NFL Post Season Picks

So in my preseason predictions I picked Baltimore over Green Bay, now that can still happen, BUT I don’t see it happen. Though if it does I’m totally claiming that I did.  I also nailed 7 of the 12 playoff teams.  Not too shabby.  But going into the playoffs I’m making some other picks.  Here’s my post season NFL picks.


Jimmy John Big Ten Challenge Bowl Picks

7 games left, Chad 2 games up on both Kyle and I. A lot of things could happen with all 3 of us still having a chance to win, and lose. So for one final week, here we go with the our Big Ten Picks.

CHAD: 75-22          |          MATT: 73-24          |          KYLE: 73-24

Sports Moment of the Year

The Cubs 2012 Season was one to forget (as will 2013 most likely be) but in the sports world the Cubs turned in My Sports Moment of the Year.

Kerry Wood is a top 5 favorite Cub of mine. He’s had some bad breaks in his career and 2003 should have ended in the World Series. He had the 20 K game in his 5th start that was a thing of magic. The only way Hollywood wrote a better ending was if it was in the World Series, but Kid K ends his career on a strike out vs the cross town rivals, a standing ovation and a hug from his little boy at the top of the dugout.

Try and top that.