A Mad 6 Pack!

1-Everyone fills out a bracket, who’s your pick in the Final Four, and your Champion?
Matt – I think this bracket will be a lot of chalk, the top 16 teams will advance.  So with that there will probably be a lot of upsets.  My final four Kentucky, Ohio State, Michigan State, Kansas.  Championship for Sparty.
PainterWhy would I disclose that this early in the week?  I'm not giving other people a chance to see my picks until our ESPN bracket opens to everyone (let's just say a Big 10 team is favored).
Wendt – Missouri, Duke, Syracuse, Kansas. Syracuse wins it all
BlakeI've changed it a dozen times, especially with Fab Melo now being out.  Give me Kentucky, Michigan State, Florida State, and in the Midwest, I have no idea.  I have Creighton in one of my brackets
Majors – Well since I have a 1/68 shot, I guess it is an easy guess, right? I am thinking Kentucky will take it. They are solid, but I worry a little about them breaking down mentally. I would love to see Mizzou win it all. They will have a tough time beating Mich St since it is March, and, well, Izzo doesn't lose in March. I have FL St & UNC as my other two. FL St is on a roll, and are not afraid of anyone. I think Syracuse loses to Vandy too.

2-Iowa State gets the #8 seed and will play defending champion UConn.  If they get past the Huskies, #1 Kentucky is waiting.  To be the Man, wooo, you got to beat the man.  Crystal Ball the Clones?
Matt – The Huskies aren’t the Huskies from last year and I think they get ISU.  It’s going to be close I think.  If ISU can get past UConn I think for 20 mins then they can put a scare into the Wildcats, but that’s about it.  Good year for the Clones, keep Royce nose clean and they are sitting ok for next year.
Painter1st round exit.  Sorry, can't see them beating UConn. 
Wendt – UConn 78 Iowa State 67
BlakeI said all along they could be a Sweet 16 if they get hot.  I did not see them getting such a tough path though.  Doubt they get to the round of 16 anymore
Majors – They will lose to UConn. I think they could win, no doubt, they are a good team. But again, it's March, & UConn doesn't lose easily in March

3-Matt Gatens senior season lives on!  Iowa will host Dayton in the NIT.  How good is this for the program?
Matt – Really good for the program.  Any Iowa fan who says it’s not, is smoking.  Yes its not the big dance but its post season and more practice and Fran could build off this!
PainterThis is excellent for the program.  It gets some of the more casual fans interested again, it gives the players more practice time, and it's not as high-pressure as the NCAA tournament.  Iowa should beat Dayton in Carver-Hawkeye but who knows what happens next
Wendt – More practice time and a postseason tournament experience? Not a bad thing for this young team one bit
Blake – Uh, awesome.  Awesome for the fans who got a road home game.  Awesome for the team to get more practices and post season experience.  Awesome for Gatens, and awesome for White, and Basabe who had stellar round 1 games
Majors – I was really worried, but it seems they are playing pretty well. I think they will be ok

4-The Selection Committee gives a potential second round matchup of Doug McDermott vs Harrison Barnes.  Do you see Creighton giving the Heels any problems?
Matt – I’m really hoping the Bluejays win so we get this matchup.  I think McDermott would out play Barnes, but he’d have to for the Jays to have a chance.  Barnes is on a team of NBA players.  UNC will win though. 
PainterNope, Creighton has been very inconsistent in that last part of the season.  Creighton may be lucky to even get to the 2nd round.
Wendt – Nope. I actually laugh at the Missouri Valley Conference whiners who think Creighton got hosed
BlakeAbsolutely.  I'm not sold on North Carolina
Majors – I don't think Creighton will have a huge chance against UNC. It is one game, though, so any team can win. I love March Madness!!! 

5-Peyton Manning is no longer a Colt, who benefited more from the 14 year campaign, Peyton, the Colts or the City of Indianapolis?  Where will Peyton land too?
Matt – How could they not all be winners?  Peyton has one of the greatest QB careers so far.  The Colts got a brand new Stadium.  They both got a Super Bowl Title.  Indianapolis got a new stadium that hosts more than just Colts games, they get the Super Bowls, Big Ten Championship games and Final Fours.  Everybody won.  I think Manning will be a Cardinal.  Maybe getting Wayne and Clark to follow him to join Fitzgerald.
PainterThe city of Indianapolis came out best in that relationship.  It hosted a Super Bowl because of the new stadium which was helped by the Colts' success.  That alone was huge.  I also think the new stadium played a part in hosting the Big Ten football championship this year.  Indy will forever be known for the Brickyard but the 2000's Colts will be right there with it.
Wendt – Manning built the stadium and helped win a Super Bowl. Manning will be a Denver Bronco this season
BlakePeyton would have been Peyton in a lot of places.  Indy won for having him there.  They have a multi purpose facility/dome, and a Super Bowl
Majors – I think everyone was a winner w/ Peyton in Indy. It seems like the donkeys, (Raider Nation & I hate the donkeys), are the favorites right now. Kinda surprised he would go there, cold weather, outdoors, etc. They do have some solid young WRs, and John Fox has no clue about the offense, so he will just hand over the keys to Peyton. As a Raiders fan, I do think it would be fun to play him twice a year. I know, sounds crazy, but I like the idea of it. Besides, he only has 2-3 years left. And the donkey faithful wanted Tebow, well, they got him. Now they want Peyton. What about your beloved Tebow? Hmmm?

6-St Paddy’s day is Saturday, do you go green for the day, including blood-alcohol content level?
Matt – I will not be digesting green beer.  I tend to stay in on St Paddys day.  To many unskilled drinkers seem to come out of the cracks. 
Painter – I don't go out of my way to do anything special.  I may have a beer or 2 but not much more than that.  I just don't get wrapped up into it
Wendt – I've never done a massive drinkfest for St Paddy's Day......doubt it changes this year (although I am attending my first ever Iowa Barnstormers game)
BlakeI have drill.  2 more left after this month
Majors – I'm Irish heritage, of course I go green!!! 

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