Divisional NFL Playoff Picks

Down to the final 8, and all games are rematches.

I like Pittsburgh's D to keep Darren Sproles under 200 total yards and win 24-13.

Baltimore's the girl with the curl right now and everyone seems to forget what the Titan's did all season long. I think the Titan's get just enough on offense, and Kerry Collins keeps the passing game away from Ed Reed. Titans 13-7.

Eagles are on a roll and playing great. The Giants are a different team on offense with out Plax. Eagles blitz Eli all day and McNabb and Westbrook win it in the 4th. 24-20.

The Cardinals are putrid leaving the Pacific Time Zone. Bad weather could make it hard for the pass happy birds from getting anything going. Panthers running game wins it for them. 27-14.

So my picks....Steelers--Titans--Eagles--Panthers.


  1. Well I'm off on the Titans-Ravens. Baltimore won 13-10

  2. 0-2 so far. The Cardinals tore up the Panthers thanks to 6 Delhomme turn overs.

  3. Well went 2-0 on Saturday. 2-2 overall.