I didn't care for was that the prices were jacked up and if I would have looked more closely around I could have saved some cash, and next time I will but it was a good trip, but glad to be back home and have Hayden back home as of today too.  


Best and Worst of the Weekend

The weekend was ok, and as always it went to fast.  The weekend had a few things going on for the 2 old kids.  Ryleigh was just along for the ride mostly, but her time will come.  Friday Addyson had a rehearsal for her dance recital so she was gone doing that while Bray and Ry and I were home watching Ninjago.
Saturday came and in the morning Bray had his end of the year preschool program.  It was the 4th straight one I’ve been too (and I calculated it will be 7 straight).  Bray got up there and sang a few songs and then got his certificate.  Afterwards he wanted pancakes for lunch so that’s what he got.
Saturday night Addy had her recital.  She was doing cheernastics at Superstars and really likes it.  Her group did a routine and she was lifted up on someone’s shoulders and did the splits and did some perfect summersaults.  She was really cute too up there in her outfit.  Was really proud of her.  She  wants to do baton now.  Hmmm we’ll see how that goes.
Sunday was my last day coaching Addy’s soccer team.  She’s decided not to play in the fall so I won’t be coaching.  When I told the team that there were a few upset faces.  One girl who was sad hugged and held on to me.  Really the kids have been great and they will be really good if they continue to move on and play other sports, and a couple of them really have a great  future ahead in soccer.  We had a good day, it was gorgeous out and Addy got in there and played hard.  When she has her head in the game she can do some things there.  After the game ended we went to Baskin Robins and had an end of season treat of Daiquiri Ice, just me and her.
The rest of the day was grilling, dishes and relaxing and Money Ball. 
Also this past week and this weekend I’ve committed myself to work out more.  My ankle is feeling better and running on it isn’t as bad.  I did miss dam to dam this year and may for the next few years due to preschool end of year programs.  But the hurt from working out felt good!  I’m going to try to go every other day to the Y and then the other days do free weights at home.  Been going good so far.
The work weekends for me Monday at 420 and then the invasion(vacation) to Wisconsin begins Tuesday. 
No 6 pack this week but next week I’ll have a vaca recap and a 6 pack will be back and then its inching ever so close to FOOTBALL!


Lasting Images - Kerry Wood

Earlier this month Kerry Wood retired from MLB.  Kerry most likely isn’t a hall of famer, and his career will be remembered by pundits and “What if”, but by Cub fans one of their favorite players of the last 15 years. In my life time he’s probably my 2nd favorite Cub behind Ryno.  They way he retired may be as good as anyone except Elway and Jordan (the 2nd time after the 98 finals).  

Getting a K facing his last batter and walking out of Wrigley with your boy waiting for you at the dugout.  That could and should one of the first lasting images you have a Kerry Wood when you think of him and it will probably be the 2nd image I have of Kerry, the first is easy; the 20K game. 

The way he dominated the Astros that day was amazing.  The curve ball was working and the high heater too.  He should have had a no-no that day, it was a 1 hitter on a hit that was questionable.  It was a great game, a great memory and a great lasting image!

As a Cub fan, thanks Kerry!

Kerry on the Dan Patrick Show talking about his decision and more.