Can I get traded to Microsoft or Google?

Today is a big day in the world of the MLB, trade deadline. Actually its not really, its MLB’s 2nd Hallmark Holiday (1st being the All-Star Game) because some how from now to the end of the season, players will still get traded, pass waivers or end up on different teams. So like most MLB news, it’s over blown. But this year there are a couple big names that could be or already are traded.

2 players with 400+ homers could be traded. 1st Ken Griffey Jr. #6 All-Time on the HR list, 1 behind Sammy Sosa, has been traded from Cincinnati to the Chicago White Sox ( if he agrees ) in a trade that has been mentioned for what seems likes 10 years now. The White Sox probably get better but will it be enough to hold off the Twins and Tigers?

The next is Manny Rameriz. Mr Red Sox. Has Manny being Manny caused him to piss off the Red Sox brass to get rid of him and then get Jason Bay in return? I don’t think so. Manny is Manny, and that is an RBI and hitting machine! The Sox are 3 behind the Rays in the AL East, and I think if they get rid of him I don’t see them wining that division, and with the Yankees getting hot, could the Yanks surpass them for the Wild Card? Red Sox need to keep him. Or trade him to the Cubs.

How would you like 20 million to NOT show up for work? That’s what the Packers are offering Brett Favre. Can I get that deal? Where was that when talking to the counselor at high school? I want that gig! The Pack are in a position that they are looking bad, really bad. It’s Brett Favre. He is Green Bay as much as Lombardi and Lambeau. If he wants to play, you let him play. You don’t let him go to Minnesota or Chicago and you don’t trade him. Do you want to be known as the GM that trades the Legend?

Manny for Farve? Sounds good!

Going to the I-Cubs game tonight, Addy is excited like no other. She thinks she is going to play there and not watch the guys play. She’s wanted to go all summer long, and I’ve gone a few times, but Addy and Brady are going to get to go a couple times this month. This weekend then heading to the Twin Cities for Ryan & Tisha’s wedding. Should be a fun…and long weekend.

Can you smell football season around the corner? It’s on Sunday Night!

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