My List

I got this idea from my friend/coworker Nicole, a page that lists kind of like your bucket list, what you want to achieve in life.  I've posted a few posts of a bucket list that I'd like to accomplish.  Some are big things, other are more reasonable lists.  I will add things to this list as time goes by and a few I have already done and will add them, but won't delete any.  Check back often too see the updates!

1.  Dam to Dam 5K
2.  Ragbrai
4.  Go to Germany
5.  Skydiving
6.  Canoe the Boundary Waters
7.  White Water Rafting on the Colorado River
8.  Go to Italy and eat a real pizza.
9.  Go to Denmark
10.  Take the kids to Disney World while they are still young
11.  Go to Pasadena for an Iowa Rose Bowl
12.  Watch a game in Wrigley Field in October, ie the NLCS or World Series
13.  Visit all 12 Big Ten Stadiums - been to Illinois/Iowa/Michigan/Minnesota x2/Ohio State
14.  See the Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Speedway
15.  Take in a day of the Masters at Augusta National
16.  One last game in Kinnick with my dad and with my son
17.  See a Shuttle take off
18.  Visit Boston and a game at Fenway
19.  Visit Seattle and throw a fish at the fish market
20.  Visit the Grand Canyon
21.  Watch all 3 kids graduate high school and college
22.  Build my final house I live in.
23.  Warrior Dash
24.  Color Run