Alabama looks great BUT....

What is Alabama's best win so far this season?  The college football base has come out stating that the Tide are the best team in college football.  But who have they beat so far?  

Is their best win over a 2-2 Michigan team in a neutral field?  Michigan just got beat by Notre Dame, struggled with Air Force and beat UMass.  

Or is it over Arkansas?  Arkansas has been the disappointment of the year losing to UL-Monroe and Rutgers and sitting at 1-3.  

The Tide outside of Michigan and Arkansas has gone 2-0 in the Sunbelt Conference with easy wins over Western Kentucky and FAU, so really what is their best win?

Is Florida State more impressive right now than 'Bama?


  1. Unfortunately, you have to circle LSU vs Alabama on the Calendar, again.

  2. Not so fast my friend....they should beat Mississippi State but they lurk the week before LSU.

    I'm not impressed by LSU, Georgia or South Carolina...the other top 10 in the SEC. I think that Tigers are all that stands in their way though.

    Also I think Clemson could beat all the teams in the SEC East.