As good as i once was.....

•Found out this weekend, I’m not in college any more. a hangover that I would have been over by noon in college, took me till 930 pm to feel normal. Oh to be in college again.
•That being said, had a blast this Saturday night at the piano bar with Kim and Jason and Shawnna. The piano man played Good Ole Boys, You never call me by my name and the Iowa Fight Song, 3 times! It was AWESOME!
•Got Jason a cool gift for his bday. 2 nerf guns! It was awesome!
•Had my first day that I had to come to work in 7 years on a Saturday. Did it for a co-worker who is taking over some processes and is swamped and wanted to get a jump over the weekend on the work.
•Addy came into work with me and it was funny to see how excited she was about the automatic soap dispensers.
•Mom & Dad took the kids this weekend so we could go out, and took them on a road trip to Pella. Kind of like what we did when I was younger. Brought back some memories and the kids had a lot of fun too.
•Brady woke up Sunday and couldn’t walk. Slept on his foot wrong and crawled most the day. It was kind of funny. When we got home I had to run May baskets over to Kim & Jason’s and he wanted to go with, said if he wanted to go he had to walk. He got right up and walked on it.
•Work still dominated by Wachovia and will soon be by the upgrade.
•Can’t wait for the weekend, going to the Omaha Zoo with Kim & Jason and the kids for round 2. Wheatfield’s on Sunday. Looking forward to it.

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