Big Ten Awards - Week 10

Team of the Week - Michigan & Illinois.  Sure I have a loser on this but if you like offense that game was fun to watch.  More points were scored in it than in the last 3 Michigan-Illinois basketball games (that might say more about the state of Big Ten basketball than football right now)  Michigan became bowl eligible under RichRod for the first time.  DRob, aka PS3, got hurt again and Tate Forcier lead them back and to the win.  Mikel Lashoure put up 5 td's for the Illini who sit at 1 game from bowl eligibility.

Helmet Sticker - Joe Paterno - Sure I could look at a guy from the Illinois-Michigan game, but how many times will a college football coach win their 400th game.  I think this is JoePa's last go round.  Give the old guy a helmet sticker.

Highlight of the Week - JoePa #400

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