SEC Love Fest needs to leave College Football!

The love fest for the SEC has to stop. Seriously. I know ESPN now has thrown a bunch of money at them, and so has CBS but really, are they that great? Florida has won with the help of a 12th man (SEC officials) and Tim Tebow should be no where near the top 3 on ANY Heisman ballot but his own that he votes for. Alabama needed 2 blocked fgs to beat Tennessee, who was beat by UCLA who is 0-4 in the Pac-10.

Iowa has the best schedule strength in the nation. Beaten Wisconsin, Penn State, & Michigan State all on the road. Only other team to do that...1997 Michigan, a National Championship team. Iowa's opponents opponents have a .633 winning percentage (38-22). Florida's opponents are 26-24 (.520), same as Texas'. Alabama's opponents are 28-29 (.491).

How is Iowa needing 2 fgs blocked to beat in state rival UNI different from Alabama needed 2 fgs bloked to beat Tennessee?

How is Iowa winning ugly different from Florida winning ugly?

Iowa's beaten more BCS-conference opponents with winning records (7-1 Penn State, 5-2 Wisconsin, 5-2 Arizona, 5-3 Iowa State and 5-3 Michigan).

Did you know??? Ricky Stanzi has more TDs and passing yards then SEC God Tim Tebow

The human stupidity of voters needs taken out of the bcs poll. Get an RPI for the BCS, you need to play somebody and win.

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