Conference Championship Picks

Down to the Final 4.  One home team won last week, Pittsburgh and they are hosting rookie Joe Flacco and Ray Lewis and the Ravens in the AFC.  And the left for dead Cardinals vs the barely in Eagles in the NFC.  

Everyone seems to say Pittsburgh will win, and I think that they will initially....but with that I'm going to go with the Ravens.  Go against the trend of everyone in America.  I like Tomlin and the Steelers but just think its gonna go to Baltimore.  I won't be surprised if Pitt wins though either.
Ravens 20-18.

The Eagles are hot, the Cardinals are hot.  The difference in the game may be the health of Brian Westbrook.  The Cardinals D has woke up the last 2 weeks, they are at home.  I'm taking them.
Arizona 31-27

So in 2 weeks it's going to be the birds in Miami.  Ravens-Cardinals.

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