The Big Game 6er!

1. Iowa struggled to get by NIU this past weekend, Iowa State rumbled past Tulsa to set up a 1-0 matchup in Iowa City for the ‘new’ CyHawk trophy.  Iowa hasn’t lost to ISU in Kinnick since 2002, and some feel that Iowa State maybe the more talented team going into the game Saturday.  What happens?  Who wins?
Matt – I really don’t have a feel, ISU played better the first game of the year.  ISU I think is the most talented team and I like their LBs as the best unit on the field.  I think though that this mirrors last year’s game.  Iowa had the more impressive first game last year, ISU struggled.  ISU pulled off the win at home.  I could see that happening this year, flip-flopped.  I’m thinking somewhere Iowa pulls a play out and eecks out a win in the 4th and the defense this year stops Steele Jantz and the Hawks can run out the clock with a W.   Hawks 24-Clones 23
Wendt – Iowa-27 Iowa State-13
Painter – Iowa has way more talent but is transitioning.  I think Iowa's passing game will greatly improve (Vandenberg is a million times better at Kinnick.  The game will either end with ISU winning by a few points or Iowa winning by double-digits.
Blake – I've gone back and forth.  On the surface, it seems like ISU should win.  However Iowa is so successful at home, and in home openers, and I think it took a while to realize how good NIU played, that now I'm favoring Iowa a little.  Still wouldn't bet on this game either way
BSox – I don’t think I’m going too far out there to say I think Iowa will win, but I do believe that it will be a close game. I think if Iowa would have had better luck in the red zone this weekend, there would be a different feeling going into the game. So away we go again. We’ll see what happens this year.
Majors – With every fiber of my being I am willing the Hawks to a win. I am just not sure, though. We seemed to be in neutral all game, and NIU's front 7 just manhandled us it seemed. Go Hawkeyes!!!
Zach – Iowa did struggle last week to Northern Illinois, and I can't wait for tomorrow to come around so the talk can stop for at least three hours. Anyway, Iowa State looked too impressive to lay an egg on Saturday. Jantz shouldn't have many problems, but Iowa hangs around in this game. ISU 28, Iowa 24

2. Week 1 of the college season is in the books…Penn State got beat by Ohio, Alabama rolled Michigan, Boise State couldn’t pull off the upset in East Lansing and UNI almost pulled a shocker in Madison.  What are your week 1 impressions?
Matt – Alabama has as good of a defense as some NFL teams.  I think if they can get any offensive production, mark them down for the title game.  No other SEC team impressed me.  USC looked good and I liked Michigan State and Va Tech.  Baylor also trying to not miss a step without RG3.
Wendt – Alabama was very impressive and Denard Robinson is still a glass quarterback and will never amount to anything in the NFL (he better not be a Heisman finalist either) Nebraska looked good apparently (I didn't watch but just heard) Ohio is actually a better team than most people were giving them credit. USC is legit
Painter – Same as every year, there was a lot of sloppiness all over, especially on the teams that have new coaches/coordinators.  It's also very difficult to replace players at the college level.  The good teams were making their presence felt
Blake – Alabama and USC are really good.  Everything is is still open for discussion
BSox – I think its too early to really get into real deep impressions. We know the SEC is tough, big ten is down, big 12 barely plays D, and Oregon will have great uniforms all season. That’s what we know.  By the way, I do like oregon’s uniforms. I don’t care if it is a huge money makers just for nike, I think they are sweet. Love the helmets.
Majors – Helloooo Alabama! They looked ready to go, which is typical Saban when he has time to prepare. I think it will still be a great season, and there are more twists & turns ahead.
Zach – Penn State's marketing department better get to work on how to market their basketball season right now, Ohio might be the "Boise" of the nation this season, Mike Leach now realizes what kind of buzzsaw he's run into, and oh yeah, the SEC is still going to be the best conference by December.

Ok, NFL time, the season starts on Wednesday with the Giants and Cowboys.  Who you got?

3.  Who wins the NFC?  Any darkhorse contenders?
Matt – I’m going with the Packers here.  I think the Bears could cause some trouble (if healthy) and the Giants and Niners are still there.
Wendt – Green Bay (keep an eye on Seattle)
Painter – Green Bay will be really strong again (hopefully the defense improves) and Detroit should push them in the division.  Carolina and Atlanta will be strong too but the Packers will be looking to get back to the Super Bowl.
Blake – I think the 49ers have a real chance, along with the Bears and Packers
BSox – Safe bet is the packers. But its weird to think Chicago or detriot could be up there too. Dang that division is loaded. Dark house would proly be the giants…I mean come one they have to be right?
Majors – I think the Packers win the NFC. Watch the Seahwaks though, I like Russell Wilson, and that D could be nasty.
Zach – Rematch of last year and for my sake, it better not be the same outcome. Don't sleep on the Seahawks as long as T.O. stays low with his mouth

4.  Who wins the AFC?  Any darkhorse contenders?
Matt – Going with defense.  The Ravens.  I like Houston to be a dark horse.
Wendt – New England (keep an eye on Houston)
Painter – You can never bet against New England but Baltimore may be in line to take over.
Blake – Patriots again, but I could see the Ravens or Broncos getting there too
BSox – If its true and the pats are a good bet, steelers are usually there, and the ravens….the ravens need to get it done soon, or they will be too old. Dark horse here isn’t really a dark horse, but Denver will be fun to watch, they were already a playoff team, and I cant see how they’d take a step back with an upgrade at QB
Majors – I want to say the Texans, but losing Demeco Ryans & Mario Williams hurts. I still think they are a tough out, though. Darkhorse? Well, if Run DMC can stay on the field & Carson can throw to the correct team, the Raiders could pull some surprises. They do have a TON of 1 ET games, which is a death sentence for West Coast teams.
Zach – Houston vs. New England. Yes, Houston. They have to have SOMETHING to cheer for. Winner: Those damn Pats. In terms of darkhorses, look out for Kansas City

5.  Who wins the the Super Bowl and MVP?
MattRavens win.  Ray Rice MVP…Ed Reed and Ray Lewis retire as champs
Wendt – New England with Tom Brady as MVP
Painter – I really want Green Bay to win it but I don't know if they'll be able to get past Baltimore in the Super Bowl.
Blake – I'll take the Patriots.  They've been so close the last few years, and I can't see Brady and Belichek going out without one more
BSox – Really?
Majors – I am going with the Packers, but watch the Ravens, they could have 1 final run in them.  MVP is Rodgers.
Zach – Pats beat the 49ers. Sigh

6. Michael Clark Duncan passed away this past weekend, what’s your favorite MCD movie?
Matt – He’ll be remembered most for the Green Mile but he was a pretty good Kingpin in Daredevil
Wendt – The Green Mile with honorable mention to Daredevil
Painter – I thought he was great in Armageddon and Green Mile
Blake – Green Mile.  Not even close. 
BSox – I’m gonna go with Armageddon, simply because I always laugh at him on the motorcycle, and yelling “COME GET PAPA BEAR!”
Majors – Any of them, he was awesome. I liked watching him & the Rock together, real life best friends that carried over to the screen. Will be surely missed.
Zach – The dude appeared in everything it seemed like, so if I may, I'll claim three. His role in "Married With Children" as a bouncer, his voiceovers in "Family Guy" and his role in "The Whole Nine Yards" were the funniest for me, but playing John Coffey was definitely his signature role

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