Inception - Life? Reality? Dreams?

Ok, so this blog is a few weeks over due. And would have been better if it was still fresh in my mind, but we went out and saw Christopher Nolan's film Inception. It's visually great! That part is awesome. The story is good, some I could have done with out but yea it was really good. I think of the films I've seen this year its #2 right now behind Toy Story 3.

But here's what happened afterwards. We were talking about dreams and reality and then Christianity got brought up and belief in God. Now let me start here, I'm a Methodist. I believe in God, Heaven and a higher Power. (YES this is a big step from what your usually used to here if anyone is reading this.) But somehow that we got talking and it was like was Leo's character in reality or was his life all a dream of someone else. Are we real. Does that make a person a bad person if they don't believe.

I then brought up that fact that well when we are gone, we are gone. This is going to sound weird but when I was about 13, I sat infront of the mirror in the bathroom at my parents house and just looked at myself in my eyes. About 25 mins in to it I got the feeling that there is only 1 me. When I'm gone I'm gone. I'm never going to feel or enjoy those things in life again. Like the smell of peaches in a grocery store. The tingle of excitment of walking up the dark ramp at Kinnick Stadium until you get to the top and see the sun and the bright green grass. When I die, I die. I wont be able to see that again of feel that again. That affected me a lot that day and then the next few years.

So now fast forward. We were talking about Christianity and Jesus. (Please see statement above I believe in God and Higher Power) But did Jesus really exist as God's Son or was he just someone really smart that knew things that others didn't. Like were all these miracles happening based on the fact he knew certain sciences and could maybe pull these "miracles" off? Then had followers who believed him and maybe had knowledge too? Water to wine? Could he have added something? The healings, did he have some medicine training or knowledge that no one else did?

All these things pop in my head and I just think stuff. Like I said this blog would have been better a few weeks ago but I didn't get on the comptuer that night. There weren't kids around, can you blame me? Maybe this is what Nolan wanted from this movie. To make you think about life and your reality and religon. If so, hey good job Chris! If it was just meant for pure enjoyment then something got planted in my head. Can't wait for Batman 3 Chris!

What do you all think?


  1. stumbled on your blog through Sabrina Macready's. I strangely understand what you mean about the mirror thing & how when you're dead- you're just that- gone. I haven't seen inception yet, but now I really should check it out.


  2. Yea, it really freaked me out that when it hit me and when I sit and have a moment to think about it now, it still freaks me out. Like goosebumps freak out.