2009 Survivor Series Picks

Survivor Series is here...and there are 3 traditional matches, 3 regular matches. I think we see some twists here to start to set up towards WrestleMania.

WWE Championship:I think John Cena keeps his title over DX, but I think we either see a DX split and either HHH turns heel, or both of them turn heel on Cena and after the match, bust him up pretty good.

World HeavyWeight Championship:I think that Jericho pulls out the win here and starts a feud against Y2J. I think this may be a split for the tag team champs too where they drop the titles soon too. I think that it would be stupid for the WWE to do that, Big Show and Y2J are doing good things together.

Batista vs Rey Mysterio: Batista continues to DESTROY his old friend.

Team Orton vs Team Kingston: The Viper destroys Team Kingston, and Kofi vs Orton is teased for the next PPV.

Team Miz vs Team Morrison: Probably one of the more exciting matches...Team Morrison gets the last laugh vs Team Miz. New feuds brew between the participants.

Team Mickie vs Team Michelle: McCool's team gets the last laugh.

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  1. So I got Cena right, Batista right, and lost the rest.....oh well.