2009 Summer Movie Awards

With the smell of football in the air, the summer in my mind not calendar, is coming to an end, and with that the summer blockbusters. And usually I try to get to the biggies in the theater, with kids and life I don’t. I’ve seen 5 movies this summer and have rankings below. The movies I’ve seen in chronological order; Wolverine…Star Trek…Transformers 2…Ice Age 3…GI Joe: Rise of Cobra.

Best Movie – Star Trek
Best Dude – Chris Pine : Captain Kirk : Star Trek
Best Dudette – Sienna Miller : Baroness : GI Joe
Best Scene – new Kirk meets old Spock : Star Trek
Best Fight – Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow : GI Joe
Biggest Dud – Transformers 2
Anticipated Sequel – GI Joe
Summer movie not seen that I want too – Terminator 4

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