What’s in your bucket?

Bucket list?

This past Sunday night on WHO’s Soundoff I heard Andy Fales say he crossed the Kentucky Derby off his bucket list this past weekend. That kind of got me thinking. What is on my bucket list? What do I want to see or do before I die? Am I even too young to have a bucket list? Now I know some of the things other’s I’ve heard will have more access to getting to these things than I will so my bucket list would probably not be as “fancy” as the others. Would I have a different bucket list for my sports events than regular life events too? I think that I would have to separate it because sports would dominate more than other life events. And my listing would probably be more realistic things I can do instead of like climbing Mount Everest or riding a horse in the Kentucky Derby.

So here…we…go….

Sports Bucket List:

1 – Iowa Rose Bowl – I’ve got to do my first Iowa bowl, but I want to get to Pasadena sometime when the Hawkeyes are there.

2 – Wrigley Field in October – I’ve been to Wrigley for opening day and in the summer, and the first home game after 9/11, but I want to go to a game there in October, preferably the NLCS or World Series.

3 – All 11 Big Ten Football Stadiums – I’ve been to a few, but want to hit them all. Been to Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio State, and Minnesota at the dome. Will get Minnesota’s new stadium this year. I’d like to also do all 11 with my son too someday.

4 – Brickyard 400 – It’s the Indianapolis Speedway with the best racing sport. I think the Indy 500 has lost a little luster, and also taking my son there would be AWESOME.

5 – The Masters – Seriously, who wouldn’t want to watch the world’s best in one of the most beautiful places, Augusta National.

And now on to the regular life stuff…..

Life Bucket List:

1 – Go white water rafting – ever since I was young and saw this on TV, I thought it would be a huge rush and be just a blast to do.

2 – Take Shawnna to Italy – I know this is one place she really wants to go to, and I really want it to be a surprise should I be able to pull it off. The history and food and site seeing would blow both our minds I think.

3 – Take the family to Disney World – I want to knock this one off in the next couple years while the kids are still young and loving the princess’s, Mickey Mouse and the Cars characters. Seeing the kids take it in young would be the best.

4 – Go camping and canoeing on the Boundary Waters with Brayden. This will have to be something later down the line, maybe when he’s 10-16. Something a father and son can do.

5 – Go parachuting – again another rush that I think would be awesome, and have heard it is amazing.

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