Who's in your 5? Star Wars Characters

Ok, so I was having trouble thinking of a Who's in Your 5 to think of writing since I didn't like the ones from SoundOff to copy, and after having a few emails with a fellow Star Wars fan while she was building a Lego Ewok Glidder (which is just cool too!) I'm going to go with this. Top 5 favorite Star Wars characters.

Before I get into it I thought do I even include the prequels? Lucas I think hurt the original 3 by trying to incorporate every character from the orignals in the prequels. Really, Darth Vader built C3PO and R2D2 was Amidalla's astro droid and hey by sheer chance in all of the galaxy far, far away they both end up in Luke's hands, who happens to be their kid?

So here are my top 5 Star Wars Characters.

Honorable Mention - Princess Leia ( in the gold bikini! :P ), Han Solo, Darth Maul

5. Lando - some one had to be the player in the galaxy. Lando was that man. He ran a city and was a gambler. And he can fly the hell out of the Millenium Falcon

4. Admiral Ackbar - the coolest curstacean. It's a trap!

3. Luke - yea I admit when I played Star Wars when I was younger, I was Luke. Who didn't want to be the hero? And the Green Lightsaber was just cool!

2. Darth Vader - if you make the top 5 of all time movie villians you're a bad ass. I don't think there is a more menacing figure in movies ever. He is the epitimy of evil and is AWESOME! And you know right now you can hear his breathing.

1. Boba Fett - Outside of Vader I don't think there is a badder ass in the galaxy. He got eliminated from ROTJ pretty easily but in the expanded universe, the Sarlac doesn't kill him.

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