I can't believe I hit goal #1!

Ok, so since no one is reading, none of you know that I’ve been working out since mid January and dieting to get back to where I was before kids, be in better shape, be more active, and to show my kids a healthier lifestyle. We’ll I haven’t written on it till now, and got the idea from one of Brady’s daycare buddies mom. Hopefully will keep me more on track and reliable.

I missed working out for the past year or so, we had no Y membership and once we got it again for the kids swimming. Well my buddy Jason and I worked out a lot in 2008, then they had an accident and we kind of stopped. Felt like with Brady being a year older, and the kids wanting to do stuff, it was as good as time as any to get back into the swing of things. So a month or so of lifting and running I felt pretty good, and then talked talk to my brother and my nephew and he were on a strict diet for my nephews wrestling and I thought, that might not be so bad for me. I had already stopped drinking pop. Haven’t had one since Jan 22nd. So I started doing salads for lunch with water and cottage cheese and a lot more fruit.

Then my cousin’s fiancé challenged me to do the 5K for Dam to Dam. I thought that was extra motivation to keep this up. Well I’m officially signed up for that, so I HAVE to go through with it.

So roughly 3 and a half months have passed, I’ve had my 32nd birthday. We’ve gone from snow to spring, and I’ve seen a lot of good results, though I’m not yet where I want to be. To go Biggest Loser tracking on you(or whoever may be reading this thing):

Started at:
Total %:

I’ve basically lost a Brady plus a little more. My goal is to get to 180. Right around were I was before finding out ther would be a little girl in our future. If I can get down to less, I’ll take it too, but I’m also lifting to try to get more muscle and tone.

I was really upset I let myself get up to 230, that happened with the 2 pregnancies and a less than active lifestyle of raising 2 little ones. Also when I was at my grandma’s funeral/viewing, an old buddy of my dad’s came up to me and said something like “Put a few on haven’t ya?” That didn’t upset, it motivated me.

I think that’s good for my first post on this subject. I’ll post a picture to see if you can see the difference: the first is from my 32nd birthday party, (didn’t weigh 200 then, was like 210-215ish). The 2nd is from my 31st birthday party.

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