• Is this not the worst time of the year for sports?  Thank God there are summer block busters at the theater.
  • Have yet to see Star Trek but I was told it was good, and looking forward to Terminator Salvation.
  • I'm so TIRED of 2 things in the sports world.  First being Brett Favre.  He was/is a great talent.  A Hall of Famer.  But seriously, does he have to drag this will he or won't out over the whole summer?  Just say yes to Minnesota, come out and get your lumps from the Bears Defense or stay at home in Mississippi.
  • Second is steroids.  I think local host Ken Miller said it best when he said we as fans are almost numb to this news.  So Manny got busted.  He's going to be losing some straight cash homey.  A-Rod, baseball's supposed Luke Skywalker to Barry Bonds Darth Vader isn't clean.  Who's name would shock you?  Albert Pujols?  Ryan Howard?  Maybe for a second but then no.  It's the culture of baseball.  There is only 1 name that would shock me, Ken Griffey Jr.  The Kid.  He has the sweetest swing in baseball.  He was on track to break the 755 All-Time homerun record.  He honestly is the only name that will blow my mind.  And can Roger Clemons just go away too?  The only guy who is telling the truth seems to be Jose Canseco.
  • Thank you for Steve Deace & Jon Miller on KXNO.  They can find a reason to talk college football EVERY DAY!
  • Had a blast in Omaha with Shawnna, the kids and Kim & Jason.  The Zoo there blows Des Moines out of the water.  And the Old Market area is AMAZING!  It's no wonder that the NCAA choose Omaha over Des Moines for the NCAA Wrestling Championships and the 1st rounds of the men's tournament and all Des Moines gets is the 1st round of the women's tourney.
  • I think the only reason I'm into the fantasy baseball on ESPN is to fill in time till Fantasy Football.  I really don't care about it, and it probably shows since I'm already talking and discussing football league information in March, April & May.
  • Excited to see that Friday Night Lights is back for 2 more seasons!  Also that there will be a Celebrity Apprentice 3!  
  • Addyson turns 4 next Monday.  Where has the time gone?  Love being a dad.  Every day with her has been great!  Can't wait to see her eyes when she gets her birthday gift on Monday.  Have really enjoyed coaching her Bam Bam team.  Can't wait to see what happens this next year!
  • 116 days till IOWA FOOTBALL!


Rising Gas Prices....Again

Anyone else notice that gas prices are creeping toward 2 bucks again and going up? Does anyone in Washington or Wall Street not realize that the economy and housing market all started to go downhill when the gas prices started going up insanely? People had to pay for it so they could go to work. Couldn’t pay anything else, including mortgages and credit card payments. Other sectors costs increased and pushed that on the consumer (ie groceries) so people were spending more there. More defaults and more foreclosures. Banks lose money again, government bail outs increase.
That also made people cut back on other spending and thus other companies had to cut jobs. Basically it’s this formula.

Rising Gas Prices = more foreclosures + not paying payments on other creditors + higher costs on groceries + missing other payments + banks going broke again + more government bail outs.

If a country radio dj in Des Moines, Iowa can also see this, why can’t our elected officials? HELLO! Dumbasses! If you want see America get back to where it was, there needs to be something done on fuel prices.

I can’t believe we are going to go through this crap again this summer, 1 year later. Did no one learn a damn thing?



  • Saw Wolverine:XMen origins this weekend; it was pretty good.  I thought it was better than XMen 3:The Last Stand, and the way it incorporoated other mutants was really good.  Tim Riggins was a good Gambit.  Liked the change in Sabertooth.  Liev Schrieber was better than Tyler Mane.  Kinda of intersting though since in the first XMen their fight, there is no mention to "Jimmy".  
  • Had a great night out with Kim, Jason and Shawnna.  Hopefully we can do that like once a month or so.  
  • I'm done with the Cubs until about July.  I just can't watch them and get invested in them.  Then they break my heart.  2003 was great but heartbreaking.  2007 was a suprise to me that we made the playoffs.  Last year just hurt.  Then when I feel I can get invested into them, they go and lose to Cincinnati and St Louis and Colorado.  We really need to trade for Peavy.
  • Had Addy's first Bam-Bam ball game today.  It went really not as bad as I thought.  We are coaching it and from what we had at practices this was really good.  All the kids seemed to have fun and it was a great day.
  • Addy, Kenna & Shawnna are hitting the circus tomorrow, so it's just Brady and I at home, think we'll go check out Easter Lake and walk around or hit a park.
  • Anyone else think the media is OVERBLOWING swine flu.
  • Still not giving in to TWITTER or whatever it is.