Weekend Movies

Saturday Night we rented Limitless with Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro.  It's about a little pill you take that helps you utilize the rest of your brain that as humans we don't normally utilize....if you stay hooked on it you also get to experience some side effects.

Cooper's character in all this does good and also causes his own issues with the antagonists in the film.

His main goal ultimately is to get off the drug but in the end you're left to wonder.

Thought it was a really good film.  Like the story, Cooper played a great character that is different from the Hangover and the A-Team.  DeNiro was good too.  Also....where can I get one of these pills?

3/5 Stars

Sunday afternoon Jason and I had a bro-date and went to see Captain America:The First Avenger.  The movie started out and tied to Thor talking about Odin's treasure.  This is the source the power that the Red Skull wants.

I kinda liked how Thor, Iron Man and the Avenger's are all here in aspect.  It kind of helps tie it all together.  Tommy Lee Jones and Hugo Weaving I thought were great, Chris Evans good.  I wish in the first few fight scenes we saw more action but that came in the final fight with Red Skull.  In the end I'm guessing we are tying it all in to the Avengers and next year we'll see it tied together.

Really good summer popcorn flick.  Giving it 3.5 stars out of 5.


Hawkeyes + Huskers = Heroes Game

Since last year and when the 2011/2012 schedules where announced that Iowa and Nebraska would be the last game of the year, got really excited..and I still am and thought of how this rivalry is going to build up and be Iowa’s next great game to look forward too.  Kind of like what Wisconsin has become for Iowa and attempt to be what Nebraska had with Oklahoma.

You knew the inevitable trophy was going to come.  I love Floyd of Rosedale, and the Heartland Trophy as a Bull is great too.  Last week someone decided to retire the current incarnation of the Cy-Hawk trophy but a new one will be coming apparently.  This week before the Big Ten Media Days a joint announcement was made of a trophy that will be announced with the word “HERO” standing out.

Thoughts were being tweeted around it going to be something to do with Kinnick, Berringer, and/or some other great Huskers and Hawkeyes?  Answer is no.  Introducing the Heroes game, and trophy.  The design isn’t ready, the trophy is going to honor local state heroes.  Have their name etched on it and hopefully the score too.  Oh, and its sponsored…yes it’s about $.  Soon you’ll have your toilet paper rollers in stadiums sponsored. 

Ok – now before you kill me, it’s a great concept…yes honor local people doing great things, we don’t get enough of that on the news, its more terrible things going on.  So yes, great concept….but really, this for what is one of the top 2 games in the Legends Division (along with Michigan-Michigan State).
Now back to football…look at the trophies in the Big Ten…Floyd of Rosedale, the Little Brown Jug, the Old Oaken Bucket and Paul Bunyan’s Ax…now throw in HY-VEE Hero Trophy.  Which one doesn’t belong? 

As I’ve had time to think about it today, not every game needs a trophy.  The best rivalry in college football, Ohio State-Michigan, doesn’t have a trophy.  Their reward for winning usually was the Rose Bowl and Big Ten Championship Trophy. 

I wonder was there any thought of that?  Just bring the Big Ten Legends Division Title to the game, winner gets a ticket to Indianapolis.  Or as Ohio State-Michigan is dubbed “The Game” just call it Farmageddon (as you’ll hear from me). 

Rivalries aren’t built by title sponsors and trophies, their built by the games on the field.  The seed is planted for Hawks & Huskers, let’s let it grow, not sell it out.


A week or so ago, went out and rented The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McCaughney.  Had a pretty good cast in it with Marissa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe, William H. Macy, Josh Lucas, John Leguizamo, Bryan Cranston, and Trace Adkins…so a good staff.  I had heard good things about it and was McCaughney’s best movie in a while, and heard Trace Adkins was a bad ass….the movie didn’t disappoint.  It was a great story line and had enough twists and turns that kept you involved.  It wasn’t something that seems to be coming out of Hollywood lately where it’s all predictable.  McCaughney and Phillippe were both great in their spots, Trace Adkins was a BAD ASS.  And William H. Macy, one of my favorite actors who can do almost anything it seems, was good too.  Definitely one of the better movies I’ve seen in the past 2 years, probably since The Dark Knight.

4/5 Stars


2011 Big Ten Predictions

Welcome to the new Big Ten (+2) for now.  With the rumors of Texas A&M bolting to the SEC with Oklahoma maybe it looks like the college football world maybe an ever shifting landscape again.

But for now the Big Ten has gained the Cornhuskers and split into 2 equal divisions, Legends and Leaders.  Complain what you will about the names but I don’t mind them, I know who is in what division, just give it time.  The first Big Ten title game is scheduled to be played in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium to be televised on Fox.  Should be a fun little change from when we had 2 teams going 8-0 being co-Champs. 

How will the season play out?  How will the Huskers do in their inaugural season?  Here’s my predictions, sure to go wrong.

LEGENDS        B1G      SEA                 LEADERS         B1G      SEA
Nebraska          7-1        11-1                 Wisconsin         7-1        11-1
 Iowa                 6-2         10-2               Ohio State         5-3          8-4
Michigan St       5-3          8-4                Penn State        5-3          8-4
Michigan           4-4          8-4                Illinois                2-6         6-6
Northwestern     4-4          7-5                Purdue              2-6         5-7
Minnesota         0-8          3-9                Indiana              1-7         4-8

Nebraska over Wisconsin

Big Ten Bowls
Rose – Nebraska
Fiesta – Wisconsin
Cap 1 – Iowa
Outback – Ohio State
Gator – Penn State
Insight – Michigan
Texas – Michigan State
Ticket City – Northwestern
Pizza - Illinois

Big Ten Awards
Big Ten Coach of the Year – Bret Bielema : Wisconsin
Big Ten MVP – James White : RB : Wisconsin

For the season I think that with no Pryor and changing of the guard at Ohio State and the current suspensions and penalties yet to be handed down will hang over the program and they will struggle a bit, and I think Michigan trips them up at the end of the year. 

I think Wisconsin gets Nebraska in Camp Randall, but will lose the rematch in Indianapolis. 

I think Iowa will surprise some people being the underdog and with a favorable schedule and the Legends Division comes down to the Friday after Thanksgiving in Lincoln, oh the start of a new Rivalry!

The Jerry Kill era in Minneapolis has a rough start going in the Big Ten…as does the Kevin Wilson era in Bloomington.

Penn State ends its struggles with Iowa and knocks off the Hawkeyes this year in Happy Valley.


2011 Big XII Predictions

Welcome to the new Big XII, or as I like to call it, the Texa$ Ten.  No more divisions, no more championship game…a round robin schedule of 9 games too.  The conference was on life support last year and may not be out of the neck of the woods yet with the rumblings going on in Norman, Austin and College Station about the new ESPN juiced LongHorn Network.  Somehow the conference has 9 bowl tie-ins for 10 teams.  That’s gonna change soon, and how did the Holiday bowl slip to #5 in the pecking order.

The conference, in my opinion won’t be around like it is come 2015 but that’s the future.  Let’s talk about this year:

The conference will be split into 3 tiers, the top will be very good, the bottom very bad, and the middle average.

The Conference Championship (and one half of the National Championship) is determined on Nov 5 in Norman when the Sooners host the Aggies. 

Texas will be better than last year but will not move into the elite of the top 3.

Baylor’s record could easily flip flop if Robert Griffin III gets hurt, and they will score the upset of the first week when the Bears beat TCU.

Iowa State record won’t be great but they have a stud on the OL in Osemele, and the new scoreboard is going to be a nice addition to Jack Trice Stadium.

The state of Kansas will continue to be under a heat wave in the college season as the coaches seats will be getting warmer.  I think this is Snyder’s last year at KState and will select his successor and Turner Gill needs to win next year or he will be done at Kansas.

Now for the picks…Norman, Oklahoma should be happy.

Oklahoma                         9-0                 12-0              National Championship Game vs Alabama
Texas A&M                       8-1                 11-1              Fiesta Bowl vs Wisconsin
Oklahoma St                     7-2                 10-2              Cotton Bowl
Texas                               5-4                  8-4               Alamo Bowl
Baylor                               5-4                 8-4                Insight Bowl
Missouri                            5-4                 7-5                Holiday Bowl
Texas Tech                        3-6                 6-6               Texas Bowl vs Michigan State
Kansas                              1-8                 3-9
Kansas State                     1-8                 3-9
Iowa State                         1-8                 2-10

Coach of the Year – Bob Stoops : Oklahoma
Player of the Year – Landry Jones : Oklahoma

Best and Worst of the Weekend

So the weekend was a quick one, again.  Actually not to bad either.  Got a movie in (DVD) haven’t seen Captain America, yet.  Took the boy fishing then had a trip to Mullets with him.  Indulged in some ice cold tasty GrainBelt! Even got to watch a replay of DJK putting up a hat trick vs. Michigan on the Big Ten Network.

I also tried what I guess is rated the #1 deli sandwich in Des Moines, B&B Dad’s Killer sub.  Gonna be honest, it’s not #1.  The Zach Johnson at the Manhattan Deli is the best deli sandwich in town.  I thought the Dad’s Killer, if I had all the ingrediants, is something I could have made at home and it would have been the same. 

With my boy, this was his second time fishing, and it didn’t go as well as the first one.  We tried a new location, a covered dock at Easter Lake.  He was more excited this time about the dock than sitting there fishing, but he sat for a bit and was proud of him there.  He had a few bites but we never could nag a fish.  After it we went to Mullet’s for lunch.  He was excited to sit at a big chair table and had fun chatting with the girls working there.  The Philly CheeseSteak PoBoy was pretty good, but it wasn't as tasty as The Sandberg. 

Also took a load of big cardboard boxes down to a friend’s house Sunday and burnt them while the kids ran around with their black lab.  Black Lab won a few times knocking them down and licking them like crazy.  Nice thing Saturday Addyson had a play date with a  friend for 4 hours and got to get with a friend of hers from preschool and hang out while the other 2 kids were sleeping.

While Addy was gone, I put on Unstoppable, starring Chris Pine and Denzel Washington.  The movie about an out of control high speed train.  Yes, like most movies in Hollywood these days, it was predictable, but I enjoyed it.  Pine I thought did a good job and liked Denzel in this movie too.  Supporting cast was good too.  Was it believable that the events like that would actually happen, um no…I hope not, but it’s a movie, let yourself go. 

2.5 / 5 STARS


Who’s in your 5….College Mascots

They are at every game, symbols of the university.  Traditions that have been around forever.  Some of them are live, some are costumes, some on leashes, some carry swords or sledgehammers.  The college mascot.  So here we go with my top 5.  I’ll start with an honorable mention since there are hundreds of mascots, it’s hard to narrow them down.  I’m sure with my top 5 you’ll find a trend.  And #1 you’ll be surprised.

Honorable Mention
Zippy (Akron) – really the Zips have a Kangaroo?  It’s odd but still it’s a Kangaroo!
Sparty (Mich State) – Dude might be on some performance enhancers but he get’s a cool outfit and a sword
Purdue Pete  (Purdue) – he carries a sledge hammer!  And he once dented Herky’s beek with it.
WarEagle (Auburn) – how the Tigers got WarEagle still is odd, but the Eagle flying down from Jordan-Hare stadium is pretty cool
The Stanford Tree (Stanford) – Maybe the goofiest mascot ever, but still funny.
The Drake Relay’s beautiful Bulldog.  – A cool tradition and well who doesn’t like a beautiful Bulldog?

5. Smokey (Tennessee) – A blue tick coonhound that shows up at Tennessee games and leads them into the stadium.  He may not be as big as some others.  But still it’s cool to have a coon hound leading the team out on the field.

4. Bevo – A live long horn.  Do you really wanna mess with him?

3. Ralphie  -  Well maybe if you’re a charging buffalo you’ll take out Bevo.  This is one of the cooler entrances in college football that I want to one day see.  Just don’t get in his way. 

2. UGA – One of the coolest traditions in the sport, an English bulldog, from UGA I to UGA VIII all in the same family lineage.  And perhaps the coolest video of a mascot, UGA biting an Auburn player!  Great Mascot!

1.  Herky – was it going to be any one else??


The Man Cave

Saturday and Sunday (and any other day ending in "Y")  mornings and afternoons and nights, the "Man-Cave" in many houses across the country is where you'll find a lot of sports fans.  Some prefer the sports bars and the food and over priced beer, some go to the events, but more and more are experiencing the sporting events from home with a lot of big screen tvs and a place to show your teams memorabilia you've collected over the years.

When we bought this house, one of the things I wanted was a finished basement I could decorate as my "Hawkeye Room."  When I finally got it, we took a wall out and made a big living room in the basement that was a play area for then my one kid and now 3 kids, and put the fun stuff down there.  My big screen, surround sound, the dvds, xbox and had a couch and a futon and my chair.

Since I've had my 3rd child in February and needing another bed room, my Hawkeye room has had the wall that was taken down put back up, and also had some thing not yet prominently displayed.  In a few conversations on twitter, I thought I'd give a tour of my slimmed down Hawkeye Room 2.0.  There are a few shots from an earlier blog, but I thought I'd add a few others of what is currently out.

Enjoy the slide show and silent video.

My Hawkeye Book is filled with a lot of football cards, got a ton of Brad Banks, and also all my ticket stubs from 1992 to present.  When we moved from the old house I grew up in to the newer one, the stubs from 1986-1992 got trashed unfortunately.


Lasting Images - Nolan Ryan

Word came out today that Nolan Ryan, the Rangers President and MLB Hall of Famer and holder of 7 no hitters was hospitalized.  He is the StrikeOut King and well we all know what he did to Robin Ventura.

Many will probably have the headlock and shots to Ventura's noggin as their lasting image.  Mine is different.  Mine is the final no hitter vs the BlueJays.  I remember where I was when it happened, watching it with my dad.  ESPN of course cut in.  I remember Alomar's last swing on the final strikeout and just going...WOW.



Monday Morning my hometown of Garwin was hit with a storm I never imagined would hit it.  It wasn’t tornados, more straight line winds.  Friends farms were destroyed, houses have roof’s ripped off, no power and gas and no idea when it will be turned back on.  The Legion Hall roof is gone.  The bandstand, community center and park are all smashed up.  The grain elevator that my dad owned and worked at for 35+ years is mangled and looks like Megatron ripped through there.  My dad’s old office is currently covered by a grain bin.  Looking at some of the photos from old friends I’m in awe of the damage.  The park and my dad’s elevator are places I’ve been around a million times growing up, and to see them destroyed or have caution tape around them is sad. 

I’m thankful that no one was hurt in this, and things can be replaced.  As I stated on my facebook, please keep us that have moved out of town aware of what is going on, what is needed and updates on news on the town and any new photos.

***I nabbed some photos from people on facebook and the web***

Photos from Nick Helton

I was working at my parents Monday and didn’t get into town but attached are photos from people in town that got them loaded to facebook.  I will add more as I can.  Also attached is news video of the damage. 

I know Garwin isn't Parkersburg and we don't have a polarize figure like Ed Thomas, but there are good people in Garwin, and I hope that the people who are covering this dont' forget about our little community. 

WHO Story by Andy Fales

Best and Worst of the Weekend

Well once again I’ve seen the weekend fly by.  Was a good weekend, hot and humid on Sunday, and then Stormy.  Started out good on Friday night though, got hot and humid the rest of the weekend.

Friday Shawnna and I went to Centro for supper, mom came down to babysit the kids.  It was my first time at Centro, rated one of the top restaurants in Des Moines year in and year out.  I had the Seared Shrimp and Scallops with greens and smashed potatoes, and a couple adult beverages!  Very good…then decided it was to late for a movie and ended up heading home and just chatted with mom for the rest of the night.

Saturday Shawnna’s mom came down with our niece Makenna and went to the zoo.  Now it was really freakin hot and I sweat our butts off.  The Des Moines zoo does need a little help, they are under construction and really need to add a few more things.  Did spend about 2 hours there.  Why can’t it get to be at least half of what Omaha is.  The rest of the day was napping.  The Sun wore us out.

Sunday was just hot.  We were going to go fishing but it was just oppressive.  Bray and I played instead inside and did laundry and watched movies.  Was kind of nice to have a lazy day to just sit around. 



Let the Social Network Battle begin…..Google+ is still in “TEST” mode but has got a lot of news and high demand for invites that even prompted a few to sell invites on eBay.  I finally got in a few days ago and haven’t played as much with it as I’d like to, life gets in the way.  But from what I see I like it, and more so because I use a lot of the Google products such as Gmail, Picasa, YouTube, blogger, etc. 

G+ has the wall were you can post, your own profile, friends and the +1 along with (if you Picasa) your photo albums available to share with your circles.  Circles are your friends list, and a way you can make your life a little more private on a social network where as you might not be able to on facebook, or don’t care to since it’s a little more work.  Google has made it a little easier.  Right now I’ve found it easy to create and edit my circles.  What I really like is I can view my profile as a group or someone I circled.   Nice feature.

Why I think G+ will work.
Google has had previous attempts to jump in the social network pool with Wave (didn’t know of this one till a while ago) and Buzz(I did use Buzz) but they seem to have learned and are putting every effort in to making this work. 

They already have done something that prompted a facebook/Zuckerburg response.  The Hangout/webcam chat.  This week Zuckerburg said that FB will join with Skype to provide that service on FB, but from what I’ve read so far Google’s is less clunky.  So Google at least has the Zuck’s attention.

It takes a page from Twitter.  Twitter right now is the big thing out there, IMO, bigger than facebook.  You follow someone, even famous people, and you see what they say/do.  You don’t need to wait for that person to accept requests.  The stream is almost facebook like but also twitter like.  You can have that interaction like that in more than 140 characters.

It’s Google.  When you look something up on the web, what do you do?  Yahoo it?  Bing it?  No you Google it.  In the search engine world Google is the king.  You search something you are allowed to +1 it and that goes to your feed.  Also there you probably use a bunch of Google products that you’re not even aware of.  YouTube, blogger, Google Maps (hello check in’s) and Picasa above.  Google owns a lot of brands that are there at its finger tips to tap into and use and integrate into the social network.  I can see it working well for news and weather and sports using YouTube instead of processing a twit vid or twit pic. 

Why it won’t take down Facebook.
It’s Google.  Now this may be brilliant or something untapped yet that I’m not sure of.  But needing a Google Acct to sign in.  This is brilliant to get more people to use your product (and take back to share holders) and expand your brand…but could this also scare people away?   People already have an MSN or Yahoo address, who wants to resign up for a new one?

Go back to the sing up for a new email…do people want to sign up for another site?  People at once had both Facebook and MySpace…and a lot have Twitter and Facebook now…will they want another?

Anonymity.  What’s the great thing about the internet social sites and message boards?  Hiding behind a screen name.  Google+ right now is your name.  How it shows up in an email.  Now unless on your email your sending them out as “suckitAuburn” or “TempeDude” then you hold that.  I for one do have handles on twitter and not my name, mostly because its shorter!

Those obvious are just a few and I’m sure like most sites on the web, it will go through updates and process changes.  It will add companies later this year too.  I really hope we don’t see APPs  like games show up on there.  Keep it clean of that manusha.

That being said, I think Google+ will work, will compete with Facebook and make both sites better.  Will I delete Facebook, prob not right now….will it ever go away…most likely no, but there’s another guy in the room that’s ready to stand up to the leader in the clubhouse.  I think when it goes live and as I add tweeps and facebookers to it I will probably use it more than facebook as I like to simplify my life and have my services all in one place (IE why I only do fantasy on ESPN), and I’m excited to see where it goes.


The Fads aka Money Stealers

Standing in the Wal-Mart line I saw all these magazines on diets, and also hear coworkers and family and friends talking.  There's the Hi-Low diet, weight watchers, slim fast, Atkins, and anything else out there, then add in all the surgeries that can go wrong.  .  It's amazing how people throw there money into these.

The only real way I've seen for people to lose weight and keep it off and be really healthy the way humans are supposed to be is this the following...now before I give the million dollar secret away I'm going to add a link to my PayPal account and you can donate 1.00 for me giving this away.

Ok..the secret is....BURN MORE CALORIES THAN YOU TAKE IN!  The guys on Biggest Loser have the secret too.  Also I'm living proof...Last year I lost 40 pounds by working out and running, and eating better and watching calories in.  Also gained a few back after the 3rd kid came too.  That's it...that's the secret.

You don't need to do gimmick diets, and then when you stop them, you will eventually gain the weight back too and maybe more.  

So feel free to donate if you'd like, but that's the key.

KaChow? Should have gone KaBoom.

Last night at stimulus night I took the boy to go see Cars 2.  Cars, along with Toy Story is probably his favorite movies, so he was excited.  Before the movie we got a little short with the Buzz & Woody and the gang, Bray was excited about that.  Then we get into the movie.  Starts out in Radiator Springs and Lightning is returning from 4 straight Piston Cups…The last the cup renamed after Doc Hudson, who was voiced by Paul Newman…was glad they didn’t replace his voice.  This part was ok…and even the lead up to the World Grand Prix.  Then is where the movie changes. 

The last movie was great because of the change in Lightning, from its not all about him and winning and rushing through life, slow down, there are other people around you….this movie is more about Mater, his clumsiness and lack of intelligence and how people treat him.  Making him a spy?  Maybe not the best jump there.  But Pixar gives him a disguise machine and machine guns and rocket boosters. 

I think this is one Pixar wishes it had a mulligan on, they’ve nailed almost all of them, just not this one…but it will sell merchandise and go well over for the kids.

1.5/5 stars


Best and Worst of the Weekend - Fireworks

Bray checking out the cannons
So it was a holiday weekend again, another 3 days.  This weekend was a bit different from the last 3day weekend (Memorial Day).  Friday night the whole fam went up to the State Capital and met Marty & Mallory and enjoyed Yankee Doodle Pops.  The Des Moines Symphony played marches and topped off with the 1812 Overture and fireworks.  We got 3 shows, the Pops fireworks, the I-Cubs fireworks and some lightning in the background.  The kids ran and ran and ran and were out cold when we got home…after sitting in traffic for about 30 mins.

Saturday was supposed to be a trip to Adventureland for the two oldest and the youngest staying home with Grandma.  Woke up Saturday AM to my son getting sick.  He had a nice mess in his bed, and bless him he tried to clean it up with his rug.  We tried to get all still to Adventureland thinking it was just a one/two time thing, but getting into Altoona, he got sick again.  He and I went home, Shawnna and Addy went to Adventureland for the day.  Addy came home with a handful of prizes and had a bunch of fun.  Brayden felt better around noon and helped me around the house and yard along with Grandma. 

The prizes from Adventureland
Sunday was kind of a lazy day up till the afternoon.  We usually hit the West Des Moines Parade and were planning on it and then head to Marty & Mallory’s for their home grown fireworks and potluck.  Brayden was sleeping though most of the afternoon and we missed the parade and headed to our evening plans.  2 minutes from getting there, Brayden was bloody, biffed it on the gravel driveway.  30 mins later Addy was flipped over the hammock.  Thankfully Ryleigh didn’t get hurt!  She was passed around to holders but was all good.  Had fun with the Warren County and Softball crew.  Have a ton of fun with them.  Played bags and had a walk off bag for a win…came back to beat Shawnna 21-20, then lost a doubles game.  Ironically the games I won were on an Iowa State board, and lost on a Hawkeye board. 

Monday the fourth the plan was to go to Norwalk for the parade to see Superman, Brandon Routh, and hang out with some friends and then grill out and hit fireworks.  Pulling into Norwalk Addyson got sick.  What the heck?  2 times in a weekend?  Ran the girls home, and got Brayden to the parade.  He made friends with a set of twins and an older girl and used them to get candy…that’s my boy! :)  Brayden then saw Superman in the parade and asked… “daddy, is that superman?  Where’s IronMan?”

Headed home them to grab lunch and let him go to Cars 2 with Shawnna, then he complained of a tummy ache…really?  C’mon, give me a break this weekend!  So he napped and I went to Transformers 3.  Afterwards I grilled and we did sparklers outside and watched fireworks from the National Celebration in DC and the ones in NYC and Boston.  Sucks we couldn’t see them live on July 4th, but it was a Monday and had a long weekend and saw a lot of them already. 

Was a decent weekend, hopefully next weekend is a healthy weekend.

Transformers 3:Dark of the Moon

Ok, first, why did they change Dark Side of the Moon to Dark of the Moon?  Other than that..this is what the sequel should have been!  Transformers 2 was a dud!  This movie was really good! 

The 60’s story line with the Ark was great with the Space Chase.  That was a great story line throughout the movie.  Then we get into Sam and his new chick.  Michael Bay’d it here.  Why do robots destroying each other need a hot chick other than for fan boys?  Ok, so firs the humans…Lebouf, Dumel and Gibson all I think performed their roles great….they fed off what they were in the first.  Sam’s parents – didn’t need them that much, again don’t need the hot chick that much.  Patrick Dempsey I thought was a nice touch to the story line, and love John Malkovich in his short time. 

The transformers now.  There is a surprise death…Didn’t think there was enough Bumblebee.  The new cars didn’t get introduced as well as the awful Twins did in TF2.  You barely see Ratchet also.  Optimus is well Optimus, the hero!  Would also have liked to see more of the Wreckers.  Sentinel Prime I thought was great here too.  Not a lot of Starscream here, and why introduce Shockwave if you don’t use him that much except for the keeper of the big Tremor bot.  Soundwave and Laserbeck were cool.  Megatron I thought showed his colors at the end.

The great thing about Transformers is the characters and what they transform too and their forms.  I hate how Bay just brought in random non changing bots.  Was kind of like Transformers/Predators/Aliens a bit. 

Best scene was the finale fight (won’t spoil it) and also the shot of Sam and Bumblebee when you think it’s over for Bee.  That’s the best shot of the movie.

Overall this is what the sequel should have been!  Not as good as the first movie but it blows TF2 away.

3/5 stars