Welcome to March Madness foreplay…Conference Tourney week.

1-Iowa will take on Illinois in the 8-9 game in the Big Ten Conference Tourney on Thursday.  Predictions on the Hawks and who cuts down the nets in Indianapolis?  **note answers submitted prior to start of conf tourney**
Matt – I don’t like this matchup for Iowa but atleast its not in Champaign.  The Hawks need Gatens to hit a few early and have Basabe and White to not let their big guy beat us like he did a few weeks ago.  I think in the end it comes down to Michigan State & Ohio State and this time Michigan State wins, goes in to the NCAA as a #1 somewhere.
Wendt – Illiannoy-76 Iowa-67. I'll take Michigan State to win the title this year
PainterIowa may win a game but I doubt they make it to the weekend.  I have a feeling Ohio State or Michigan State will win it all.
BlakeI'll take Michigan State winning the Conference Tourney, and Iowa getting out of the first round.
Majors – Hmmm, let's go Hawks!!! I think they can win this one, but they will have to play fast and play smart. As for the team to win the tourney, I hate to say it, but tOSU looks pretty good lately. They have been pretty consistent this year.
Silker – Hawks beat then Illioni however lose the next game. They suffer a first round lose in the NIT and look to next year. Michigan State cuts down the net after suffering their last lose this past weekend. They go on a terror and win the tourney.

2-Iowa State is the #3 seed in the Big XII tournament and will take on #6 Texas on Thursday.  Will the Cyclones make a run in Kansas City or is it the Jayhawks and everyone else?  **note answers submitted prior to start of conf tourney**
Matt – I think you’ll see Iowa State in the final four and I won’t be surprised if they make the title game.  But thinking its KU vs Mizzou one last time for the Title. 
Wendt – I'll take Kansas vs Missouri for the Big 12 Title
PainterISU may make it to the weekend but I have a feeling Missouri is the team to beat.
Blake – Iowa State can definitely go on a run.  That is, if they don't get blinded by the Baylor uniforms.
Majors – Rock Chalk Jayhawk. I think Mizzou & KU will be int he finals, but I think M-I-Z-Z-O-U wins it
Silker – State will make a run but no one in the big XII can stop the Jayhawks.

3-Breaking this weekend is that Saints DC Greg Williams had a bounty pool for the Saints defenders in big hits and game ending hits on opponents.  The NFL will be dropping some punishment here this week, if your Roger Goodell what is your judgment?
Matt – With player safety being the biggest concern, someone is getting punished big time.  Williams will get hit and I’m sure the Saints too.  But this has been around a while, it will need to be each organization taking the correct actions on this too.  Bad hit for the NFL.
Wendt – If I'm Roger Goodell I'm pissed that somebody actually talked, you know these type of pools/bounties have been around for a long time
PainterI don't know if I would do anything too harsh, maybe fine the coaches involved as well as the team itself.
BlakeSuspended for at least a year.  He has to set a standard that this will not be tolerated...even if I firmly believe it goes on in every clubhouse.
Majors – Move the 'Aints to Cuba. Actually, this has been a hotbed conversation, especially here locally since I am so close to the Cajun land itself. Most "Who Dat' fans think it is a conspiracy against them, but it isn't. They are going to lose...bad. Payton may be suspended 8 games, MULTIPLE draft picks being lost, etc. This will be hard to recover from
Silker – It will be a slap on the wrist with some fines and suspensions. However if I were him, Williams is suspended for the same amount of years he had a pool going. The way is sounds it could be between 7-10 years. Sean Peyton is suspended for one year. New Orleans doesn't forfeit the super bowl they won but it gets the MLB * next to it signifying rules were broken that year. Williams is fined half his salary while at New Orleans and the saints are fined the amount they made for winning the super bowl.

4-Greg McDermott is back in the NCAA after Creighton’s MVC Championship.  Who’s in a better spot now 2 years after McDermott leaving Iowa State for Omaha, the Bluejays or Cyclones?
Matt – I think right not it’s a win win for everyone.  Hoiberg has the Clone (if White stays) in a really good spot with his Transfer U but in time he will need to get a base going and if they can grow a base I think they can compete with KU for a while.  McDermott gets to coach his kid and be in one of the best non BCS conf there is and have a great fan base supporting him.  Sorry Blake to rub salt in a wound, young McDermott would have looked great in purple and gold.
Wendt – Great question. Iowa State seems poised to compete in the Big 12 and let's be honest, the Missouri Valley Conference isn't good top to bottom so I'll take Iowa State being in a better spot
PainterShort term:  ISU.  Long term (right now):  Creighton
BlakeBluejays because of the conference.  Creighton is basically that Kansas of the Missouri Valley, the rightful owner of the throne.  The Cyclones will never be that.
Majors – This one is a little out of my wheelhouse. I think ISU has done a good job of rising up. Hoiberg has become impressive as the coach. Creighton has generally had a decent team, but I think the CyClowns are doing pretty well right now.
Silker – Cyclones. McDermott cannot recruit with the big boys. His best player is his son who should be a panther right now. Iowa state is looking better by the day

5-What record in all of sports has NO CHANCE of ever being broken?
Matt – Cy Young’s 500+ wins and Johnny Vandermeir’s back to back no hitters are tough ones to beat.  I don’t think you’ll see a running back top Emmitt or Walter either.  Fricken Emmitt!
Wendt – Cal Ripken Jr's consecutive games played will never be broken
PainterAll records have a chance to be broken (records were meant to be broken) but Cal Ripken Jr's consecutive games streak and Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hit streak are the most likely to never be broken.
BlakeI don't think anyone will ever surpass Wilt's 100 or Cal's Consecutive Game Streak.  I think DiMaggio's Hit Streak could be broken someday.  Maybe
Majors – 56 game hitting streak.
Silker – Wilt! No one will ever score 100 in a game again. No chance ever!

6-Tiger Woods shot a 62 Sunday at the Honda Classic, Rory McIlroy won it to take over the #1 World Golf Rankings.  Many will utter TIGER IS BACK…does Tiger’s round of 62 change your mind on his play?
Matt – I don’t think he’s back but its baby steps.  It’s all in his head.  I will predict that he finishes in the top 5 at Augusta. 
Wendt – One round doesn't make up for last Thursday when he was missing putts all over the place. Let's see how he does for a few tournaments in a row before I start waving my Tiger flag. 
Painter – Not yet.  He needs to shoot in the 60's consistently before I consider him to be back.
Blake – Sure, he's been on an uptick since the end of last year.  It would have been foolish to say Tiger will never win again, but his days of dominance are over
Majors – I think he will begin to play consistent. With all of the distractions, there was no doubt he couldn't focus anymore. As for being the undisputed man? Those days are gone. Too many young players that are really good. Even those guys can't emerge over each other. I think Tiger will win some more, probably multiple majors, but not be dominant, no.
Silker – Tiger still needs to win a major to say he is back. Until he does that he is just a cub. Rory is also a great golfer who is getting better. Players are scared of his name like they were with old Tiger!

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