Lasting Images - Walter Payton

With the release of the Jeff Peralman book about the life of Walter Payton, detailing parts of Sweetness’s life that many didn’t know about and maybe don’t want to know about, I thought I’d throw up my Lasting Image of Walter.  Walter is the reason I’m a Bears fan.  He’s my all time favorite Bear.  Today I don’t really have high standards for athletes as an adult and knowing what he know now about them.  But growing up we have our heroes and Walter was one of mine, along with Ryne Sandberg.  I won’t probably read the book, I want to remember Walter for how I remember him from my childhood. 

Now for my lasting image – you would think that it would be Walter leaping over the lineman at the goal line for a score vs Detroit or Green Bay.  Or maybe him high stepping into the end zone after a long run with the ball held in one hand…and those are all great memories but they aren’t my lasting image of sweetness.

This is my lasting image of the greatest running back of all time!  Sitting on the bench with his helmet in his hands after the Redskins won in Soldier Field in the 1987 playoffs 21-17.  Payton’s last run was a yard short of a first down to extend a drive late in the 4th quarter. 

The Bears had a chance to have a dynasty in the mid 80s with the dominance they had in the league from 85-87.  The Redskins though ended their season both in 86 and 87 and what could have been 2-3 Super Bowl Titles remains just the 85 Title and the Greatest Single Season team in history of Sports.

2011 MLB Postseason Predictions

Back in March I picked Boston vs Philly in the World Series…obviously after the worst 5 minutes in RedSox history Wednesday night that isn’t going to happen.  The Yanks, Rays, Tigers and Rangers made it in the AL.  The Phillies, Brewers, Cardinals and Diamond Backs in the NL.  Below are my post season picks. 

ALDS                                                                                      NLDS
Tigers over Yankees                                                        Phillies over Cardinals
Rays over Rangers                                                           Brewers over DBacks

ALCS                                                                                        NLCS
Tigers over Rays                                                               Phillies over Brewers

World Series
Phillies over Tigers


Big Ten Football – Week 5 Predictions

And now the real season begins; Big Ten Conference play!  No more directional schools or FBS, its mono e mono.  And the New Kids on the block won’t be getting a nice warm welcome….they draw the best (perceived) team in the conference on their home turf at night to a national television audience.  Have fun!

Both the Badgers and Huskers are top 10 teams, and this is probably a Big Ten championship game preview.  What we know is that the Badgers can run the ball and have a true threat at QB with Russell Wilson.  The Huskers can run the ball but when you get them in to a situation they need to toss it, they are vulnerable, and the Blackshirts have given up a bunch of points early on.  Prior to the season I picked the Huskers to win this game, but I’ve changed my mind and think the Badgers are a top team in the nation that would be a tough out for anyone.  I think the arm of Wilson is the difference in this game and the game will be determined by the start of the 4th quarter.  BADGERS 36  HUSKERS 20

Big Ten Week 5 Picks
Nebraska vs Wisconsin – Wisconsin (M/C/K)
Minnesota vs Michigan – Michigan (M/CK)
Penn State vs Indiana – Penn State (M/CK)
Northwestern vs Illinois – Illinois (M/C) / Northwestern (K)
Michigan State vs Ohio State – MSU (M/K) / OSU (C)
Notre Dame vs Purdue – Notre Dame (M/CK)

Jimmy John's Big Ten Challenge
Week – Matt (0-0)          Chad (0-0)          Kyle (0-0)
Season – Matt (35-11)          Chad (35-11)          Kyle (34-12)

Upset Alert
Illinois – How much can you trust Zook to keep winning?  And I’ll never count out a Pat Fitzgerald team, especially with a bad taste in their mouth from Army

Iowa High School Football Picks - Week 6

19-3 last week and continued to be flawless in 8man. 
It’s the end of September and some high school football teams are playing their 7th or 6th games.  What’s that mean, about 3 more weeks after Friday till the state playoffs start.  Yes it’s still September but the smell of October is around the corner.
This week the top matchups are in the smaller classes.  ADM takes on Carlisle in a matchup of unbeatens.  In one of the better small school rivalries, Aplington-Parkersburg takes on Dike-New Hartford, no ESPN though this time.  Finally North Tama, who has yet to give up a point, takes on Postville in a battle of 5-0 teams.  Here are this week’s picks.
Class 4A
Iowa City High over CR Washington
Ankeny over Dowling
Valley over Ames
Marshalltown over Waukee
Class 3A
ADM over Carlisle
Fairfield over Oskaloosa
Maquoketa over Laporte City Union
West Delaware over Decorah
Class 2A
West Marshall over CMB-Baxter
Iowa City Regina over Camanche
North Fayette over South Winneshiek
Prairie City-Monroe over Pella Christian
Class 1A
Aplington-Parkersburg over Dike-New Hartford
Emmetsburg over Inwood West Lyon
Alburnett over Stanwood North Cedar
Turkey Valley over Bellevue
Class A
Lone Tree over BGM
Martensdale St Marys over Southeast Warren
North Tama over Postville
Woodbury Central over Akron-Westfield
Armstrong Ringsted over Harris-Lake Park
Lansing Kee over Wyoming Midland

Week: (16-6)
Season (108-26)


Big Ten Awards - Week 4

Well I said in the predictions, watch out for North Dakota State and North Texas vs Minnesota and Indiana respectively.  What happened....Minnesota suffered its 3rd loss to a Dakota team since 2007.  Indiana went to the Mean Green's new stadium and former Iowa State coach Dan MacCarney came away with a win.

Team of the Week : NEBRASKA : I would have said Wisconsin but they played a FCS school.  The Huskers went to Wyoming, 3-0 from the Mountain West and racked up nearly 500 yards of offense and controlled the game throughout.  The Huskers play their first Big Ten game next week when the go to Camp Randall and take in a top 10 showdown with Wisconsin.

Helmet Sticker : This will be a little deja vu from last week but here we go - Denard Robinson - QB - Michigan.  Yes he had a couple picks but Denard ran for 200 yards with 3 touchdowns, one being a bullet out of a gun run for 53 yards.  He won't be able to have passing performances like that in the Big Ten and win but he sure can run the ball.

Russell Wilson - QB - Wisconsin : Ok, how did he get out of NC State and to Madison?  Wilson tossed the ball for 345 yards and 3 scores.  The Badger QB is in the top 5 in passer efficiency in the nation and is on his way to All-American/All-Big Ten and Heisman status if he keeps this up.  A BIG test next week vs the Blackshirts.

James Vandenberg - QB - Iowa : If not for Wilson Vandenberg is having right now what could be an All-Big Ten year.  After 399 yard performance last week, JVB threw for 270 and 3 scores (2 to Marvin McNutt) and also ran for a score in Iowa's romp over Louisiana-Monroe.  The Iowa coaches may have seen something in their signal caller and are letting him sling it a bit more than we are accustomed to seeing.

Game of the Week : Illinois 23 - Western Michigan 20 : The Illini are off to their best start in more than 50 years after a struggle with the Broncos.  Being ranked for the first time since 2008 and the Big Ten season on the horizon the fighting Zookers might have been looking past Western Michigan a bit, but in the end were able to wear down the Broncos and rack up nearly 300 yards rushing.  Illinois next hosts Northwestern in Big Ten Play.

Highlight of the Week - Denard Robinson 53 yard touchdown run vs San Diego State
-The run is at the 20 second mark

Big Ten Take Away - I'd rather not dwell on the negative but on a weekend were there wasn't much competition (other than in Champaign) Minnesota and Indiana in their coaches first years are struggling.  They lost to teams they should have beat today in North Texas and North Dakota State.  I don't see them going winless in the Big Ten, but they will struggle this year and maybe next, but the fans should get behind Kevin Wilson and Jerry Kill.  Rome wasn't built in a day, neither are college football programs.

National Take Away - Robert Griffin III and Baylor are good.  This isn't your father's or grandfather's Baylor Bears.  RG3 has more TD's in 3 games than incompletions.  This has been against TCU, Stephen F Austin and Rice.  TCU is good but the others are world beaters.  Next week they go to Kansas State where the Bears should move to 4-0 and RG3 will continue to put up impressive numbers again.  If you get a chance to watch him, the dude is good!

Jimmy John Big Ten Challenge

Week – Matt (8-2)          Chad (8-2)          Kyle (8-2)
Season – Matt (35-11)          Chad (35-11)          Kyle (34-12)


Iowa High School Football Picks – Week 5

Had a nice week last week on my picks and still up over .800 on the picks.  This week look at the SouthEast Polk vs Dowling in Class 4A and then West Marshall vs North Polk in Class 2A as the games of the week in Iowa high school football this week. 

Class 4A
Ankeny over Urbandale
Cedar Falls over CR Xavier
Bettendorf over North Scott
SE Polk over Dowling

Class 3A
ADM over Norwalk
Clear Lake over Humboldt
Keokuk over Oskaloosa
Williamsburg over South Tama

Class 2A
Ida Grove over South Central Calhoun
CMB-Baxter over Roland Story
West Liberty over Wilton
West Marshall over North Polk

Class 1A
Gladbrook-Reinbeck over South Hamilton
Aplington-Parkersburg over West Fork
Emmetsburg over South O'Brien
West Central Valley over Leaon Central Decatur

Class A
BGM over Marengo Iowa Valley
Martensdale St Marys over Guthrie Center
Mason City Newman over Grundy Center
Madrid over Van Meter

Janesville over Riceville
NEH over Tripoli

Week (19-3)
Season (92-20)

Season Picks

Big Ten Football – Week 4 Predictions

The week before the conference opens up and you get 2 teams with a bye and about 7 others that on paper should be almost like byes, but that’s why they play the games. 

·         Ohio State is coming off an embarrassing loss vs. Miami and needs a confidence builder before conference play, host Pac-12 Colorado. 
·         Iowa after a historic comeback gets one of the worst teams in FBS in Louisiana-Monroe. 
·         Illinois, Michigan State and Penn State all host directional Michigan schools.
·         Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin all have games that they should win going into Week 1 of Big Ten Play.

Big Ten Game of the Week
San Diego State vs. Michigan
11AM Big Ten Network

Who set this one up?  Brady Hoke hosts his old team in the Big House.  The Aztecs were a nice surprise last year and are 3-0 coming into this week.  Michigan has had a dramatic win over Notre Dame and last week Denard Robinson had a déjà vu week last week ala 2010 putting up nearly 200 yards rushing.  This could be a close game heading into the 4th quarter, but I think Michigan pulls it out in the end.  MICHIGAN 31 – SDSU 27

Big Ten Picks - Week 4
Illinois vs. Western Michigan – Illinois (M,C,K)
Indiana @ North Texas – Indiana (M, C, K)
Iowa vs. ULA-Monroe – Iowa (M,C,K)
Michigan vs. San Diego State – Michigan (M, C, K)
Michigan State vs. Central Michigan – Michigan State (M,C,K)
Minnesota vs. North Dakota State – Minnesota (M,C,K)
Nebraska @ Wyoming – Nebraska (M,C,K)
Ohio State vs. Colorado – Ohio State (M,C,K)
Penn State vs. Eastern Michigan – Penn State (M,C,K)
Wisconsin vs. South Dakota – Wisconsin (M,C,K)

Jimmy John's Big Ten Challenge
Week – Matt (0-0)          Chad (0-0)          Kyle (0-0)
Season – Matt (27-9)          Chad (27-9)          Kyle (26-10)

*Upset Alert*
I think you have to look at the game of the week.  San Diego State will be a tough out for Michigan.
For some reason I’m going to say Minnesota too…they seem to have trouble with the Dakota teams.
Indiana goes on the road to North Texas.  They might see some trouble from the Mean Green.


Big XII Life Support - help needed

So no one in the Big XII wants to play with each other, especially big bully Deloss (Texas).  But they may have to and the bully to sock it in the nose and let them know they may be the big kid on the block but needs to learn some respect.

Who should cock their fist back?  Dan Beebe?  Yea right.  Beebe is that kid who is weak and attaches themselves to the bully to seem tougher.  Beebe could mess up jello.  Oklahoma is talking about taking its ball and going home (west) with little brother.

The answer: a fighting Irish.

Under Dan Beebe the Big XII teams aren’t playing nice. With the Big East collapsing, the Irish are in need of a home for its non football sports.  The ACC is swopping up Big East teams.  West Virginia may be the 14th school to the SEC. 

The conference needs new and better leadership.  Someone needs to come together and get the remaining 9 together and sit down as 9 equal entities.  Everyone has the same piece of the pie in the conversation.  Then they need to target 3 schools.  Notre Dame, Louisville and TCU.   The later 2 will be easy targets; Notre Dame is the BIG Fish.  AD Jack Swarbuck said the Irish will remain independent unless there is a seismic shift.  The Big East collapsing is a seismic shift.

Now you’re not going to get them to come over just like that, and probably not Texas or OU.  So if I’m the other 9, the revenue is going to be greater on their hand….but not much.  It still needs equality.  Split it that 10% goes to the conf.  9% to the big three and then 7 to the rest.  To get those 3 to play nice, that will need to be done.

What you get is a nice conference you can split easily for football and you get a decent basketball conference.  It’s obviously Kansas’s league in basketball but adding Rick Pitino and the Irish program doesn’t hurt.  Texas & Oklahoma have had decent programs and K-State had some success previously.  Iowa State should be decent this year too. 

With football split it as so, one division has Big 8 mainstays – OU/OSU/ISU/KSU/KU/Missouri.  The other is Notre Dame/Texas/TTech/TCU/Baylor/Louisville.  With OU-UT/ND in different divisions you should have more competitive balance.  Play the championship game in St Louis or Dallas and rotate it. 

TV wise, the current package with ESPN/FOX and the Big XII is probably null and void.  With Notre Dame you already have NBC tied so just add more.  Other than Notre Dame and the Gator Bowl NBC has no presence in college football.  This adds to it and to the NBC Sports Channel (formerly VS).  Then add in a deal with Fox/ESPN and your sitting ok.

With Notre Dame in the mix you can probably get a better bottom tier bowl too.  Who’s not happy here? 
Everyone is happy.  The little brothers of the Texa$-10 are happy.  The Pac-12 isn’t 16.  The Big Ten is at 12.  The ACC and SEC are the only 14 team conf.  They are happy. 

Ok, well maybe Dan Beebe isn’t happy but I’m sure he’ll find a spot in the Texas Athletic Department somewhere at a cubicle; heck doesn’t he have that already?

Best and Worst of the Weekend – Comeback

Well this weekend had its ups and downs, similar to the whole week.  My sister, her husband and 4 kids were in Iowa home from Memphis at my parent’s house.  First time I’ve seen them in 1.5 years.  Good to see them.  The nephews and nieces are growing up quick, similar to my kids.  They played most the night there and only really sat down around the fire when the s ‘mores were being made.  Brayden had so much fun, and he usually does at Grandma and Grandpa’s that he didn’t want to go home, which made for a struggle to get him into his car seat.  Finally got him in and all the 2 other kid and they were out cold before we hit 330 to Des Moines. 

Saturday Brayden had his first flag football practice.  It took him a bit to warm up and get going but once they got done stretching and a ball out he was into it.  They did passing and catching (why not holding a ball and cones to run through I’m not sure) but he did ok with it.  Caught a few with his hands in the triangle…then with his body and once with his face.  After that he got a little timid and started doing the arms swatting and leg up, that didn’t really work.  Throwing back he was decent.  He cocked it back by his ear and let it rip.  A couple were wounded ducks but had more really nice tosses than ducks. 

The final thing they did on the 60 yard field was they threw all the balls and had the kids go cover up and run them back holding the ball the right way.  Brayden being 3 and the youngest and shortest there isn’t the fastest.  So after a dozen bombs, they started throwing about 30 yards, told Brayden to turn around and he saw them short and went and jumped on the ball and covered it up and ran it back.  The next time showed how smart Bray is.  All the kids ran deep; Bray ran to the 30 yard cone, did a button hook and had a ball dang near bounce up to his gut, covered it and ran it back.  Needless to say he had a good time, and tired him out; he had a 3.5 hour nap Saturday.

Sunday Addy had a birthday party to go to and then a friend came back home with her for an hour or so to play.  They also got to the mall and played for about an hour before the party.

Ryleigh had a rough stretch.  She’s teething, which sucks in itself, but is also feeling the after affects with the worst diaper rash any of the 3 kids have had.  After 5 days of TLC she’s almost back to normal butt wise.  Still horse from crying from it and getting better.  The afternoons and evenings haven’t been the best with her fighting to go to sleep too.  But sat her down with some Sunday night football and she was out.

Also this weekend was the Hawks comeback against Pitt.  For 3 quarters we looked bad.  Really bad.  Then Kirk went away from what Iowa is known for.  He unshackled the offense ala 2004, stopped running first into an 8 man box and stopped the play action and just slung it and the result was the biggest comeback in Iowa history!  And instant classic, well at least the 4th quarter.  Hopefully the next game he’ll do the same. 

Sunday the Bears got killed.  Nuff said there.  Sunday night behind Matty Ice and Jeremy Maclin my fantasy team came back and beat the best team/defending champion in the league.  

So it was a weekend of comebacks.  Like I said last week had up and more downs so hopefully this week is a comeback too!


Big Ten Awards - Week 3

Welcome back Jerry Kill!  one week after suffering a seizure on the sidelines, coach Jerry Kill returned to the Gopher sideline and notched his first W with a win over Miami(Ohio).  Along with Kill, Indiana coach Kevin Wilson got his first win as Hoosier coach with a 38-21 win over South Carolina State.

Team of the Week : ILLINOIS - Arizona State came into Champaign with a 2-0 record, some fancy new uniforms with a new logo, and a win over top 25 team already last week topping off Missouri.  Also the tallest QB in the nation at 6-8.  Though Illini QB Nathan Shcheelhaase was the QB that lead a game winning drive in the 4th with a TD pass.  The Illini and Ron Zook are now a quiet 3-0 in the Big Ten with the impressive win over Arizona State and can go 4-0 next week with a win over Western Michigan.

Helmet Sticker : Denard Robinson went off like it was 2010.  Rushing for 198 yards vs Eastern Michigan he also tallied 3 tds in a 31-3 victory.  The Wolverines were never in any doubt to lose this game but PS3 (aka Shoelace) went off again and was just fun to watch.  It's not RichRod's offense but Hoke isn't dumb enough to keep DRob just in the pocket.

James Vandenberg threw for 399 yards, 168 in the fourth quarter and 3 tds to lead Iowa to it's biggest comeback victory in school history.  Kirk Ferentz and Ken O'Keefe abandonded the run vs 8 in the box and got rid of the play action and let James sling it. Hopefully they learned something from this.  He put the Hawks on his arm and did what he does best.

Russell Wilson also put on a passing clinic.  Earning his 2nd helmet sticker, the Badger QB threw for 347 yards and 3 scores in a route of Northern Illinois in Soldier Field.  The transfer has been a nice addition for the Badgers who with Wilson have a threat at QB now with their road grading running attack.  In 3 games Wilson has 759 yards passing and 8 tds to 0 int.  

Game of the Week : IOWA 31 - PITT 27 : Don't call it a comeback!  WOW.  What happened in Iowa City was reminiscent of Iowa-Indiana 2009.  Down 21 at one point Iowa went to outscore Pitt 28-3 over the final 16 minutes to move to 2-1.  James Vandenberg tossed the ball 399 yards and had 3 tds.  With little time in the 3rd the Hawks changed their offensive philosophy from running and play action to a gun slinger in no huddle and shot gun and it worked.  The offense sparked, Jordan Bernstine started and laid some big hits.  Micah Hyde capped the game with a pick as Pitt was driving.

Highlight of the Week : Jeremy Ebert touchdown grab vs Army.  (at the 47 second mark)

Big Ten Take Away : Wisconsin is the best team in the Big Ten.  Nebraska jumped up in competition and showed its stuff.  Though I still think if you get the Huskers where they need to pass they are in trouble.  Illinois is a sneaky 3-0 and may give some teams some fits.  Iowa needs to abandon what they are known for with this young team.  Michigan State isn't in trouble, just met a desperate Notre Dame team this weeknd.

National Take Away : Auburn's luck ran out with a 14 point loss at Clemson.  Oklahoma made the biggest statement of the weekend with a win over Florida State at Doak Campbell.  

Jimmy John's Big Ten Challenge
Week – Matt (8-4)          Chad (7-5)          Kyle (8-4)
Season – Matt (27-9)          Chad (27-9)          Kyle (26-10)


Big Ten Football – Week 3 Predictions

Last week we were treated to a shoot out under the lights in Ann Arbor as Denard Robinson continued to build a legacy vs the Irish, scoring 14 points in the last 90 seconds to top the Irish.  This week the Irish continue their Big Ten slate vs the Spartans, in South Bend.  

Big Ten Game of the Week
Michigan State vs Notre Dame

The Spartans have looked good good this year beating up on a couple lesser opponents.  The Irish are 0-2 and Mt Kelly is feeling some heat and may be close to blowing again soon.  Last year Sparty pulled off the Play of the Year with a fake field goal to top the Irish.  I don't think this week you'll need see that type of dramatics.  Sparty handles the Irish.  Michigan State 34 - Notre Dame 23

Week 3 Picks
Illinois vs Arizona State - Arizona State (M/C/K)
Indiana vs South Carolina State – Indiana (M/C/K)
Iowa vs Pittsburgh – Iowa (M/C/K)
Michigan vs Eastern Michigan – Michigan (M/C/K)
Michigan State @ Notre Dame – Michigan State (M/C/K)
Minnesota vs Miami (Ohio) – Minnesota (M/K) : Miami(Oh) (C)
Nebraska vs Washington – Nebraska (M/C/K)
Northwestern @ Army – Northwestern (M/C/K)
Ohio State @ Miami (Fl) – Ohio State (M/C/K)
Penn State @ Temple – Penn State (M/C/K)
Purdue vs Southeast Missouri – Purdue (M/C/K)
Wisconsin vs Northern Illinois – Wisconsin (M/C/K)

Jimmy John’s Big Ten Challenge
WEEK:  Matt (0-0)          Chad (0-0)          Kyle (0-0)
SEASON:  Matt (19-5)          Chad (20-4)          Kyle (18-6)


Iowa High School Football Picks – Week 4

Had a pretty good week last week going 15-5.  On the season we are now 56-13.  This week going with 21 games to get to an even number of games played.

Game of the week is in Cedar Rapids as Xavier hosts Iowa City High.  Both teams are 3-0 and in the top 10 in Class 4A.

Here are this weeks picks.

Bettendorf over Pleasant Valley
CR Xavier over Iowa City High
Johnston over Urbandale
Ankeny over Indianola
Webster City over Boone
West Delaware over Cresco
Waverly Shell Rock over Olewien
Oskalooksa over Pella
North Polk over Roland Story
Fort Dodge St Edmund over CMB-Baxter
West Marshall over South Hardin
North Fayette over Cascade
Gladbrook Reinbeck over Woodward Granger
St Ansger over Garner Hayfield
CB St Albert over Tri-Center
Dike-New Hartford over Sheffield
Bedford over Martensdale St Mary's
Postville over Elkader Central
West Hancock over Marcus MMC
Mason City Newman over Greene North Butler
East Mills over Sydney


Best and Worst of the Weekend - Steele Stole it!

Well the weekend wasn't what I expected going into it Friday Night.  This weekend at work I had a program upgrade going through for what I'm the admin of.  Friday monring on a call there was mention of a chance of being here till 1-3am.  My jaw dropped.  I hadn't packed an over night bag.  Luckily things went well and I only was here till 815pm.  Got outta here and home in time to watch some of Missouri-Arizona State.
Saturday I had to be back at work.  It was also the annual Iowa-Iowa State football game.  No I didn't plan the date it was going in.  I would have rather it been a week earlier.  But I get into work and saw my comptuer screen....gotta love technology.  My computer crashed.  Thankfully I had a second machine and was able to get in and do my testing, until it crashed!  All while the Hawks and Clones are kicking off (more on that later).  But really, I have 2 machines and they both go down?  Currently I'm waiting on a ticket for both to get fixed.
On to the game.  Not gonna recap it all, you can check out the boxscore/recap for that, but got home, had lunch watching the game and then headed to a party for the end of it.  The Hawks just looked flat, and why it happens at ISU and not when the game is at Kinnick I don't know.  The Hawks continued to run the ball into 8 man fronts.  Check down and hit the TE or something.  And where was James Morris?  I don't think I heard his name all day.  McNutt was quiet too, but was recieving a lot of attention.  The Hawks couldn't get enough pressure on Jantz and he made the plays when he needed too.  Why Iowa State won.  They won and they deserve the credit.
For Hawk fans calling for change or Ferentz's head.  Calm down.  It's one game.  He's not going to change, its worked for him for 13 years now?  You should be used to it.  If you need to understand why he doesn't change, check out this hardware!  Relax.  Move on to Pitt.
Saturday evening Addy had a picnic/movie night for her school at a park.  It was pretty fun.  Got to talk to some people, the kids ran and ran.  Finally watched Tangled on a big 30 foot screen.  Funny movie, another winner for the Mouse.
Saturday Night when we got home I watched the end of Michigan-Notre Dame.  Thanks Irish and Wolverines for saving the best for last.  Damn that was an amazing game! 
Sunday was filled with Laundry, the BEARS destorying the falcons, and more laundry.  Yes the Bears suprised me a bit here.  I didn't think we had a chance but they did well.  The D was ferocious.
Ryleigh is now crawling really good, she's got her groove on with it and is rolling.  Kinda cool to see but yet, the past 6 months have flown by! 
This week starts a full fledged no time week.  The kids have things going on most every day of the week.  Addy has Cheernastics, Capoeria, Swim, Girl Scouts.  Ryleigh has swim and Brayden has Football this saturday!  He's pretty pumped and I just hope he realizes its flag football and doesn't go Bob Sanders on a kid. 
Finally this coming week my sister and her family are coming up from Memphis.  Haven't seen them in a year or so, so that will be fun! 


Big Ten Awards - Week 2

First off, thoughts go out to Minnesota and Head Coach Jerry Kill who had a seizure on the sideline with 20 seconds left in the game.  Hope he gets well and back soon!  Also thoughts go to former Iowa DB Brett Greenwood who collapsed at a workout at his highschool Friday.  Hope they get back and going soon!  

Team of the Week: Michigan State : The Spartans came in today as the #17 team in the nation, and will be top 15 after today.  They will compete with Nebraska for the Legends Title.  They hosted Florida Atlantic, yes it was just the Owls, but they rolled and did what they were supposed to from the get go!  44-0

Helmet Sticker: Last year he did it with huge offensive numbers, this year they weren't as big but just as dramatic.  Denard Robinson led the Wolverines to 14 points in the last 1:40 of the game with huge throws.  He ended with 338 yards 4 passing TDs and one rushing TD.  The last coming with 2 seconds left.  The dude is just amazing, and I don't know what else to see about him.  The last 5 minutes of the game were great. 

Game of the Week: Got a couple place you could go here in the Big Ten.  Of course the thriller under the lights in Ann Arbor where the Irish and Wolverines went back and forth in the last 90 seconds for 21 points.  That has to take the cake.  But there are 2 other games that deserve mention.  

Toledo almost became the first team from Ohio to beat the Buckeyes since 1909.  They lit a scare in Ohio State most the game and drove down inside the redzone with a chance to score under a minute left but came up short.  

Finally in Ames, Iowa and Iowa State scored TDs in the final 5 minutes of regulation then went 3 OTs and ended with the Cyclones scoring on an option from Steele Jantz to James White.  It's Paul Rhoads 3rd Big Win in as many years (Nebraska-09/Texas-10/Iowa-11). 

Highlight of the week: Michigan's game winning touchdown vs Notre Dame.

Big Ten Takeaway: Michigan State, Wisconsin, Nebraska are going to be the class of the conference.  Michigan is going to be exciting and in every game as long as Denard is healthy.  
National Takeaway: College football rules!  I'm sorry NFL but yes your game Thursday was amazing, but college football has seen thrillers the first 2 weeks.  Take out all the Texas and realignment drama, College Football is the best thing out there!  Now if we can just get the BCS thing fixed!

Big Ten Jimmy Johns Challenge:
Week – Matt (9-3)          Chad (9-3)          Kyle (8-4)
Season – Matt (19-5)          Chad (20-4)          Kyle (18-6)


Big Ten Football – Week 2 Predictions

Last week the Big Ten went 10-2 (Indiana and Minnesota were the L’s) and my picks went 10-2.  Mother Nature also had a big hand in last week’s games delaying games at Iowa and eventually canceled the game at Michigan.  The Big Ten has a couple pretty B1G games this week so here we go.

For the first time ever the Big House will be under the lights!  And who better to have their first night game vs than Notre Dame.  The 2 winningest programs in NCAA football history.  Throw back jerseys are designed for this game.  Brian Kelly may blow up a time or too and Brady Hoke hopefully won’t have another wet t-shirt contest going on.  As for the game, the Irish will start their 2nd qb in as many weeks.  Denard Robinson led a 4th quarter comeback last year vs the Irish and put up an insane amount of yards, but last week was pretty mild in Hoke’s new offense and Brandon Herron did something never done in a Michigan uniform ever with scoring 2 defensive return touchdowns in the same game.  This week I think we see a classic close game, I don’t think either team pulls away from each other and in the end Denard Robinson does it again and leads Michigan to the win.  MICHIGAN 32 – NOTRE DAME 26.

Week 2 Big Ten Picks
Illinois vs South Dakota State - Illinois
Indiana vs Virginia - Virginia
Iowa @ Iowa State - Iowa
Michigan vs Notre Dame – Michigan (M)(C)/Notre Dame (K)
Michigan State vs Florida Atlantic – Michigan State
Minnesota vs New Mexico State – Minnesota
Nebraska vs Fresno State - Nebraska
Northwestern vs Eastern Illinois - Northwestern
Ohio State vs Toledo – Ohio State
Penn State vs Alabama - Alabama
Purdue @ Rice - Purdue
Wisconsin vs Oregon State – Wisconsin

Iowa @ Iowa State – it’s in Ames, and crazier things have happened there.
Purdue @ Rice – The Boilers had to have a miracle at home vs. Middle Tennessee State, could get sneaky vs. the Owls.

Jimmy Johns Big Ten Challenge
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Season   -   Matt (10-2)          Chad (11-1)          Kyle (10-2)