DirecTv will never see any more of my money

So I used to blog on myspace but I’m going to be slowly phasing that out and getting to facebook and this site for blogging. But anyways that’s just I guess a hello to blogger.com.

So last night I was hoping would be a good night would grill out, work out, kids would sleep good and I could actually sleep too. It went well right up to in between grill out and works out. Noticed that DIRECTV in all the wonder and majesty that is their company thought that 1 day after sending a bill for disconnecting their service, they would take out roughly 400 bucks from my checking account with out any authorization. Apparently it is in the legal jargon, as is if you open a box means you “SIGN”, yes “SIGN” a contract extension. WTF? Does that mean that if I open a can of Pepsi I’m signed to a 2 year contract with Pepsi and can’t get out of having anything but Pepsi? No!

And who reads a box. If you’re like me, when you get something new, its like kid on Christmas day, rip the sucker open. Who reads the box? It’s a terrible way to do business. And I’m already dropping big bucks to get a DVR or HD-DVR receiver. Talk about bending your customers over and giving them the business.

So for about 2 hours my wife and I argued with DIRECTV, contacted our bank, and will be contacting Tom Miller, the Iowa Attorney General. I really like the DIRECTV product, the NFL Network and Big Ten Network are great, and hopefully (fingers crossed) gets the Big Ten Network by August 30th. But their customer service, along with Qwest and the bundle, and what they do to their customers is a totally joke and a shitty way to do business.

Ok, done venting on that.

How bout the Cubs? 2 wins on the road at Milwaukee over CC & Sheets! Big statement made by the North Siders.

Is anyone else tired of Brett Favre?

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