Friday 6 Pack

A BSox 6er

1. Iowa State got another big win yesterday at Hilton, at the moment; they are 18-7/8-4. What's the ceiling for this team, and at the end of the year, what will we be saying about Iowa State?
Matt – I think this team’s ceiling is Sweet 16/Elite 8 if they get the right draw and matchups and White can make free throws.  Then if White stays and they get the other transfers playing this team will be getting major buzz going into next year.
Painter – Even at 18-8/8-5 (which they are after the Baylor game) I still think they are somewhat inconsistent.  They're a bubble team right now but a good showing in the Big XII tournament will help their chances.
Blake – Iowa State could be a team that makes a sneaky run either during the Big 12 Championship or the NCAA Tourney.  They have a ton of talent, but just need to continue to grow as a team.  I wouldn't be surprised if they got to the Sweet 16.
Zach – The ceiling is higher than what most want to give. I can see ISU WINNING the Big XII Tourney. At the end of the year, fans will be asking when is the countdown to next season? Iowa State men's athletics will soar to new heights

2. NFL season is done, draft is on the way, what do you think was the biggest headline of the season was, and just for giggles, the biggest NON headline of the season?
Matt – Headline:  The Manning Sagas—Eli’s bling and Peyton’s ending Indy Fling     NonHeadline:Jisselle vs Welker in New England
Painter – Biggest headline:  Al Davis passing away.  He did a lot to form the NFL as we know it.  He got a bad reputation over the past decade but he was still a great football man.   Biggest non-headline:   Tom Coughlin on the hot-seat in New York.  That's an annual thing, we can all assume it will happen by week 6.
Blake – Biggest Headline had to have been Tim Tebow, and the biggest non-headline was the kickoff rule change.  Granted there were a lot more touchbacks, but by week two or three, did anyone remember any other way?
Zach – Headline: Eli Elite   Non-headline: OchoCinco Not Even Matching Receptions to Last Name

3. With state tournaments approaching, which one is the best and why?
Matt – Wrestling, when you make SI, you got something special
Painter – Even though I'm not a fan the state wrestling tournament takes the title.  Multiple matches at once and a great environment give it the edge. 
Blake – Um, Boys basketball.  Because wrestling includes men rolling on the mat together and girls basketball is painful.
Zach – Wrestling, simply because of its energy it brings

4. Kurt Warner made some interesting comments on Eli Manning, and his possible place in the Hall of fame, do you agree with the comments, and were you surprised by Warner? If you missed it, here is a link to the story.
Matt – I was surprised by Warner, one because Eli now has more rings than him, so does he think he himself isn’t HOF worthy? I think Eli has the resume to build on becoming the greatest QB in New York football history, IMO he’s already surpassed Simms and Namath.  Give him 7 good more healthy years and he’ll be in Canton. 
Painter – I agree with Kurt completely.  At this point Eli is not Hall of Fame worthy.  I think the Super Bowl ring benchmark for QB's getting into the HoF is now 3 if that's all you go by.  Otherwise they need to have a solid body of work through their career.  So far Eli has shown flashes of brilliance and flashes of crap.  If he can put together a few more strong seasons he'd be more worthy.  As far as being surprised by Warner I'm not.  He's now an analyst; he gets paid to voice his opinion and that's what he did.  It doesn't matter to me that he was a QB at one time.  
Blake – I was surprised by his comments, because it wasn't the normal "be nice to everyone without actually saying anything" talk that you normally get from former players.  I liked that he had an opinion, but he may be wrong. I think Eli has to be in the discussion for future hall of famers.
Zach – Eli is elite RIGHT NOW. Leave him alone, and once he retires, then we can bring up this conversation

5. Taking a major leap forward, Des Moines seems to be the king of the minor league teams (just sounded good in my head), how far down the road, and what would Des Moines need to do to gain a major pro franchise, and what sport would work best?
Matt – I remember back in the early 90s reading in like Sport or Inside Sports that Des Moines was one of 2 cities predicted for a major league team (along with Buffalo), I don’t see it.  I like what we have now with the I-Cubs and Stormers, Energy and Bucs.  I wish we could get a bigger hockey team in the Well with a staff that KNOWS how to get butts in the seats there.  I think the first “MAJOR” sport to come here will be NASCAR in Newton, and I think they are right on track (pun intended) to doing that.
Painter – If you're talking the big 4 (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA) it's not gonna happen.  The only top-level sporting events I can see coming to Des Moines/Central Iowa are a PGA Tour event (it still may not bring in the top draws like Tiger and Phil) or a NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Newton.
Blake – I think baseball would be the only thing that would work.  Right now, the I-Cubs can nearly outdraw some of the crappy Major League teams.  The NBA wouldn't stand a chance, and I think people are so wrapped up in Hawkeye and Cyclone Football, even an NFL team wouldn't succeed.
Zach – I've argued for a little bit that Des Moines has the best minor league sports market in the country. Frankly, I think it's fine just the way it is. I would like to see more national events come around here, however

6. A kid found a Super Bowl playbook at a yard sale, what is your most prized sport possession, and how did you get it?
Matt – Most prized…wow, I have a Bob Feller ball signed when my dad, bro and I met him at the Field of Dreams with now Ohio Gov John Kasich, also have an autographed Ryno photo from ICubs Convention about 10 years ago.  Don’t know if I’d call that most prized.  I’m going to go with a ticket stub…Last Yankees/Redsox game at Old Yankee Stadium with my dad and brother.  The memories from the game and the trip are something I wont forget.
Painter – I have a simple #18 Iowa jersey that I bought at Scheel's somewhere in the 2005-2007 years.  During the 2008 game vs Maine Chad Greenway was standing on the field right in front of us.  I asked if he'd sign it he said sure and "I didn't know they still sold these".  Too bad no one had a Sharpie, all we could muster was a ballpoint pen.  Needless to say the signature is faded, but at least I still have the picture of the autograph.
Blake – Probably my signed, Derek Lee Iowa Cubs jersey.  Thanks for letting me know the jersey was available again Quentin.
Zach – My most prized sports possession is a signed Tim Lincecum baseball, and I got it as a high school graduation gift.

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