2nd biggest win in the last 50 years?

Last night on the latest edition of WHO-Soundoff, they stated that Hawkeye Report creator Jon Miller said the win over Penn State was the 2nd biggest win in Iowa history in the past 50 years with the 1981 win over Michigan being bigger. Seriously Jon? You really think that, or are you just sipping the kool-aid and trying to sell some magazines?

Yes, it was a great win, I loved every second of it. And it was a win we needed more than anything to go to a good bowl game. But I dont know if its the 2nd biggest win. Now going back 50 years is 1958. That's the 1959 Rose Bowl win. The 1981 Iowa Michigan game. The 1984 Freedom Bowl. The 1985 Iowa Michigan game. 1990 Iowa Michigan game. 1995 Sun Bowl. 2002 Iowa Purdue game. 2002 Iowa Michigan game. 2004 Outback Bowl. 2004 Iowa Ohio State game. 2005 Capital One Bowl. Of those, here how I'd rank them.

1985 Iowa-Michigan is by far the biggest win in Iowa history. Biggest game in Iowa history, #1 vs #2 down using all 60 minutes. No question.

The 1959 Rose Bowl win goes up there. It's the Rose Bowl. The #2 Hawkeyes destroyed Cal lead by soon to be #1 draft pick Randy Duncan and the Football Writers named Iowa the National Champions.

The 2002 Iowa Michigan game. Iowa was coming up as a team that could run with the big 2. Iowa went into Ann Arbor and out physicalled the Wolveriens. Holding them to 22 yards rushing and the 34-9 win was the worst loss for Michigan in 35 years. It also put the Hawks on the national map on their way to the Orange Bowl. And Brad Banks became a Heisman candidate after the game.

The 2005 Capital One Bowl. Tate to Holloway. Enough Said.

Then I'd put the 2008 Iowa-Penn State game.

So Jon, quit drinking the what's happening now, it was a BIG GREAT win. But don't put it up on top of those games just yet.

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