My Sports Moments of the Decade

So as I listen to the local and national shows this week, a lot of them are pulling out the moments of the decade. Everyone points to the moments after 9-11 and the games after that, and Jack Bucks poem.

I was lucky enough to be at Wrigley Field for the Cubs first home game after 9-11. It was an amazing experience. Something I won't forget. So as I said, nothing will ever top those moments, so I will leave those off my list. Below are my lists of my moments of the decade.

My #1 moment of the decade is something I really dont like to remember. 2003 NLCS. Game 6. 5 outs from the Cubs first World Series since 1945. Mark Prior, probably the best pitcher in 2003 in the NL is rolling. Cubs were up 3-0. 2 were on. Do I have to go on? Bartman happened. (this didn't lose the game for the Cubs). Then Alex Gonzalez, statistically the best SS in the NL in 2003, booted a sure double play ball. 8 runs later the Marlins won. Cubs lose game 7. And still we are all saying wait till next year. So close as for us Cubs fans we could smell it....and it was snatched away from us.

#2 for me is one I'd like to have a lot wrapped up in to. The 2002 Iowa Hawkeye football season was one for the books. Brad Banks led the Hawks to a 11-1 regular season, Big Ten Championship and Orange Bowl berth. The season was amazing. Great offense with our awesome line and Dallas Clark. The D was under rated among Iowa D's and then there's Nate Kaeding. Captain Kirk had lead the Hawks back to the top. And the best moment for me was the trip to Ann Arbor Michigan for the Iowa-Michigan game. Iowa hadn't won at Michigan since 1990. Hadn't beaten them since then. Well Iowa went into the Big House and gave the Wolverines their worse home loss in 35 years! Hawks 34-9. If it weren't for a long 40 yard run by QB John Navarre, the Wolverines would have been held with negative rushing yards. Along with the game, the trip there with Mike, Westy & Harmon was classic.

#3 for me is also one I could wrap up a season into one, but the best moments for me from the Chicago Bears 2006 NFC Championship run were the Monday Night Game in Arizona. And then the NFC Championship game vs the Saints.

The Monday Night game gave the NFL world "Crown their ass!". The Bears and Rex Grossman looked horrible. The offense had been rolling, the defense dominating and Devin Hester blowing up in his rookie year. But the Cards and Matt Leinart were killing the Bears. Then Brian Urlacher stripped a ball and it was ran in for a score. Mark Anderson caused a sack fumble that was returned, and Devin Hester topped it with a punt return for 6. A miss by Neil Rackers and the Bears had a comeback win for the ages!

Then the NFC Championship game. The Saints were the "IT" story. Had Heisman winner and rookie Reggie Bush, and had just beat the Eagles. The Bears went to OT with the Seahawks and everyone was picking the Saints to go into Soldier and win. But just like in the 1985 NFC Title Game. The snow started to fall, and the Bears started to roll!

What are yours?

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