Wrestlemania 26 picks

The Grandaddy of the WWE is here for the 26th time. This time from the desert in Arizona at Univ of Phoenix Stadium. A decent card but Wrestlemania has probably had better ones too. That being said here are my picks.

Diva Tag Team Match...I'll take Mickie James team since they don't have a champion on their team, but who really cares?

Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk...I'll take Rey just because I don't see Rey joining the straight edge society. I don't think that's how the WWE will want to market him.

Orton vs Dibiase vs Rhodes...Either will be a platform from Dibiase to jump up a notch or for Orton to go more face. I think it will be Dibiase getting the win, and start and Orton-Dibiase only feud.

Sheamus vs HHH...Would be better if this had the belt on the line, I think if Sheamus loses he falls fast on the main event spotlight, so I'll take him to win.

ShoMiz vs Morrison/RTruth...There isn't a good tag team anymore, and I dont see Morrison/RTruth as one either, so I'll take ShowMiz.

Money in the Bank...I see only 2 of the 10 as players for the title this coming year, Kofi and Christian. I'll take Kofi.

Streak vs Career...easy, taker goes to 18-0.

Bret vs Vince...Bret gets the W

Batista(C) vs Cena...I think Cena comes out on top, but the feud doesn't end.

Jericho(C) vs Edge...The WWE would be smart to keep it on Jericho for 2 more months, but they wont, Edge walks out champion.

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  1. So I went 5-5 and Deters went 6-4. I owe Deters some Grainbelt when he comes to town next.