NCAA Tournament Picks

Ok....Madness is here. 65 teams are ready to tip it off. Thursday and Friday are quite possibly the 2 best days in a sports fans life. And then in 3 weeks we'll have our National Champion. March Madness and the brackets are so big and popular that last year even President Obama got in on the act. Web sites from ESPN to Yahoo to CBS all have the games on their site.

So I've have made my first (initial picks-subj to change) and here is my Final Four.

Out of the Midwest I have Kansas. Out of the East I have Kentucky. From the South I have Baylor and from the West I have Syracuse.

From there I have Kansas beating Kentucky for the 2010 National Championship.

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  1. So for the 2nd year in a row, the last 3 scoring rounds in the NCAA tournament I scored jack squat. And what’s more sad is I did better in the women’s bracket than I did the men’s, by a 2-1 margin!

    With Duke winning my wife won the Bracket Busters 2010 pool.