New Moon

So Friday I helped (and my wife helped for the 2nd time) to boost the huge numbers of the Twilight saga's sequel "New Moon". Ok, so basically its a teeny bopper movie. It's Montegue's and Capulet's but in werewolf and vampire form. Was it entertaining? Yea, it was ok. I still don't understand the pale face love fest for Edward. Dude looks like a goober. The one thing I was excited about when I saw the preview was the transforming into a werewolf. THAT WAS COOL. I will admit. It wasn't the Wolverine Claws or anything. But it was pretty cool. Overall, it's going to make a lot of money and how they aren't making the 4th movie yet, I'm still unsure of. Do they not know the amount of money it will bring in? So it was entertaining, good time out with the wife. The 3rd movie comes out June 2010. My wife is already ready for the midnight showing again.

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