Des Moines Sports Freaks Friday 6 Pack

A early jump to your New Year’s, screw the champaign, get a 6er!

1-Iowa takes on Oklahoma Friday night in what Vegas thinks will be the most lopsided game in the bowl season…do the Hawkeyes have a chance?
Matt – I’d like to see the Hawks come out 5 wide with what has happened with the backfield and give McNutt a nice sendoff (the Nebraska game wasn’t a McNutt game).  But I fear with our D it could get out of hand.
Wendt – As disappointed as I am with what Ferentz pulled on the media with his "joke" and the fact that Coker is out I still feel optimistic (or maybe I'm just stupid)
PainterI think they have a chance.  I'll go out on a limb and say they'll pull another upset.  B-Sox and I touched on this during the podcast a little bit.  Iowa seems to be less conservative during bowl games and Ferentz will want to show Iowa fans why he was a better hire than Stoops.
Blake – No, I just want this season to end
Zach – It's sports. Anyone has a chance. I think the lack of motivation Oklahoma will bring plays a major factor

2-Iowa State plays Rutgers in Yankee Stadium Friday afternoon in the Pinstripe bowl….will the Cyclones make Paul Rhoads and Cyclone Nation Proud again with a bowl win?
Matt – Rutgers is essentially playing at home so it could get tough and if ISU gets wide eyed about the Big City…Rhoads will need to pull them back in…I’m going to say ISU somehow pulls this thing out.
Wendt – Seems like the Clones are really living up the life in New York right now..........that might lead to disaster
PainterI think ISU wins this game.  They're excited to be there and I'm sure they'd love to have a winning record.
Blake – I think they do
Zach – Yes. Cyclone Nation will be a happy one come this evening. They win, 28-17

3-Back to Iowa….what the hell is going on with the running back position, is Iowa cursed? 
Matt – When’s the last time the Hawks had a RB lead the team in rushing in back to back years?  Albert Young?  KF and staff needs to just stock up on backs every recruiting year.
Wendt – Yes Iowa is cursed, I have no other explanation other than that. CURSED I TELL YA!
PainterYou didn't see this kind of stuff under Carl Jackson.  Just saying....
Blake – I am beyond tired of this revolving door at the position. I'm not sure what it is. It's only partially a curse because a lot of the problems are self induced, not injury related
Zach – No discipline or awareness of common sense

4-Other than the Hawks and Clones (if you’re looking forward to those games)…which bowl come now up to the BCS Championship ZZZfest are you looking forward to the most?
Matt – Actually the Rose Bowl.  First off it’s the ROSE BOWL!  And to just see the matchup differences between Wisconsin style and the Oregon Style. 
Wendt – Okie State/Stanford could be very entertaining!
PainterUh, none of them really.
Blake – Ugh, the Rose Bowl?  The Cotton Bowl?
Zach – Florida-Ohio State just for the underlying storyline of Coach Meyer being at a crossroads

5-Drew Brees passed by Dan Marino’s 25+ year old passing record vs the Falcons on Monday Night football, impressed by this or is it just a record made to be broken?
Matt – I’m actually surprised in the pass happy league it hasn’t been broken, and I’m sure it won’t take another 25+ years to be broken.  Cam for 6000 yards in a few years?  6000 is only 375 a game.
Wendt – Marino's record stood for 27years so I'm impressed but not shocked if it goes down next season
PainterNot impressed at all!  Brees plays most of his games inside of a dome which helps the passing game.  This is also a different era of football; the rules have been set up to enable huge passing numbers.  Sometimes a lot of yardage isn't always good.  That can mean your defense is giving up a lot of points and not getting off the field with quick stops.
Blake – It could easily be broken by Brees himself next year or Aaron Rodgers and that wide receiving corps in Grewn Bay
Zach – It was meant to be broken, but in good fashion by Brees

6-New Year’s Eve is Saturday Night….is it the best night to go out drinking or over rated?  And best New Years Eve Story, or thing you’ve done?
Matt – NYE and St Paddy’s are days I tend to not go out.  Just feel they are overhyped and more stupid people are out too.  That being said…the best time I had on a NYE was going out downtown Des Moines say early 2000s and just drinking and stuff I don’t remember really…went out to find my cousin in the street and he’s driving around looking for me.  Woke up hung over as hell and made ribs and watched football all day long.
Wendt – NYE is overrated in my book (or maybe I say that because I have kids) The best/worst story I can remember is not going out on NYE in 2005 (I believe) and I woke up the next morning to go to work and not realizing how slick the ice storm was the night before I slipped on my steps and knocked my teeth out. Spent the day at a dentist I luckily found who pieced me back together again.
Painter – From a drinking/partying standpoint it's over rated.  I've never been one that gets too wrapped up in the NYE festivities.
Blake – Overrated, but it is a good excuse to get the wife liquored up
Zach – I for one think it's overrated. Then again, there's a reason I'm single. It has been a family tradition to stay in and make a gathering of sorts. Alcohol is still present, however


Best and Worst – Tis the Season

Anyone else think 3 day weekends are just a tease for a 4 day weekend?  And when it’s over you feel like you need more instead you have to go back to work…and the only thing good really is a short work week then to only get teased again with another 3 day weekend on the other end.  Yea that’s how I’m feeling right now.  BUT I will say it’s a good thing that I’m back to work today because if I stayed home one more day with the Christmas cookies that are in my house I’d be in trouble. 

Friday night was pretty good to start off the week.  Went out to Merle Hay Mall to pick up some gifts and went and visited @hawkart_sean at his store and drank some wine there.  I got one of his drawings (the Dan Gable one) for my nephew who is big into wrestling.  He got to practice with the Hawkeyes this weekend while the Brands boys and Metcalf were all wrestling.  So that was cool.  After the mall I headed to Carl’s Place for some Grainbelts with @SOXNHOX.

I’m kinda unofficially doing a #hawkeyeslimup or #hawkeyeslimdown which ever it is and I’m down (according to my scale) 15 pounds.  Another 15 or more and I’ll be at my goal and hopefully start to put on muscle and get running good and ready for Dam to Dam and softball!  I’m already starting a countdown for softball; I’m so ready for it, and golf.  The no snow we’ve got so far has me more ready this year than previous, though I know that snow is coming soon…it’s Iowa, we’ll probably get like 2 feet some weekend coming up.

Well enough about me, we’ll get on to this weekend, Christmas.  Had a couple to go to this year and really when did it become that you have to outdo last year’s gifts and keep adding?  I feel like with the kids that’s what it’s become.  There’s an extra gift or more spent or something BIGGER.  As a kid, would I say no to it, no, in fact I’d love it.  As a parent, it’s making me sick.  First off things are more expensive and second off, where the hell am I going to put all this shit?  My youngest got I think half of the Playskool line for infants.  My oldest got an iPod cube/radio and she still doesn’t have an iPod (guess what she’s getting for her birthday).  And my son has 3 captain America figures, and a couple Thor’s.  Really, 1 of each would be ok. 

Ok off my soap box, that being said, the kids all had a good time and loved all their gifts.  That was the fun part of Christmas just seeing them tear open the presents and smiles and excitement.  Also the amazement and questions they got seeing that Santa had eaten their cookies and the carrots being chomped on.  They even wrote notes to Santa.  Playing with their toys with them is fun too.  Especially with my son and his race track and the attachments he got this year.  It’s an extra booster that launches the cars faster and we had a ramp built up jumping over his monster trucks.  Its fun seeing how excited and happy he gets.  Every time one would clear the monster trucks he would jump with a fist in the air.  Only bad thing is he woke lil sister up.  Other than that it was really good.

I must have fooled Santa too because he brought me 2 Xbox games.  Call of Duty:MW3 and Batman Arkham City.  COD:MW3 is pretty sweet and the online play is cool.  I’m sure I’ll get sucked into like I did GRAW2.  Also got on DVD Thor, Captain America and XMEN First Class. 

That is the good and fun stuff.  The stress was also there this weekend with the family coming over and just anxiety in the house and getting everything ready.  I also need a bigger house!  There’s a lot of stress I won’t get into but let’s just leave it as I’m really glad Christmas is over, the tree is down and my kids had fun, but I’m ready for 2012 and going to face it full blast.  Oh but first is Friday night and the Insight Bowl and the Hawks, after that I’ll be ready to go for 2012. 


Des Moines Sports Freaks Friday 6 Pack

1.   The Packers fell to the Kansas City Chiefs and perfection is lost.  Is this a good thing for the Packers to lose in the regular season? 
Matt – I think for the Packers it takes a little stress of them and will help them “refocus” and I still think they get to atleast the NFC Title game if not Super Bowl
Wendt – I never understood why people thought a loss was a good thing? Helps you re-focus? Huh? Their paid NFL players, their focus every week is to win
PainterYes, now they don't have the added pressure of not losing and it gives them a chance to really focus on what needs to be fixed
BlakeYes.  They had been looking vulnerable for a couple weeks.  This will refocus them.  16-0 doesn't mean anything if they lose in the playoffs
BSoxNo, Someone needs to shut Mercury Morris up. God I hate listening to him
Zach – Actually, no. It shows they are mortal, they have some issues on each side of the ball and how teams can beat them

2.  The shortened NBA Season starts on Christmas – it will end in June or July when we are all playing golf and softball….who wins the NBA Title?
Matt – I’m going to say its Bulls vs Lakers in the finals and Bulls beat down Kobe
Wendt – A short season might actually hurt veteran teams  (from having to play so many games in a small amount of time) I'm going to go ahead and go out on a limb and take the Miami Heat to win the title (and I just threw up a little in my mouth)
PainterThe champs usually come out of nowhere, I'll say the Pacers
BlakeIf you put a gun to my head, I'll say the Heat
BSoxI’ll be a homer and go with Miami. They’ll have another season to gel, and maybe get their %$#@ together
Zach – Laugh all you want, but if this were the year to do it: it would be the Thunder to make a rumble in the NBA. I take them over New York in Finals.

3.   Christmas Night we will have Chicago vs Green Bay on Monday Night and the NBA comes back with a Finals Rematch of Dallas vs Miami and then the Lakers vs Bulls too.  Which game is the better game?
Matt – I remember when we always had MJ & the Bulls on Christmas night….but the NFL is still the NFL.  If Jay was healthy and if the Bears were about 10-4 or 11-3 going into this game, it would be HUGE!
Wendt – Green Bay/Chicago will be a bloodbath. I'll be watching Bulls/Lakers for sure!
PainterBetter game in terms of competition?  Probably Lakers/Bulls.  Which game means more?  Chicago/Green Bay (thanks to Pittsburgh losing to San Fransisco on Monday night)
BlakeLakers/Bulls.  We'll see the retooled Bulls lineup with Rip Hamilton, and see just how far the Lakers have fallen.  The Bears are toast, and there'll be plenty of chances to vomit while watching the Heat this year
BSoxChicago/green bay – not much on the line for this early in the season, not enough drama for it to out do NFL
Zach – If I have to pick between the two: Dallas/Miami. Kobe won't be healthy --> Lakers aren't as good

4.  Iowa beat Drake this past weekend in Basketball, and will apparently be the end of the BIG 4 matchups in Iowa.  Do you like Iowa and ISU cancelling these series?
Matt – The 4 teams should play each other.  I don’t want to see Iowa play more Campbells or South Dakota States.  Play all Drake and UNI…its good for the state!
Wendt – I don't know the financial implications from the games so I really don't know. If it's cheaper to play somebody else than I'm all for saving money (and saving face by not getting beat by the Missouri Valley)
PainterA game is a game, although sometimes it's better to schedule cupcakes in order to get into a rhythm
BlakeNO!!!  Man up.  Play home and homes.  Unfortunately, money talks too, and they Hawks and Clones can afford to bully the Panthers and Bulldogs around.  On the other hand, I'm more apt to go to the games now that they could be played at the Well
BSoxNo, Drake is a decent program. They should be playing, what’s difference between playing central arkansas or central michigan. Not much. Drake at least would bring some interest
Zach – No. Keep tradition. If it ain't broke, don't fix it

5.  The DSM Sports Freaks Fantasy Football Championship will come down to Team Just the Tip vs the Blackhawks….who takes home the title?
Matt – Well since I got beat by Team Just the Tip, I’m going with them.
Wendt – The Blackhawks are taking the title (or belt as I have come to find out goes to the winner) Just the Tip is too beat up and was lucky to pull off the W this week
PainterRodgers + Nelson + Lambeau = fantasy points galore.  I'm taking The Tip
BlakeI've moved on to Fantasy Basketball
BSoxDon’t care lol
Zach – The Blackhawks. They've kicked me in the tail twice so I'll go that direction

6.   What is the best christmas gift you’ve ever got?
Matt – My grandma used to always get me a box of football cards, that was pretty awesome. 
Wendt – I got  Castle Grayskull  when I was younger (not sure the age) and it was the first thing that popped into my head this morning so I'll go with that as my best christmas gift ever.
PainterIf this was going to be posted after Saturday I'd say the laptop I'm getting this year but I'm going to go with our digital camera.  It may not be the best in the world but it has captured some amazing memories
BlakeIn college we used to do a Porn Gift exchange, complete with Pornaments on the Christmas Tree.  I'm not sure what the  best gift is that I've ever gotten, but now that I'm old, I like to reminisce about the good old days and the good, wholesome Porn gift exchange
BSoxPS3 – got it last year, and have played nonstop sense. Got me off world of warcraft, and that’s good right?
ZachI'll go best sports-related gift: An autographed team football from the 2002 squad of the Hawkeyes (got hammered to USC in Orange Bowl). Well, at least they never got into trouble


2011 College Football Awards

I’ve normally in the past split these out in to separate blogs, but I’m combining them into one big one this year.

Offensive Player of the Year – Robert Griffin III : QB : Baylor  - No other player was as important for his team than RG3 was.  He started the season on fire vs a strong TCU defense lighting them up and ended it 9-3 with a huge performance vs Texas’s strong D.  He was a little Michael Vick and Tom Brady all in one leading Baylor to their best season since 1986

Defensive Player of the year –Tyrone Mathieu : DB : LSU – The Honey Badger may have made more plays in college football than any other player this year.  It seemed every week there was a pick, forced fumble and recovery or TD for Mathieu, and capped it with a few huge plays in the SEC championship game over Georgia. 

Coach of the Year – Mike Gundy : Oklahoma State – Gundy’s a man!  The Cowboys had an amazing year that should have ended in the BCS championship game but an overtime loss in Ames, Iowa (and an SEC Bias in human polls) have the 11-1 Big XII champs in the Fiesta Bowl.

Big Ten Player of the Year – Monte Ball : RB : Wisconsin – Mr Touchdown!  The Badger back tore through defenses behind the Badger OL for 32 touchdowns and 1759 yards.  He was dinged up a bit in the first game vs Michigan State and the Badgers National Title hopes were dashed, but then kept going and helped Wisconsin get to Back-to-Back Rose Bowls.

Big XII Player of the Year – Robert Griffin III : QB : Baylor – Griffin threw for almost 4000 yards and 36 touchdowns to only 6 picks.  The Bears QB lead Baylor to its best season since 1986 and an Alamo Bowl berth vs Washington.  He also took home the Heisman and Davey O’Brien awards.  Want to know something scary…he can come back next year too and the Bears may be even a better team!

Games of the Year (in no particular order)

Best and Worst of the Weekend

Weekends just go by too damn fast.  Friday was a fun night.  Went out to La Hacienda for some Mexican food, and margaritas, then went and got Smurfs at Redbox for my boy and I to watch.  It’s funny how he likes some of these classics I used to watch on Saturday mornings.  If he could only watch the cartoons from back then.  Addy went to a friend’s house to play and I got her home at around 815.  After that I went out to downtown Des Moines and hung out with some tweeps!  #TeamUS rules!  We were just missing one team member! 

Saturday Addyson had a really busy day.  She had girl scouts in the morning and got a girl scouts cookie information.  Thin Mint time of year!  After that she had to get all dolled up for her dance recital in Norwalk.  She does Cheernastics (which is cheerleading, gymnastics and tumbling), and the show was a Christmas theme.  She did really well though!  Really does a great cartwheel and really takes it serious.  The rest of the day was getting ready for her to have a sleepover with a friend. 

In the video she is the first one who runs out and then is on the far right, and ends it as the lil girl in the “X” on the front right.

It was funny when her friend came over and I asked her what she liked better FuddRuckers or Red Robin and she said FuddRuckers because they have the better lettuce, and also said she likes cheeseburgers…and even likes them with cheese!  I was rolling; her friend is funny as she was so serious in her answers.  Something I’m a lil unprepared for with my kids. 

After supper I took Brayden to Jordan Creek and for a boys night out on the town, since he kinda got pushed to the side this weekend with Addyson having so much to do.  We went to Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.  It was an ok movie for a kid, I’d say it’s a red box rental but he needed a night out and I was really happy with how good he was.  He sat with his sprite and popcorn box the whole movie stuck in his seat.  Somehow he didn’t crash on the way home, so maybe he and I will have more nights like that.

Sunday was an “ehh” day with laundry and errands and I’m really not ready for Monday but got Cheernastics for Addy tonight and I’m hauling all the kids there.  Pray for me!


Des Moines Sports Freaks 6Pack

1.NL MVP Ryan Braun was hit with a 50 game suspension for performance enhancing drugs. First off, are you shocked? Second, how dumb are some of these guys to keep trying this stuff?
Matt – How are these guys not smarter than this? Really? C’mon man you gotta know your getting tested and randomly tested. JUST DON’T DO IT.

Wendt – Nothing shocks me anymore in professional sports. Whatever it takes to get an edge seems to be everyone's motto lately

Painter – I'm sure it was something he ate or some vitamin he was supposed to take. I'm not convinced MLB's drug testing is 100% error proof

Blake – I'm rarely shocked when this kind of thing comes out anymore. We had an interesting discussion on the podcast about this. I'm not surprised people still do this, because they will do anything to get a leg up. If leagues were serious about putting a stop to it, they'd put in a ban for an entire season or even longer

Dan – I actually believe he is innocent. I just dont see him doing it. I know this may blow up on me, and I'll gladly take that egg on my face. No, I'm not shocked that people still do it because I guarentee that a TON of guys are getting away with it

2.Iowa State beat Iowa on Friday night in basketball….but if there wasn’t much hype around the game, did it really happen? Yes it did….when will this game get back to where it was in the 80s/90s?
Matt – I remember when this had twice the hype of the football game. Really miss that as a can’t miss game or date. I think Fran has Iowa in a better spot than Lickliter and it will take time, but you know Iowa fans are really wanting basketball to be good again, and quick.

Wendt – Iowa is at least 2 years away from being a better basketball team and who knows who transfers in to Iowa State by than. Eventually the series will be more interesting, just not sure how long that will take

Painter – At least the Energy and UNI are playing good basketball

Blake – UNI FIGHT!

Dan – The rivalry will be big again when UNI stops being the best team in the state. Thats not a dig on UNI, its just that when a MVC team is the best in state nobody cares about the "Big Two"

3.We are gettnig near the end of the year – what are your top 3 stories in the IOWA sports scene?
Matt – 1-Iowa State beats #2 Oklahoma State. 2-Iowa Basketball upsets Purdue before Big Ten Tourney. 3-Iowa State knocking off Iowa in triple OT

Wendt – The hoopla surrounding the two girls that wrestled at state last year, Iowa State making a bowl with their brutal schedule, Fremont Mills beating Murray 81-0 in the 8man championship game

Painter – Norm Parker retires, Ricky Stenhouse Jr sweeps the NASCAR Nationwide races at Iowa Speedway, Barnstormers signed QB Brad Banks

Blake – Of the year? Ugh, it hasn't been pretty this year. Iowa State's upset of Oklahoma State, the Energy winning the D League Championship, and the Iowa-ISU triple OT game

Dan – 1. Iowa football imploding twice in one season. 2. UNI Athletics, the Panthers continue to bring it across the board. Football, Track & Field, Mens/Womens Basketball, Wrestling... 3. Iowa State winning 6 games with the 2nd hardest schedule in all of 1-A football

4.Going off the last question, what are your top 5 NATIONAL sports stories?
Matt – 1 PENN STATE Scandal 2-NFL Lockout & Tebow-Mania 3-The last night of the MLB Season with the Rays and Cards clinching in dramatic fashion 4-Rory McIlroy’s Norman-esque collapse at Masters to come back and destroy the field US Open 5t-Unstable Conference Shuffling…still 5t-Choke Job by dream teams of the Heat and Eagles.

Wendt – Joe Paterno being fired, LSU going 13-0 in football, Ron Santo making the hall of fame (FINALLY), RG3 winning the Heisman, Big Al heads to the Angels

Painter – Penn St scandal (sadly), Packers win the Super Bowl, NFL & NBA lock-outs

Blake – On the negative side, but a huge story is the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State, the Lockouts dominated much of the news cycle, Theo Epstein going to the Cubs, the Packers run at perfection, and the Heat losing the NBA Finals as LeBron fails to come through in the clutch

Dan – 1. UCONN winning its 3rd National Championship in basketball. 2. Suck for Luck/Manning goes down. 3. Packers quest for 19-0. 4. Red Sox epic collapse. 5. Tiger Woods struggles

5.The Bears got Tebow-ed Sunday in Denver losing 13-10 in ot and now on a 3 game losing skid….I miss Jay. Are you sold on Tebow-mania?
Matt – Tebow isn’t on D but he is making plays when the Broncos need him too, but he will be a playoff QB this year. Still can’t fathom how the Bears lost this game…..and no I’m not a full believer but if he and the Broncos somehow beat New England….I may get closer to being sold.

Wendt – I'm sold that Denver has a pretty darn good defense and a kicker who can make 60yd field goals look like chip shots, but that's about as far as I will take it

Painter – Tebow actually fits John Fox's power rushing offense. The Broncos are wearing teams down and keeping the games close enough to win in the end

Blake – There is something about him. You see it coming, like a momentum switch in the NBA or college football. But am I sold...? Let's put it this way, at this point, I'm not betting against him

Dan – Tebow is not a good quarterback. He IS a very good leader, and knows how to win. I would take him on my team, but don't know if he would be running our traditional offense..

6.Tis the season to be Merry….what’s your favorite Christams Movie?
Matt – DIE HARD! Followed by Christmas Vacation.

Wendt – "Christmas Vacation" is easily my #1 Christmas movie of all time

Painter – Shrek the Halls... ok seriously, Elf was good as was Christmas Vacation, they tie

Blake – Christmas Vacation, and it ain't even close

Dan – The original "Santa Clause" with Tim Allen


Wicked, Puss in Boots, Crazy Life and a Blur of the last 20 days

So I haven’t blogged about things in a while other than football so here we go with other ramblings.

The past 2 weeks have been a blur with kid stuff going on.  It’s so messed up and crazy I’m time lining it.

·         Monday before Thanksgiving – took in Ryleigh & Bray to doctor for cough they’ve had for a bit (since mid Oct) Brayden had ear infection fever over 100 and Ryleigh got RSV swabbed, and x-rayed.  Dr (not our reg one) said Ryleigh had walking pneumonia.  Both giving clarithromycin (I didn’t spell that right) and Bray 2 nebulizer treatments a day and Ryleigh 4.  Ryleigh had double ear infection too.
·         Thursday after that appt – Reg Dr called Shawnna/Ryleigh in and said the Pediatric Radiologist saw something she didn’t like in the x-ray and was concerned.  Said not to Google it (We did – stuff that came up from our Google of stuff they told us was Leukemia Lymphoma, Cancer, and other bad stuff) said to come back after antibiotics.  Brayden then was on day 4 of fever over 100, called after being there 2 hours and got him augmenten.  He since is good.
·         Black Friday – Ryleigh showed first fever in this ordeal at 102. 
·         Sunday – took her in to see dr since Shawnna freaking she wasn’t getting better.  Dr said wheezing gone which was good, but still ear infections.  Taker her off nebulizer since coming back on Tuesday for X-rays, want to see how she is normally breathing.  Got Augmenten for her.
·         Tuesday – went and got her x-rayed again.  Sat in office while radiologist checked it out.  Said lungs look clearer but the Thymus was still showing enlarged on right side (this is what they kind of told but didn’t tell us on first x-ray) asked if we goggled it, said yes – said leukemia is very low on their thoughts of risk but they have no idea and we need more tests.  Will probably need either CT scan or Ultrasound. 
·         Wednesday – Got call our DR requested CT scan.  And needed it Wed.  Shawnna got Ryleigh, and called me said they were doing it, I asked about sedating her, and they said no they weren’t.  15 mins later said they need to go to hospital to do it BC they want to sedate her and what they are using could cause her to go into shock.  This is when I got up and left to go there.  I get there, she hadn’t slept all morning.  Ate at 10 so they couldn’t sedate her (needs 6 hours of no food) so they were now going to try to do it with her awake.  They IV’d her.  Laid her down on the table.  Shot up glowy stuff in her, and she laid still as a bug.  Got scanned like 1000 pics of her, (64 pics a second).   We went into waiting room.  Radiologist came in and said that all looks good.  HUGE RELIEF.  Thymus problem larger on her BC she is petite most likely.

Safe to say probably spent around 16 hours in the doctor’s office in that time with Ryleigh and Brayden.  Fun stuff, any more time I’d a got my own coffee mug and admittance to the employee lounge.  A lot of stress going on and my managers at work worked with me on my pto and getting out of here and I’m thankful for that. 

So when all that stuff with Ryleigh was going on the big kids got the shaft a bit.  Thanksgiving weekend instead of going to see cousins and playing, they got stuck at home, to make the best of it tried to make it as fun as possible.  Addyson went on her annual trip to Wells Fargo Arena for Disney on Ice.

Then that Sunday I took the 2 older kids to go see Puss in Boots, a spin off from the Shrek franchise.  It explored Puss’s past and where he came from and introduced us to Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty and the magic beans and the beanstalk.  It was really a decent movie and had some funny lines for the adults too that the younger kids didn’t get.  I will say that it was in no way near as good as the first Shrek, but it was on par with the rest of the sequels.  I’m going to say it was 2.5/5 Stars.

A week prior to that I took Brayden to Wells Fargo Arena for the Iowa vs. Creighton basketball game.  It was Iowa’s first time playing in the Well and first time matching up vs. former Iowa State coach Greg McDermott and former Ames star Doug McDermott.  I was hoping the Hawks could pull this one off but it got out of hand early and how did (Doug) McDermott not get more looks at bigger schools?  Granted he’ll be a stud at the MVC but he could be playing in the Big Ten, and just think how good UNI would be if they had him.  Well Creighton got up early and never looked back.  Iowa left them open on 3’s and got killed for it and it was just a runaway.  Brayden was ready to leave after the first 8 minutes, and frankly I was too since he was being antsy and the game was out of hand then but we stayed until the last 4 minutes. 

The following Tuesday we took in Wicked at the Des Moines Civic Center.  The show about the behind story of the witches of Oz.  Going in I was thinking it was all Pre Dorothy and most of it was, but then the little farm girl was there.  How everything was tied together in OZ and munchinland and the characters was pretty cool too.  A lot better than some prequels I’ve seen (looking at you George Lucas – Darth Vader really built C3P0?)  The interaction between the two witches was really good too.  Glenda the good witch was made into kind of a ditzy pompous spoiled Valley girl and Elfie the Wicked Witch was made to look bad by the Wizard and Teacher when she was out to do good.  It reminded me of like the media trying to turn and spin stories on people to make them look bad.  Overall I thought it was a good show.  The actress who played the wicked witch was GREAT.  It’s definitely worth a ticket to go see!  Going to rank it right behind Cabaret in the shows that I’ve seen (seen 3, Cabaret, Wicked and Lion King).  Before the show got some AMAZING food at Dos Rios, could eat that guacamole every day!  Then drinks at the Royal Mile.

Other stuff going on, Brayden has been just funny in things he says.  He’ll tap me on the shoulder and say “Dad, let’s have conversation” After looking at him like “what’d you just say” I’ll ask him what he wants to talk about.  Also been playing more with his race track kind of getting him ready for future Christmas gifts (its going to be AWESOME).  Addy is continuing on with Cheernastics and has a show later this month.  It’s fun watching her dance and stuff then ask her about it later than she replies with a sigh – “Dad, that’s not how it goes” the ignores my asking and sings along to the radio on the way home.  And then Ryleigh, through all this ordeal mentioned above, she just keeps on smiling and laughing and pulling herself up on all the furniture and when seeing her, how can anyone not smile! 

The tree is up now, a few presents under it, and most Christmas presents are purchased.  Still need a trip to see Santa, and I think that will come at Bass Pro Shops this weekend…or maybe Valley West. I got 2 truckloads of leaves done and could have done one more and got it all cleared out of the lawn but was wiped out and now it’s snowed on them.  Bummer.

A few other things.  Iowa finished its regular season 7-5 with a loss to Nebraska.  I’m not shocked they lost I thought they would that game, but the reaction to the loss is amazing, people are calling for Ferentz’s head.  Iowa is a 7-9 win program.  We have 7 10+ win season in the past 33 years.  Fans need to realize what Iowa is and how lucky we are to have Ferentz as our coach.  Could he have done things differently...yes the losses to Iowa State and Minnesota shouldn’t happen, and if they don’t, Iowa is 9-3 and all are happy.  And then Iowa fans attacking a player for transferring to go home, that is nuts too.  Sit back and look at what you are.

The Bears were on a roll then Cutler’s thumb got in the way and the Bears lost to Oakland.  I don’t think the Bears could have got the division but with Cutler I think we could have done close to what Green Bay did last year and make a nice run in the playoffs.  It sucks. 

So that’s been the last few weeks, I know this is long but haven’t posted in a while. 

Also now I’m going to start again working out and watching what I’m eating better (great time around Christmas cookies huh) but this is where I was “Bad” with little Debbie last year, so hopefully I’ll kick that in the butt this year and be ready for softball next spring more so than I was.  Renting Smurfs and Friends with Benefits tonight. 


Only one game to pick this week, finally the Big Ten won’t have any of the Co-Big Ten Championships to go around, 2 teams, 1 champion.  It’s all settled on the field!  And there really isn’t anything I can put into words on this game that this video doesn’t say its self for this game.

Chad – Wisconsin
Matt – Wisconsin
Kyle – Michigan State

Jimmy John’s Big Ten Challenge
Chad (71-25)   Matt (71-25)   Kyle (69-24)


My Bowl Fix

My Bowl Fix – Cut the Bowls down to 24 with a final four playoff of the 4 big ones (Fiesta got knocked down) and gave the 2 atlarge bids to non conf champs based on highest rankings in the GFR.  (Stanford #2 and Houston #4) – Bama was #5.  Teams also need to be BETTER than 6-6 to get a bowl bid even though conference affiliations may help you in.  (Sorry Purdue and Florida)

All bowl bids are based on actually standings, not picking and choosing that goes on now (which is a joke).  So Bama got the #3 SEC spot and Georiga #2.  Gotta win your division Saban.

I also cut out any sponsors in the name and put it back to the PEACH Bowl not chick-fil-a. 

I filled out conference affiliations with those up to 6 wins.  Though I don’t like it, they are tied to the Conf.  Independents don’t have tie in, so BYU and ND join a conference.  Air Force, Army and Navy I gave a tie in back to the Commander And Chief Champion to the DC Bowl.  So Air Force being in a conference has 2 spots.  They take a conference spot over the CIC spot.  In 2011 though they drew the CIC spot not making a MWC spot. 

BYU, ND, Texas, North Carolina and UL Lafayette were the 5 teams that made it in to the at-large open spots. 

So this is what we have.

Detroit Bowl - Northern Illinois vs UL Lafayette
Las Vegas Bowl - Louisiana Tech vs Wyoming
Independence Bowl - Arkansas State vs North Carolina
DC Bowl Bowl - Air Force vs Ohio
Liberty Bowl - Tulsa vs Utah State
Yankee Bowl - Cincinnati vs Texas
Music City Bowl - Rutgers vs Southern Miss
Carolina Bowl - Georgia Tech vs Auburn
San Fran Bowl - Cal vs Boise State
Sun Bowl - Missouri vs BYU
Texas Bowl - Baylor vs Notre Dame
Champs Sports Bowl - West Virginia vs Virginia
Holiday Bowl - Washington vs TCU
Alamo Bowl - Iowa vs Oklahoma
Insight Bowl - Nebraska vs Utah
Peach Bowl - Clemson vs Arkansas
Outback Bowl - Michigan vs South Carolina
Capital One Bowl - Michigan State vs Georgia
Gator Bowl - Florida State vs Penn State
Fiesta Bowl - Kansas State vs Alabama
Cotton Bowl - Oklahoma State vs Houston
Rose Bowl - Wisconsin vs Oregon
Orange Bowl - Virginia Tech vs Louisville
Sugar Bowl - LSU vs Stanford

Looking at the top 4 I think they are 3 great games waiting to be played.  The Orange Bowl with the Big East tied in there losses out but remember a few years ago the Big East had an unbeaten Cincinnati going into the Sugar Bowl. 

A few other matchups that this would give us.  Syder vs Saban in Tempe would be interesting to watch.  I like the Cap 1, Outback and Peach macthups.  Stoops goes vs his college in the Alamo Bowl (that could be ugly matchup).  RG3 vs the Golden Domers?  The Carolina Bowl would be interesting too with Ga Tech vs Auburn.

Here’s my bowl tie ins to the fix to cut down on the 6-6 bowls (sorry 6-6 teams shouldn’t be bowling in non-conference tied in bowls)

Big Ten
Big East
Cap 1
Cap 1
San Fran
Music City
Music City
Las Vegas
San Fran
Las Vegas

Here are teams that missed the cut.

7 wins
6 wins
Ohio State
Miami (Fl)
Florida International
Texas A&M
North Carolina
NC State
Arizona  State
San Diego State
Iowa State
Western Michigan
Wake Forest
Western Kentucky