Hunt for October

Ok, so Chicago is going wild. The Bears are 2-2 with wins over the Colts and Eagles and should be 4-0 but blew leads vs Carolina and Tampa Bay. The Cubs are the best team in the NL and going into the playoffs as the favorite to reach the World Series and win it. And tonight the White Sox beat the Twins in a 1 game playoff to make it a trifecta of teams in the windy city.

So the 8 teams are in. Games start tomorrow, here are my pics.

Division Series
Cubs over Dodgers:3-1
Brewers over Phillies:3-2
Rays over White Sox:3-2
Red Sox over Angles:3-2

Championship Series
Cubs over Brewers:4-2
Red Sox over Rays:4-3

World Series
Cubs over Red Sox:4-1

MLB Predictions

Well I did ok...50% of the teams I picked made the playoffs, just a little different.

Posted on my MySpace Blog on March 25th.

AL East – Boston Red Sox
AL Central – Detroit Tigers
AL West – LA Angels
AL Wild Card – Cleveland Indians

NL East – NY Mets
NL Central – Chicago Cubs
NL West – Arizona Diamondbacks
NL Wild Card – Philadelphia Phillies

ALCS – Detroit over Cleveland
NLCS – Chicago over Arizona

World Series – Detroit over Chicago

Hopefully the Cubs can win the Series.

I'll make my playoff prediction tomorrow after the Twins/Sox game is in the books.


Hawk Talk Top 7 - Week 5

6-Penn State


Sept 20th College Picks

Michigan State vs Notre Dame: This rivalry has taken a lot of shape the past 5 years or so. Notre Dame put a big hit on Big Blue last week. Javon Ringer is running wild on non-Big Ten competition. I think that you see the Irish get a taste of what they did to Michigan last weekend. Ringer will get his hundy and a couple tds. Spartans 34 – Irish 13

Georgia vs Arizona State: The Dawgs leave the south for the first time in a while and the SunDevils are coming of an upset to UNLV. Devils were caught looking ahead last week and now welcome a top 5 team. The Devils have been the sexy pick for years to top USC and shock the world. The Dawgs are one of the best in the SEC and nation. I think that you see the SunDevils get caught up in their selves and they will keep it close for 2 quarters, then UGA runs over them. Dawgs 37 – Devils 20

Auburn vs LSU: The Tiger Bowl! LSU is the defending champs. Auburn has a heck of a D. Winner takes control of the SEC West. I think LSU has had to go through a lot of adversity with the Hurricanes this past year, and that hasn’t shown with the weak competition so far. War Eagle comes out with a huge conference win…close. Auburn 13 – LSU 10.

I State vs UNLV: The Cyclones travel to sin city to take on the Rebels, who will try to go back to back on wins vs the BCS conferences. I State’s offense was befuddled by the Iowa d last week and the weather didn’t help. UNLV will want to pass on the Clones, but the Clones DBs are their stronger position on the defense. On offense the Clones are going to have to enforce their will on the Rebel D, but their OL hasn’t looked great all year. I think the Clones will pull it out at the very end on a Phillip Bates play. They better hope it doesn’t come down to a fg too. Iowa State 27 – UNLV 24

Iowa vs Pittsburgh: Hawks travel to the Steel City to take on the fighting Wandstedts. Pitt was supposed to be a top 25 team this year but come out of the gates stumbling to Bowling Green and then struggling with Buffalo. Iowa is 3-0 but the competition hasn’t been the Big Ten’s slate. This will be a huge test for both teams. Both teams want to run. Iowa’s rush D should be the key to this game. Pitt will finally score on the Hawk D but it won’t be enough. Iowa’s rotating QBs and Shonne Green come out on top. Iowa 20 – Pitt 10.

Last week:4-1


Sept 13th College Picks

Notre Dame – Michigan: Has this game been less hyped more than it is this year? Notre Dame looked AWFUL against San Diego State, and Michigan hasn’t grasped RR’s offense yet. The game is in South Bend but I don’t think that matters. Jimmy Claussen doesn’t look like the best HS player from a few years ago. Michigan doesn’t look like Michigan, but from what I’ve seen they have more players. Michigan 24 – Notre Dame 6.

Penn State – Syracuse: Remember in the late 90’s when the Orange dominated the Big East and were in BCS bowls beating up on other leagues? What happened? Penn State looks to be up there with (a healthy) Ohio State as tops in the Big Ten. The Orange don’t come close in this one. Penn State 45 – Syracuse 13.

BYU-UCLA: How many times have these teams played in the past 16 mos? BYU is the girl with the curl pick to bust the BCS. UCLA is trying to get back to Pac 10 and National prominence with Rick Neuhiesel running the show. A win here is another notch up the ladder. I think a lot of points will be posted. UCLA comes up a field goal short. BYU 38 – UCLA 35.

Ohio State – USC: The Collision in the Coliseum. Yes ESPN has to name EVERYTHING. These early season match-ups between big time schools are what college football needs more of! Please all BCS schools take note of what these 2 teams are doing. Schedule somebody’s, not nobodies. That being said if Beanie Wells was healthy, this is a completely different game. Ohio State struggled with Ohio with out him last week. If he doesn’t play, its UGLY. USC will roll over and go to 12-0 and the BCS Championship game. USC 44 – Ohio State 17.

And now the BIG GAME

Iowa State – Iowa: Battle for the CyHawk trophy. Iowa is 1-9 vs the spread the last 10 years. The game is a lot closer since 1998 when Iowa State broke the 15 year reign of the Hawkeyes. Iowa has looked dominant in their first 2 wins vs Maine & FIU (please see Ohio State/USC) and Iowa State has looked improved vs SDSU and Kent State, minus some ball control issues. Iowa’s settled on Ricky Stanzi as starting QB now, and I-State still has the 2 headed monster at QB in Arnaud and Bates. Weather looks like it will be a BIG factor too with 90% chance of rain, and heavy rain. That being said, this game will be won in the trenches. The big uglies going at it, and with the game coming down to that, the edge goes to the Hawkeyes. Iowa’s DL is the best in the Big Ten and one of the tops in the nation. Iowa has a huge edge there. On the other side, the Iowa OL is trying to get back to what it was, and it’s on its way there. Iowa State’s DL is average in the Big XII. I think you see a lot of Shonne Greene and Iowa’s lines dominate. Iowa State will cover the spread but the Cy-Hawk Trophy goes back to were it belongs. Iowa 27 – I State 17.


Hawk Talk top 7 - Week 2

5-Ohio State
7-East Carolina

WWE Unforgiven picks

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Scramble--Punk somehow I think comes out as the winner in the end with a pin over JBL that will continue their feud. I could see maybe Punk & Batista simultaneously pinning JBL to have that feud go on with Batista.

WWE Championship Scramble--What a joke....HHH all the way. Jeff Hardy shows the most competition, MVP-Shelton will cost Hardy the title.

ECW Championship Scramble--Hardy shocks the strongest man in the world.

Divas Championship Match--Michelle McCool will hold on to the title for a long time.

Cody Rhodes/Ted Dibiase vs Cryme Tyme--CT is up, but the Priceless team needs to have the belts to be relevant. They screw Cryme Tyme. Rematch will happen on Raw.

HBK vs Chris Jericho--The match of the night. Jericho will win the match, and take out HBK for a while (to let him rest and heal up) and to prolong and make Jericho a bigger heel.


Hawk Talk top 7 - Week 1

1-USC:Trojans beat up on UVA, stay #1
2-Georgia:GaSo no match for the Dawgs
3-Ohio State:Lose Beanie Wells, could hurt them in 2 weeks vs USC
4-Florida:Gators roll again
5-Oklahoma:Sooners roll too
6-West Virginia:No Rich Rordriguez, but 'Nova no match for WV
7-Missouri:Tigers beat Illini, but D looks week vs Juice and Illini