Friday 6 Pack

1-Iowa State got a HUGE road win at Kansas State and all but clinched a spot in the NCAA tournament.  Is this something you expected from this year’s Cyclones?  Also your on the selection committee, regardless of seeding, who would you want to see Iowa State matched up with?
Matt – I think this is what Iowa State was expected to do with all the transfers.  Build a base quick with transfers and get some notoriety and get recruits in.  The Big XII with Baylor, Missouri and Kansas isn’t a cake walk, maybe they get to the final four of the Big XII tourney.  But they are dancing.  I’d like to see Iowa State vs. Southern Miss (Larry Eustachy) or New Mexico (Steve Alford) or Creighton (the McDermotts)
Wendt – Iowa State vs Creighton would be gold, and if the Bluejays somehow beat the Clones the meltdown would be epic
Blake – Marquee names are always fun, but honestly, I'm just glad that someone from Iowa will make the tournament.  Of course the match ups always matter, but the team has enough talent to put together a nice run to the Sweet 16 if the cards fall right.
BSox – I think its a little hard to say who I want to see them matched up with because its hard to guess at the seeding of the team, to see the match ups we want, I'm guessing we'd have to wait until the second or third round to see the match ups that we'd want to say. Its easy to say teams like mich st (who they have a history with), duke, NC, but one that we might see early is Creighton. with that many teams who knows
Majors – Iowa State plays basketball? Ok, seriously though, I guess I am a little happy for them? I think it would be a good move for them to be matched up with a bigger name, just to have a spotlight on a matchup. So someone in the 2nd round with a name, whether it be Florida, Georgetown, something along those lines. 
2- Iowa’s nightmares in Champaign continued as the Illini broke a 6 game skid and beat the Hawks.  Gaten’s couldn’t win this one for Iowa and unless the Hawks win the Big Ten Tourney the NCAA is all but a dream.  Iowa then plays Nebraska and Northwestern before heading to Indy.  Will the Hawks get some revenge on 2 teams that beat them earlier?
Matt – Champaign and East Lansing seem to be house of horrors, also Penn State for Iowa basketball.  The Hawks NEED to beat Northwestern and Nebraska.  Losses to those 2 teams are unacceptable.  To progress where Fran wants them you can’t lose those!  Win one in Indy and play on Friday its all good.  Get to the NIT and make a run there and I’m a happy fan.
Wendt – Iowa seems to have a knack for losing games they shouldn't lose but I'll go ahead and predict they win both those games and lose in round 1 in Indy
Blake – Man, I hope so, but it seems like the Hawkeyes have been a tail of two teams this year.  Great when you don't expect it, and horrible against teams they should beat
BSox – I think it depends which Iowa team decides to show up. I think we are getting glimpses at what this team is going to be like, but you have so many young kids, its gonna take a bit. Highly possible I'd say though
Majors – It would be nice to see the Hawks get on a streak heading into the tourney. I never know what team will show up for their games. Living here in FL, I get zero coverage, so I have to rely on other means to see how they are doing. Their scoring drives me bonkers, 80+ points one night, 60 or so the next. They yo-yo way too much. I hope to see them continue to improve, though. I have talked to Reggie Evans about it multiple times, it is frustrating for the former players as well to see what they are doing now. Stability...we need it
3-RG3 ran a 4.38 forty at the NFL Combine, his QB cohort Andrew Luck ran a 4.53, does this move RG3 up any over Andrew Luck? 
Matt – I love RG3, he’s a stud and one of the most exciting college players we’ve had in a while.  But I’m still taking Andrew Luck over him.
Wendt – It seems like the Colts are in love and close to marrying Luck, so no, RG3 won't be the #1 pick
Blake – No.  It does solidify RG3 as the number two pick though
BSox – No, I'm not sure the whole world is sold on a dude like RG3. I'm not saying he's a bad football player, but its too far and in between a guy like him pays off in the NFL. besides, didn't we all know he was faster than andrew luck?
Majors – No, but he will more than likely be drafted at #2. It sounds like the Browns are ready to grab him, (bye bye Colt McCoy). I do think RG3 will be a solid player. He has the smarts, his parents have kept him grounded & mature, and he seems to be a like able kid. I am one of the few ones not 100% sold on Luck. He has never wowed me in a game. Yeas, he is athletic, smart, and driven to win. I have just never seen that moment where I am wowed. We shall see, though
4-Has the NBA Slam Dunk contest ended its run of being legitimate during the NBA All-Star Weekend?
Matt – The NBA Slam Dunk contest should have done a walk off with Jordan vs. Dominique in 1987.  That’s it that’s the list.
Wendt – The NBA Slam Dunk contest isn't cool when none of the stars want to be involved. Offer the winner $1 million dollars and watch the stars flock
Blake – The NBA has to find a way to give incentives to the winners.  A dunk contest with Howard, LeBron, Rose, Griffin, and Durant could still be epic, but I'd rather it not be held that watch a bunch of D Leaguers participate like this year
BSox – didn't see it, and the fact i didn't see any press on it means yes.
Majors – Yeah, it has definitely been done before. Now they seem to take multiple dunk attempts, which makes it even more boring. Once in awhile there will be a cool shot or something, but overall, it's done. I like the PG skills competition. The obstacle course they run is kinda cool. The 3-point contest is still cool to me as well
5-It’s getting down to the nitty gritty with Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic.  You’re the GM, are you trading him to get something or will it be Shaq 2.0 and you lose out on getting anything for him in return.  Most likely destination for him?
Matt – It seems that he’s gone from the Magic.  They need to trade him and get something.  All fingers have pointed to New York, LA or Chicago in the past.  I’d be rooting for Chicago, I think that would be great, but DP mentioned this morning that maybe Dallas?  Sad though no mention of smaller market teams. 
Wendt – Better trade him now and New Jersey seems the likely landing spot (although as a Lakers fan I'd give up Bynum for Howard in a heartbeat)
Blake – Money-wise, I don't know why he wouldn't stay.  He can get a bigger contract staying with Orlando, plus no income tax in Florida.  Orlando should be a good place to come play for other players, so he needs to do a bit of recruiting.  That being said, New Jersey is still the team most likely to land him.  Billionaire former KGB owner, moving to Brooklyn, and D-Will.
BSox – I think its hard for teams to want to part with talent, he's done there, but GM might want to keep the talent, i think it's time just to cut ties, but I wouldn't do it for nothing, and if he's still producing for me, than I'm going to wait til i get the deal i want rather than just get rid of him JUST to get rid of him. he's still producing so
Majors – C'mon Lakers!!! As a Lakers fan, I would like to see him there. I don't want to see him with the NJ/Brooklyn/Whoevertheyarenow Nets/Knights/Whatevers. I do think the Magic should just trade him. Get the soap opera over already. The NBA is definitely a players league. Whatever the players want, they get. i think that is wrong, but no one seems intent on stopping it
6-The Artist won best picture at the Oscars.  Have you seen it and if not, what are the chance you will see it?
Matt – There’s a better chance of me wearing a dress to Carl’s Place than me watching the Artist.  The Oscars and the Academy is about as bad as the BCS.
Wendt – I have no idea what that is so probably not
Blake – Hell no.
BSox – not a lot. i like good movies, and have seen a lot of the classics but i think this one will be one i'll watch if its on, but i'm not gonna go out of my way for it.
Majors – Ummm, I was sick that day in school? Actually, wouldn't be opposed to seeing it. I heard it was a silent film? That would be kinda neat to watch. Maybe I can stream it somewhere, haha. I'm Kidding!!!

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