Who's in your 5 - SuperHeroes

Soundoff on WHO TV Sunday Nights has this little feature, and I may "Borrow" it. Sunday night it was "who is in your 5 for Favorite Super Heros."

So here we go.

#5 IronMan - Marvels version of Batman. Rich, and how many armor toys does he have?

#4 Iceman - he's just cool! And he can create his own transportation.

#3 Wolverine - A pure bad ass. Claws coming out of his hands. Regenerates his energy and is almost unbreakable.

#2 Daredevil - I may be the only one who enjoyed the Ben Affleck Movie, but dude is a blind lawyer and takes on everyone.

#1 Batman - dude is rich and and like Jack Nicholson's Joker says: "where does he get all those wonderful toys?"

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