High School Football - Week 2

Week 2 in High school football and my alma mater is 0-2 and been outscored 82-0. Ouch. But we still have the 1987 State Championship! Last week in a game I shoulda picked but didn’t even see, Madrid, Class A hosted Class 2A West Marshall. It’s not like West Marshall is a Goliath but hey, they played a team twice their size and beat them. And they play a 2A team again this week in PCM, So I will be picking that game. Another is an inner city battle in Cedar Rapids and then Indianola going up against Valley. A few weeks ago Indianola (one of the smallest 4A schools) wanted to drop down and play 3A in a different district now puts it perfect 2-0 record up against arguably the largest school in 4A.

Week 2 Picks
Valley over Indianola
Cedar Rapids-Xavier over Cedar Rapids-Prairie
Carlisle over Winterset
Clear Lake over Forest City
Aplington-Parkersburg over West Marshall
Madrid over Prairie City-Monroe
Dike-New Hartford over Hudson
Gladbrook-Reinbeck over Grundy Center
GMG over BCLUW – c’mon boys!

Week 2 (0-0)
Season (9-2)

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  1. Nice week this week. 8-1. My pick of my alma mater to win was my only loss.

    Valley over Indianola 38-0
    Cedar Rapids-Xavier over Cedar Rapids-Prairie 14-10
    Carlisle over Winterset 38-37
    Clear Lake over Forest City - Clear Lake 40-0
    Aplington-Parkersburg over West Marshall - AP 35-6
    Madrid over Prairie City-Monroe - Madrid 63-24
    Dike-New Hartford over Hudson 28-21
    Gladbrook-Reinbeck over Grundy Center 35-0
    GMG over BCLUW – BCLUW 20-6

    Week 2 (8-1)
    Season (17-3)