College Football

The GFR originated in 1995 when a buddy of mine and I kept track of college football scores. Every one of them- All in a 5- Star note-book.

Football was a daily topic of conversation, we talked Big Ten Expansion and divisions before they happened 15 years later. We decided to create a rating System.

The Garwin Football Rating (GFR) is different from all other polls because it is fluid. Every game matters, home or away, which teams are playing, who plays against who and what the outcome of the game is. It changes weekly, every team is on an equal playing field and there is no advantage for the Big BCS Boys.

I will post them weekly, so feel free to comment and leave me some feedback. 

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GFR National Champions
Final 2012 GFR Rankings - Alabama
FINAL 2011 GFR Rankings -  LSU
FINAL 2010 GFR Rankings -  TCU

At the end of the college football season we will have 5 awards to give out in recognition of the winners accomplishments.  There is no influence from the media or outside sources in these awards.  Just a couple of guys and our opinions.

The Awards
National Offensive Player of the Year – Past Winners
2012 - Jordan Lynch-QB-Northern Illinois
2008-Colt McCoy-QB-Texas
2007-Kevin Smith-RB-Central Florida
2006-Darren McFadden-RB-Arkansas
2005-Reggie Bush-RB-USC
2004-Reggie Bush-RB-USC
2003-Larry Fitzgerald-WR-Pittsburgh
2002-Brad Banks-QB-Iowa
2001-Joey Harrington-QB-Oregon


National Defensive Player of the Year – Past Winners
2012-Manti Te'o-LB-Notre Dame
2008-Rey Maualuga-LB-USC
2007-George Selvie-DL-South Florida
2006-James Laurinitus-LB-Ohio State
2005-AJ Hawk-LB-Ohio State
2004-David Pollack-LB-Georgia
2003-Teddy Lehman-LB-Oklahoma
2002-Terrell Suggs-DL-Arizona State
2001-Roy Williams-S-Oklahoma

National Coach of the Year – Past Winners
2012-Bill Snyder - Kansas State
2008 - Mike Leach - Texas Tech
2007 - Mark Mangino - Kansas
2006 - Greg Shiano - Rutgers
2005 - Joe Paterno - Penn State
2004 - Urban Myer - Utah
2003 - David Cutcliffe - Mississippi
2002 - Kirk Ferentz - Iowa
2001 - Mike Bellotti - Oregon

Big Ten Player of the Year – Past Winners
2012-Braxton Miller-QB-Ohio State
2007-James Hardy-WR-Indiana
2006-Anthony Gonzalez-WR-Ohio State
2005-Tyrell Sutton-RB-Northwestern
2004-Braylon Edwards-WR-Michigan/Drew Tate-QB-Iowa
2003-Chris Perry-RB-Michigan
2002-Brad Banks-QB-Iowa
2001-Antwan Randel El-QB-Indiana

Big XII Player of the Year – Past Winners
2012 - Collin Klein-QB-Kansas State
2007-Chase Daniel-QB-Missouri
2006-Rufus Alexander-LB-Oklahoma
2005-Vince Young-QB-Texas
2004-Adrian Peterson-RB-Oklahoma
2003-Jason White-QB-Oklahoma
2002-Brad Smith-QB-Missouri
2001-Eric Crouch-QB-Nebraska