Big Ten Awards - Week 9

Now the mess and the race tightens up.  Iowa, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Ohio State will race to the end of the year for the Rose Bowl and most likely a Sugar or Fiesta bowl slot.  Sparty's loss in Iowa City ended any hope of a Big Ten team winning the National Title, but revitalized the Hawkeyes.  The biggest game of the year remaining is Nov 20th in Iowa City with the Hawkeyes-Buckeyes.

Helmet Sticker -  Nathan Scheelhaase, QB, Illinois.  The Freshman had 195 yards passing and 118 yards rushing and 4 td's in the Illini's 44-10 win over Purdue.

Ricky Stanzi, QB - Iowa.  The Hawkeye senior has been steady all year long and cut down on his 2009 mistakes.  Only threw for 190 yards but had 3 tds and pretty much handed off from midway in the 3rd quarter on in the Hawkeyes huge win over #5 Michigan State.

Team of the Week -  Iowa Hawkeyes.  Iowa's played a bad quarter of football at Arizona and had a few kicking misques vs Wisconsin otherwise they would be in the top 5.  This weekend vs the Spartans the Hawkeyes showed what they should have been showing all year and maybe last week the Badgers woke up a sleeping Giant.  Iowa destroyed the Spartans.

Highlight of the Week - Tyler Sash & Micha Hyde's Interception return to give the Hawks a 17-0 lead.

Picks - Went 4-1 and the 1 loss cost me a game in the Jimmy John's Challenge.
Conf - 16-8
Seas - 55-12
JJ Challenge - (-3)

GFR Computer Ranking - Oct 31st

2 unbeaten's fall from the ranks of the unbeatens, and the teams that beat them capitalize and move up in the GFR Rankings.  Missouri is beaten by Nebraska, and falls from 3 to 5.  The Huskers move from 9 to 7.  The Spartans last week were #5, get trounced in Iowa City by the Hawkeyes.  The Hawkeyes move from 17 to 9.  Michigan State fell to 14.

The rest of the top 10 the Boise State Broncos and Auburn Tigers continue to hold tight to those top 2 spots.  Boise actually increasing their lead over #2 Auburn.

The Top 10.

1.  Boise State
2.  Auburn
3.  TCU
4.  Oregon
5.  Missouri
6.  Utah
7.  Nebraska
8.  Ohio State
9.  Iowa
10.  Oklahoma

Complete Poll


Big Ten Predictions - Week 9

Northwestern @ IndianaThe ‘Cats get back on track here and get a keep the Hoosiers winless in the Big Ten.  Indiana needs this one to try to get bowl eligible and to 6 wins.  PICK-NORTHWESTERN

Purdue @ IllinoisPurdue is banged up but still sitting at 2-1 in the Big Ten.  Illinois’s defense and being at home wins this for the Illini.  PICK-ILLNOIS

Ohio State @ MinnesotaSorry Gophers, no chance for you here.  PICK-OHIO STATE

Michigan @ Penn StateToughest game for me to pick, I think Michigan is the better team, but Penn State seems to be back on track and they are at home.  Michigan can go a couple paces with either DRob or Forcier.  PICK-MICHIGAN


Michigan State @ Iowa
Iowa lost a heartbreaker last week at home vs Wisconsin.  Michigan State came back from 17 down to beat Northwestern in Evanston.  Last year and well most the years this game has been really close.  Iowa won on a last second play in 2009, in 2008 Sparty stopped Iowa on 4th down to preserve  a win over the Hawkeyes.  Probably the 2 best pure QB’s in the Big Ten in Cousins and Stanzi and really similar approaches.  Iowa’s going to have to shore up some defense and special teams and not play conservative to stay in the Big Ten title hunt.  In the end I think the Hawkeyes came away with the win and hand Michigan State their first loss and creates a log jam at the top of the Big Ten Standings.  PICK-IOWA


Iowa High School Football Playoffs

Hard to believe that it’s been 10 weeks and it’s time for the Iowa High School Football Playoffs.  32 teams in all 6 classes playing for the trip to the Dome and the State Title.

I went 79-21 on the season.  I’ve picked my brackets, posted below. 

Class 4A

Class 3A

Class 2A

Class 1A

Class A


Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best – Friday night I had Brady on my left and Addy on my right on the futon and we watched “How To Train A Dragon” Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Saturday got Brady his Halloween outfit for this year. He’s going as Buzz Lightyear. No surprise, he’s on a big toy story kick. Sunday was Addy’s last soccer game of the year and she was so close to another goal, was proud of her this season, she played pretty hard. And I cooked a damn good supper Sunday night.

Worst – First will start with the 2 big things. Hawks lost to Wisconsin by 1, 31-30. Pretty much need to run the table to get back to the BCS, but won’t do any worse than the Outback Bowl. The Bears are just bad. We aren’t good. Another big thing that sucked was dropping 270 on a vehicle for brake pads. That sucked! Big Time. Other stuff, wish I had the weekend to do all over again. Things just weren’t fun outside of the ‘bests’.


Bowl Projections

So back in August I did a projection on who's going to what bowl in the Big Ten and the other major bowls.  With the season looking less muddy 8 weeks in, let's make it a weekly or bi weekly thing.

BCS Championship
Auburn vs Oregon

Rose Bowl
Ohio State vs Boise State

Fiesta Bowl
Michigan State vs Oklahoma

Orange Bowl
Virgina Tech vs TCU

Sugar Bowl
Nebraska vs Pittsburgh

Cotton Bowl
Missouri vs Alabama

Capital One Bowl
Wisconsin vs Arkansas

Outback Bowl
Iowa vs South Carolina

Gator Bowl
Northwestern vs Georgia

Insight Bowl
Michigan vs Oklahoma State

Texas Bowl
Illinois vs Iowa State

Dallas Football Classic
Penn State vs Baylor

Little Ceaser's
Purdue vs Northern Illinois

Big Ten Awards - Week 8

3 games in to the conference season and a few teams are making statements.  Michigan State is reminding me a lot of Iowa last year.  Getting breaks and having a little luck go their way on bounces.  Down 17-0 they came back to win 35-27 in Evanston.  Now 8-0 and head to Iowa City this week.

In Iowa City this week, Wisconsin, with the help of a fake punt and missed fg and pat by Iowa, moved the Badgers to 7-1/3-1 with wins coming over the two league favorites Iowa & Ohio State.

Ohio State came off their loss to the Badgers and rolled up the Boilermakers. Then in Champaign the Illini destroyed the one dimensional Hoosiers.

Helmet Sticker - Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State.  The Spartan QB threw for 329 yards and 3 touchdowns, one being the eventual go ahead score to lead the Spartans back over the Wildcats.  Michigan State now is 8-0/4-0 and really are 1 tough road game at Iowa from running the table.

Team of the Week - Wisconsin.  A power game that went back and forth with the Hawkeyes, the Badgers took 6+ minutes off the clock, and scored with 1 minute left to take a 31-30 lead and then held off the Hawkeyes last drive with 3 timeouts to win.  They also blocked a PAT by the Hawkeyes that enabled the Badgers to get out of Iowa city with the Heartland trophy and a fresh new top 10 ranking.

Highlight of the Week - The juggling catch by BJ Cunningham from Kirk Cousins that gave the Spartans the lead over Northwestern.  The view from a fan on the sideline, and obviously in a Michigan State section.

Picks - 3-2 on the weekend and had a chance to pick up a game in the Jimmy John Challenge but stayed even.

Conf - 12-7
Season - 51-11
JJ Challenge (-2)

GFR Computer Ranking - Oct 24th

Down goes #1 and up rises the love of loves in non automatic qualifiers.  2 weeks ago Boise was #1 in the GFR, last week dropped down to #2 behind Oklahoma. This week after Missouri beat Oklahoma, Boise State is now #1 again.  Missouri moved up from #5 to #3 while Auburn is now #2 after beating LSU.

TCU and Michigan State round out the top 5.  Oregon's schedule and game points are keeping them from the top 5 though they look like a monster team.  Iowa which lost to Wisconsin still is ahead of the 7-1 Badgers, who are sitting at #20.

TOP 10
1. Boise State
2. Auburn
3. Missouri
4. TCU
5. Michigan State
6. Oregon
7. Oklahoma
8. Ohio State
9. Nebraska
10. Utah

Complete Poll


Iowa High School Week 9 Picks

The last week before the playoffs, the brackets go up tonight and will have my picks then.  Looking for a good finish to end the year, so here we go.
Valley (6-2) over Fort Dodge (7-1)
CB Lincoln (8-0) over Ankeny (6-2)
Winterset (5-3) over CB Lewis Central (5-3)
Solon (7-1) over Grinnell (7-1)
Sioux Center (6-2) over Spirit Lake (6-2)
New Hampton (5-3) over Clarion-Goldfield (5-3)
CB St Albert (8-0) over Logan-Magnolia (8-0)
Emmetsburg (8-0) over Hartley HMS (7-1)
Van Meter (6-2) over Guthrie Center (5-3)
Grundy Center (1-7) over GMG (0-9)
Armstrong-Ringsted (8-0) over West Bend-Mallard (7-1)
Glidden-Ralston (7-1) over Coon Rapids-Bayard (7-1)

Season (71-17)


GFR Computer Ranking - Oct 19th

A little late but better late than never.  #1 matches #1 in the BCS.  Oklahoma.  The Sooners are boosted with nice wins over Florida State and Air Force and the fact that Texas came back to beat Nebraska this week.  #2, non-aq fav Boise State drops a spot.

Big movers that could come this week could be the winner of Mizzou/OU, LSU/Auburn and also Wisconsin/Iowa.

The Top 10.
1.  Oklahoma
2.  Boise State
3.  TCU
4.  Auburn
5.  Missouri
6.  Michigan State
7.  LSU
8.  Oklahoma State
9.  Oregon
10. Stanford

Complete Poll

Big Ten Predictions – Week 8

Michigan State (7-0/3-0) vs Northwestern (5-1/1-1) – 11am ESPN
Michigan State takes its unbeaten record on the road to Evanston to take on the Wildcats.  For the ‘Cats to pull the upset Persa needs to stick in the pocket and toss for probably 300+ and no picks.  I think Greg Jones and company stick it out with a win in a shoot out.  And remember these teams have had shoot outs in the past. PICK  SPARTANS

Penn State (3-3/0-2) vs Minnesota (1-6/0-3) – 11am ESPNU
Yea I don’t know how this game is going to go.  Penn State isn’t good.  Minnesota is worse and just canned Tim Brewster.  I think with a week off Penn State has time to prepare and show up in Minneapolis with a win, but will put them on upset alert.  I think the Gophers will keep it close but come up just short again.  PICK  NITTANY LIONS

Purdue (4-2/2-0) vs Ohio State (6-1/2-1) – 11am Big Ten Network
Let’s see, OSU is coming off a loss to Wisconsin and lost its #1 ranking and controlling it’s own destiny for another Big Ten Title.  Now gets to play a Purdue team who beat them last year.  Revenge on their mind and now being pissed after the loss.  Buckyes Big!  PICK  BUCKEYES

Indiana (4-2/0-2) vs Illinois (3-3/1-2) – 11am Big Ten Network
Another game I can see going both ways, especially if Ben Chappelle can get hot.  Illinois has the D that can stimy Ben a bit.  Indiana needs this win a lot more than Illinois does.  The Hoosiers can put points up on the board, can Illinois keep up?  PICK  HOOSIERS

Wisconsin (6-1/2-1) vs Iowa (5-1/2-0)
230pm ABC
The Badgers come in the toast of the week after beating the #1 Buckeyes in Madison.  Iowa went into the Big House and was up 21 points before Michigan put together some late scores to make it close.  The Bull is on the line and also a big spot in the Big Ten Title race.  Iowa has owned Wisconsin the last two years, taking their manhood, and the Badgers strengths on offense play into the Hawkeyes strength on defense.  I think it comes down to the Iowa back 7 vs the Wisconsin WR/TE.  Iowa’s offense is going to do what it does and get its points, Wisconsin’s Defense isn’t scary like the Hawks is.  Iowa I think brings the Badgers down to earth and keeps the Bull in Iowa City, 31 – 13.  PICK  HAWKEYES

Bye – Michigan
Jimmy John’s Challenge -2


Big Ten Awards - Week 7

Down goes #1!  Wisconsin used an opening kickoff return and a 100 yard game from John Clay to pull off the upset vs Ohio State.  The Badgers controlled and frustrated the Buckeyes and moved to 6-1 on the season.  Up next, the 5-1 Iowa Hawkeyes in Kinnick Stadium.  Iowa had to put up 38 points in the Big House to keep a feisty Tate Forcier bunch of Wolverines down.  Then there is the unbeaten Michigan State Spartans, now 7-0.  Illinois gave them a tussle to start it out but couldn’t pull it out.  And the Brewster era in Minneapolis ended after Purdue beat the Gophers.   Also Indiana won a non-conference game vs Arkansas State.
Team of the Week – WISCONSIN – Yea you beat the #1 team in the Nation you’re going to be team of the week.  An opening kickoff then on your next drive score a td to go up 14-0 was like a shot to the mouth of the Buckeyes and they just couldn’t get up from it.  Madison was the college football spotlight and they rocked it.  A loss would have pretty much put the Badgers out of the Big Ten Race, now it’s a 4 team race.
Helmet Sticker - Derrell Johnson-Koulianos  aka DJK – DJK had only 4 catches and 70 yards but 4 of those were 3 touchdowns.  The second one a pretty pass from Stanzi in the back of the corner of the endzone to give Iowa the lead.  Then the 3rd a slant pattern that put DJK in the Iowa record books, passing Tim Dwight for the most yards in Iowa receiving history.  Congrats to DJK, go Tweet now!
Game of the Week – Iowa 38 Michigan 28 – The Hawks and Wolverines put on a pretty good offensive show.  Adam Robinson, Ricky Stanzi and DJK for the Hawks.  Tate Forcie and Denard Robinson for the Wolverines.  The game wasn’t sealed till a late 4th quarter field goal by Mike Myer and then an interception by the Hawks also. 
Highlight of the Week – Wisconsin opening kickoff
PicksWent 4-1 on the week in my picks.  3-1 in conference and still -2 on the Jimmy John’s Challenge.  Up this week, the start of the Big Ten Championship coming through Iowa City.  Wisconsin travels to Kinnick to take on the Hawks in the Battle for the Bull!
BEST – Actually was a good fun weekend, until the last few hours of it. Friday went out to eat in a small town restaurant that reminded me of my hometown and going to other small town restaurants. Great food too! Saturday the Hawks won! Then went to a wedding for a couple of softball buds, and well Mark and I got shots going and yea, it was good. Then Sunday was my son’s 3rd birthday. Can’t believe he is 3. Was so much fun watching him open the presents. The best was his birthday card that sang “You got a friend in me” from Toy Story. He loves Buzz & Woody and still this morning was going around with his card. I did have a little fun with his Buzz Lightyear toy and making him do the “Matt Roth Salute!”

WORST – About the time everyone started to leave the birthday party yesterday I started not feeling well. Started to get a cold or something and couldn’t stop sneezing. So I ended up crashing early about 830 and slept great till about 630 when I had to get up. I feel a lot better this morning, but it didn’t feel so great last night. And I’m a little behind on my GFR and Big Ten Awards posts, I’ll get caught up on them.


Lasting Images - 9/11

So starting something I’ll (try to) do every Tuesday. But just sitting at work thought of something and an image popped in my head. Then a few more people and ideas did. So thought he this could be fun. So here we go…my first lasting image, and would like to know what your’s is too.


Big Ten Predictions – Week 7

Minnesota @ Purdue
The Boilers are coming off an upset of Northwestern in Evanston.  They don’t have Marve or their top running back and they slowed down the Cats enough to pull out a 3 point win.  Minnesota got destroyed in Madison by the Badgers.  Their coach went off then on the other team for Wisconsin going for 2.  The Gophers have been focused the following week after getting crushed.  The Gophers have the better QB (not by much) and think they will be in it.  Still think the Boilers pull it out in the 4th.  PICK – BOILERMAKERS

Illinois @ Michigan State
So I’ve picked against Sparty 2 straight weeks and they’ve bit me.  I’m learning my lesson though they have a tough spot here vs Illinois.  The Illini went to State College and got their first when vs Penn State at Beaver Stadium.  They are playing some D and can give Sparty some fits.  Will Michigan State be on a down after 2 straight emotional wins?  I think their offense is too well balanced and will come out with a 10 point win.  PICK-SPARTANS

Iowa @ Michigan
Iowa is coming off a bye to go take on the high octane Wolverines.  They got some film on how to stop Denard Robinson.  For the 2nd straight year the Wolverines first loss came to the hand of Michigan State.  Though they lost, DRob still put up 300 yards.  I think Iowa’s DL has the athleticism to slow down DRob, then the young backers would have to help out, they are going to have to be disciplined.  Iowa’s offense is going to be able to score and will need to keep the foot on the gas pedal.  PICK-IOWA

Ohio State @ Wisconsin
Bucky vs Brutus.  Wisconsin prepped for this game by destroying Minnesota and going for 2 up 25 points with 6 mins left.  Ohio State and Terrell Pryor are rolling on offense.  The little slow down vs Illinois seems to be legit after the Illini beat Penn State.  They then destroyed the Hoosiers.  Wisconsin I think looks really slow and not as explosive as they should be, and also they seem to be playing down or up to their competition.  GameDay is at the game, it’s at night and Camp Randall will be rocking.  It will be a rough environment for the Buckeyes, but I think they come out with their #1 ranking  with a 10-20 point win.  PICK-OHIO STATE

Non Con
Indiana over Arkansas State

Conf  6-4
Season  44-8 
Jimmy John’s Challenge -2

Iowa High School Week 8 Picks

The playoffs they are a coming.  It’s week 8 and there are only 2 more weeks in the regular season before the playoffs begin.  Most of these teams will all be in the expanded bracket coming out in 2 weeks, but still they are big games for district titles.

7-0 Linn-Mar           @       7-0 Iowa City High             PICK-Iowa City High
4-3 Johnston           @       5-2 Ankeny                     PICK-Ankeny
7-0 Laporte City Union @       7-0 Marion                 PICK-Marion
6-1 Decorah            @       6-1 Waverly-Shell Rock         PICK-Decorah
5-2 Winterest          @       6-1 Harlan                     PICK-Harlan
6-1 Roland Story       @       5-2 West Marshall            PICK-Roland-Story
7-0 Sigourney-Keota    @       4-3 Mid Prairie Wellman        PICK-Sigourney-Keota
5-2 Eagle Grove        @       6-1 Gladbrook-Reinbeck         PICK-Gladbrook-Reinbeck
6-1 Mount Ayr          @       6-1 Panorama                   PICK-Panorama
6-1 Wapsie Valley      @       6-1 Turkey Valley            PICK-Turkey Valley
7-0 Mason City Newman  @       8-0 Rockford            PICK-Mason City Newman
0-8 GMG                @       0-7 Don Bosco                  PICK-Don Bosco
5-2 Janesville         @       6-1 Tripoli                    PICK-Triopli
6-1 East Greene        @       6-1 Coon Rapids-Bayard         PICK-East Greene

Season (62-12)


GFR Computer Ranking - Oct 10th

Well ESPN says they'd be #1 if the BCS came out this week, and the GFR has them #1 now that the Man (Alabama) has been beat.  Boise State is the new #1 in the GFR, ahead of fell non-BCS'er TCU before the Big Boys start to show up.  Alabama dropped from #1 to #15 after the loss to South Carolina, who comes in at #14.

Ohio State, the #1 team in the AP  & Coaches Poll comes in at #11 in the GFR.

Complete Poll

Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best – With the Hawks not playing this weekend, I thought it was a perfect time to get away with the kids and get out of town. Took a road trip to Omaha to Vala’s pumpkin patch and then stayed at a hotel to have some pool time. The kids loved it. The pumpkin patch was HUGE but thought that some of it was kind of corny. The Pumpkin Chunkin Cannon was COOL! I wanna see how far it could really launch it. Also after supper went on a carriage ride around the Old Market and my daughter stated “I feel just like a princess!” Just imagine if she was in the Cinderella Carriage?

Worst – Well the Hawks didn’t play, felt kind of lost! Just Kidding. Worst was probably the fact that I paid 12.75 a person for the pumpkin patch, then the food there. 12.75 was way too much! And then all the fun stuff, pay for again. Really? The place is like only open a month, and I figured on weekends they probably rake in close to 400,000 a day. Cars were backed up at least 2 miles to get in when we left. It was nuts. Also Friday night before we left Brady hit his head and had a nice goose egg when he fell on my knee. I was worried about him all night, but iced it and he was ok.


Big Ten Awards - Week 6

This week's awards are going to be abbreviated and short, and I will admit all that I saw of a Big Ten snap this week were highlights on ESPN.  I was on a family trip in Big Red country and was subject to non-Big Ten options when I could sit down.

So from what I saw, Michigan State is going to be a player in the Big Ten Championship race.  2-0, got pats Wisconsin and Michigan.  Next up are Illinois and Northwestern.  8-0/4-0 isn't out of the realm of possibility.  Speaking of those next 2 opponents, Illinois?  Where did this come from.  Zooker went in to Happy Valley and the Illini put a beat down on the Nittany Lions.  A bowl isn't out of the possibility now for Illinois and Penn State well it's looking more like JoePa's last year.  Northwestern, who I among others have been pimping, slipped up vs the Boilers at home.  Purdue was with out their top back going into the year and starting QB.  Shocked by this one.  Then there was Ohio State, Pryor and company did what the #2 team in the country should do, beat down Indiana.  The Badgers also kept the Ax in a game where Bret Bielema went for 2 while his team was up 25, prompting a heated exchange between he and Tim Brewster at mid-field.

Helmet Sticker - Terrel Pryor.  The QB had a career day throwing for 334 yards and 3 scores.  He doesn't look like he's being put under wraps for Tressel-Ball does he?  Could it be because of #16 up north?  Maybe but he has the Buckeyes Offense rolling and looking good.

Team of the Week - Michigan State.  Roll into arch rival Ann Arbor and lays the smack down on the talk of the town in Michigan and Denard Robinson.  Like the game vs Wisconsin the week before, the Spartans didn't get lucky, they didn't win close or ugly, they rolled.  They WON.  It's kind of a different theme from Sparty where it's kind of expected they don't win multiple games like this.  But Sparty is rolling, and they should be 8-0 going to Iowa City to take on the Hawkeyes.

Game of the Week - Purdue 20 - Northwestern 17.  The Boilers were with out their starting running back and quarterback.  Northwestern was 5-0 and could have become bowl eligible and 6-0 all they had to to do was get by a beat up Boiler team.  Dan Persa and the Cats still moved the ball but couldn't get in the end zone.  Purdue did just enough and got a nice conference road win.  

Picks -   A rough week this week, went 2-3 this week.  Home teams killed me.  Illinois, Sparty and Purdue all went on the road and won.  It's not easy to win on the road and Illinois and Sparty did it in to of the larger Big Ten venues.  The 2-3 week put me at 6-4 on the year in the conference and 44-8.  Also now -2 in the Jimmy John's Challenge vs Chad.  


Iowa High School Week 7 Picks

This weeks games:
Dowling (7-0) over Johnston (4-2)
Linn-Mar (6-0) over CR Wash (5-1)
Carlisle (6-0) over Norwalk (6-0)
Oskaloosa (4-2) over Fort Madison (4-2)
Williamsburg (6-0) over Solon (5-1)
Clear Lake (6-0) over Webster City (6-0)
Carroll Kuemper (5-1) over Ida Grove (5-1)
FD St Edmond (4-2) over West Marshall (4-2)
Roland-Story (5-1) over East Marshall (4-2)
Sigourney-Keota (6-0) over Mediapolis (5-1)
Aplington-Parkersburg (6-0) over Garner-Hayfield (4-2)
Dike-New Hartford (5-1) over Saint Ansgar (4-2)
Colo-Nesco (2-5) over GMG (0-7)
Adair-Casey (5-1) over Lenox (6-0)

Season (52-8)


Big Ten Predictions – Week 6

Week 2 of conference play this Saturday.  Week 1 gave us a few glimpses of what is to come.  Michigan State looks legit (right now) remember this is Sparty and they haven’t represented the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl since 1987, or won a share of the conference since 1990.  But they are playing with a lot of heart and emotion after Coach Dantonio’s heart attack and readmission to the hospital.  Michigan is going to light up scoreboards on offense, but they can’t stop anyone.  Iowa isn’t going to let anyone do much of anything on defense, special teams and Ricky Stanzi will determine how far the Hawkeyes go.  And Ohio State got a scare of life without Terrel Pryor in Champaign.

This week’s games and picks.

Minnesota at Wisconsin (11am – BTN)
Battle for Paul Bunyon’s Ax.  The oldest rivalry in college football.  On Paper this game looks like a mismatch, and I’m going to guess on the field it will be too.  Minnesota isn’t good, they played tough at home vs Northwestern and a late pick cost them.  Wisconsin got beat and lost their top 10 ranking at Sparty.  I expect Wisconsin to come out and run the ball up and down on the Gophers.  I don’t think that Minnesota will put up much of a fight and the Badgers will win by at least 2 touchdowns.  PICK-WISCONSIN

Illinois at Penn St (11am – ESPN2)
Illinois surprised me and played tough at home vs Ohio State.  Penn State was who I thought they’d be vs Iowa.  If this game was at Illinois I might put the Lions on upset alert.  I think getting back to Beaver Stadium will help the young QB and the offense.  Not playing Iowa’s killer D will also help.  I think this games is somewhere around 20-30 points and decided late in the fourth.  The Fighting Zookers come up short though.  PICK-PENN STATE

Indiana at Ohio St (11am – ESPN)
If this Indiana team could play some defense they might be able to get to the top half of the Big Ten.  I like the offense and QB Ben Chappell.  I think Bill Lynch is doing some good things, but they just don’t have the depth or talent on both sides of the ball.  Great showing against Michigan last week but that was at home.  Now they go into the Shoe.  Ohio Stadium will be rocking and I think Pryor has a big game.  I think Indiana will put up 20 points but think they’ll give up 40 to the Buckeyes.  PICK-OHIO STATE

Purdue at Northwestern (6:30pm – BTN)
This game would be a heck of a lot more attractive had Purdue QB Robert Marve not got hurt, and possibly a shoot out.  Northwestern had a nice comeback on the road vs the Gophers, and now come home to Ryan Stadium.  It’s not a great home field advantage but going on the road in the Big Ten is never easy.  If it weren’t for Denard Robinson, Dan Persa, the Wildcats QB might be getting more love.  Dude is completing over 70% of his balls.  He and WR Jeremy Ebert have formed a nice little connection.  I think the Cat’s roll to 6-0 in blow out fashion.  PICK-NORTHWESTERN


Michigan St at Michigan (2:30pm – ABC/ESPN)
Both teams come in at 5-0.  Michigan and QB Denard Robinson have been the talk of the season so far.  They are rolling throwing up video game like numbers on offense.  They just can’t stop anyone.  UMass gashed them and so did Indiana.  Not real big college football juggernauts.  Michigan State has been riding high on emotion playing for their coach.  They stunned the college football world with the fake field goal vs Notre Dame, and then last week beat up a top 10 team in Wisconsin.  They have a veteran QB and a stud middle linebacker.  I think you’ll see a lot of Greg Jones on Denard Robinson hits.  That being said will Denard come out healthy this game heading to the next week’s battle vs Iowa?  This is the 103rd meeting between the 2 schools and I think it will be a great one.  I really like the Spartans and if the game was at home, I’d probably pick them.  But I think PS3 makes a play late and the Wolverines come out on top 33-31.   PICK-MICHIGAN

Conf: 4-1
Season: 42-5
Jimmy John’s Challenge:  -1


20 NBA Predictions

 Ok, I'm not a big NBA fan but I'll make some picks.  So here are 20 predictions for the 2010-2011 NBA Season
20. ESPN will over hype Lebron-DWade and Bosh so much that most sports fans will despise ESPN more
19.The Cavs will have the biggest fall from grace and not make the playoffs
18.Lebron thumps the Cavs in Cleveland, gets booed, and then after the game says he still loves Cleveland
17.Stu Scott will drop 2500 Bouyah’s! during ESPN’s season long coverage
16.Boston – LA will split their series, Shaq dominates in Boston and Kobe dominates in LA
15.Spurs win the Southwest Division
14. Lakers win the Pacific Division
13.This is Phil’s last year
12.Oklahoma City wins the Northwest Division
11.Kevin Durant wins the All-Star game MVP
10. Heat win the Southeast
9.Miami will not break the Bulls all-time win record
8.Bulls win the Central Division
7.Celtics win the Atlantic Division
6.Dwayne Wade wins the NBA MVP
5.I won’t watch any regular season games, maybe not even any games until the NBA Finals
4.Ratings for the NBA will be down except for Lakers and Heat games.
3.The Heat will roll through the East, beat the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals 4-3.  The 3some Heat hype will be crazy. 
2.The Lakers will win the West over the San Antonio Spurs.  It will be the Spurs last run with Tim Duncan.
1.The Lakers will win the NBA Championship over the Miami Heat 4-2.  Kobe gets ring #6, but he’s still not Michael.


Ok, so I haven’t posted a blog or many about this topic, but I LOVE FOOD.  Love the different tastes and flavors.  Everything.  And I love the shows on Food Network and Travel like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Man vs Food, what sucks is I usually watch them late at night and about 11pm I get really hungry.  Well tonight, on Travel Channel’s Man vs Food, Adam Richman is in DES MOINES!  He takes on the Adam Emenecker Challenge at Jethro’s BBQ, stops by Black Market Pizza and one of my favorite places, the High Life Lounge!  If you’re not watching anything, check it out, Travel Channel, 8pm (CST)

To View a slide show of pictures from the Des Moines Trip, check out the following link.


MacGruber and Disney on Ice

Wow, this movie is BAD.  It really got made?  Crude and vulgar humor I can take some, but this is like the worst movie I've seen this year.  The skit on Saturday Night live is dumb and stupid but funny.  The movie is terrible.  Please don't go rent it.

It is as bad as The Dukes of Hazzard movie, that movie sucked and should never be brought up in the same breath as the show. This same as with this movie with the skit.  Really, what was SNL thinking?  There are a few moments that made me laugh but it was like insanely stupid and vulgar.  And the sex scene, really didn't need it.

So every Thanksgiving, Disney on Ice has come to Des Moines, either Veteran's Memorial Auditorium or Wells Fargo Arena, for as long as I can remember.  Well my daughter has gone to the last 2, I've never gone, she's gone with her mom.  They have been more Princess related.  Well this year, its more Mickey and a few other stories.  Lion King, Lilo and I think Ariel.  So this year I think is going to be the first year my son goes and I'm going with him.  Wish me luck!



Here are this week's question?

1. If you could add one room to our house, what would it be?

2. How many pillows do you sleep with at night?

3. What is the best costume you've ever worn for Halloween?

4. If you could erase one item off the face of the earth, what would it be?

5. Where do you do your best thinking?

1-just one? Well I want a bigger man cave, but another bed room.

2-sleep with 3 usually, have one as a squeezy pillow

3-When I was 5 I was a dice. Mom made it. In college I was Sting, the wrestler, took an hour to paint my face.

4-Bin Laden, that fucker!

5-Usually at night laying in bed before I go to sleep.

Iron Man 2

So I RedBoxe’d Iron Man 2 last night and as my son said “this mine and daddy’s movie to watch”, we watched it last night after putting together his new bed (for his 3rd bday coming up in a few weeks).

In my 2010 Summer Movie Awards I gave it the Biggest Dud of the summer movies that I saw. I saw it opening week with a buddy of mine, and I remember sitting in the theater disappointed in it, maybe it’s because I spent 8 bucks on it, or maybe it was the 5 dollar popcorn. But I walked out disappointed and thinking how great the first one was and hoping for great things in this one. It surely wouldn’t have the sequel drop off like Spider-Man 3 or other super hero sequels.

But after re-watching it , I don’t think it’s as bad as I thought. It does what it needs to. It elaborates more on the Tony Stark character and his drinking problem (from the comics). It builds on to the story with S.H.I.E.L.D. and what will be the Avenger’s movie. A nice little Easter Egg with Captain America’s shield there. Samuel L. Jackson and Mickey Rourke I thought were the best in the film. I didn’t think Robert Downey Jr. was bad, but from what he was in the first, I thought it was a drop off, but then again, the character has evolved. Also, I thought Gary Shandling was great as the senator, funny lines at the end.

What I didn’t like. Don Cheadle as Rhoady. I really like him as an actor, and other roles he has been in I really enjoy. But I thought he struggled here. I thought had 2 really good scenes, when he is brought in to the Senate hearing, and then the end on the roof top. Everything else thought he struggled. I really wish they would have kept Terrance Howard as Rhoady, he was a gem in the first movie. Second was the Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer. It’s not that I didn’t like the character, he was a punk who wants to be Tony Stark but is half assing his way there, but Sam Rockwell looked to be trying to be Jeremy Piven more than the Sam Rockwell character. I didn’t think Hammer when I saw him, I thought more Piven-wanna be. Also I didn’t need Scarlet Johansen as the Black Widow, thought it was just a try to get her introduced before the Avengers and also to put her in a tight body fitting outfit.

Looking back I still think it was a dud for me since I expected so much more…but it also makes me anticipate bigger and better things from the Avengers and Iron Man 3. I still enjoyed it and love the super hero movies, and watching it with my son was fun too, that was the best part.


Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best -  With Brady's owie (in the worst) sent Addyson over to a friends house for a good chunk of the day.  It was kind of cool to It was kind of cool to just spend time with Brady without Addyson there. Kind of like what it was like when it was just Addyson. It seems like so long ago with 2 kids now, but it was really cool just 1-1 with Addy and being that way. With Bray, he never got that, Addyson was always around. Never got the full attention like Addy did. So that was fun. Just talking an interacting with him not worrying about having to set my focus split on 2 kids.

Also the Iowa Game! Dominant! Stanzi had a few very pretty passes also.

Worst - Saturday morning about 530 my son woke up screaming owie.  Grabbing well his junk.  Saying his butt hurt.  No clue what was going on.  About 7 he stopped.  Was fine for about 2 hours then screaming again.  Put him on the potty and he went, hopefully it was just constipation.  He was fine later that day and slept for a 3 hour nap.  Then late Sunday night and into this morning, Addy got sick.  Fun times!  Oh and the Bears played like crap.


Who's in your 5 - Baseball Post season Series

With the Hunt for October going on and the end of the baseball season nearing, I thought I'd do a who's in my 5 for my favorite baseball post season series, in my life time.  I'd love to have #1 be the Cubs winning the World Series, who knows maybe I can update this next year?  Yeah right, who am I kidding.  So, here...we...go.

Ok, i'm cheating i'm doing 7, it's my blog, I can do it.

7.  2004 ALCS.  Redsox down 3-0, and in less than 24 hours Big Papi has two game winning hits to help them get to 3-2.  Then the bloody sock and game 7.  RedSox beat the Yankees and win break the Bambino's curse.

6.  1993 Bluejays vs Phillies.  A walk off homerun, that's a great start to kick off the list.  My brother still hasn't seen the Joe Carter home run leave the ball park.

5.  1992 Braves vs Pirates - The Braves and Pirates gave us great series, this went to game 7 and the Sid Bream Slide!

4.  2003 Redsox vs Yankees - Aaron F'ng Boone.  Nuff Said

3. 1991 Braves vs Twins.  Quite simply the best World Series I've ever watched.  I remember watching every game every pitch.  Kirby's homer, and catch and Jack Morris's pitching.

2.  2003 Cubs vs Marlins - Heartbreak.  Pure Heartbreak.  5 outs away.  Bartman.  Gonzalez.  The rest is history.  Watch this clip if you dare.

1.  1995 Mariners vs Yankees - I remember this mostly because of the fun I saw Ken Griffy Jr had, and it was against the big bad Yankees.  My dad is a Yanks fan and he turned the tv off, walked to bed after seeing Junior smiling and celebrating.  This is baseball..it's was fun!