2012 WROTC NFL Awards

Time has flown by and the NFL regular season is over.  Playoffs and the march to New Orleans is on.  Time to hand out some awards.  This is the 3rd Edition of the WROTC NFL Awards.  Enjoy!

Play of the Year
Matt - Russell Wilson's game winning interception...errr Touchdown
Wendt - Golden Tate's game winning TD against the Packers
Painter - Fail Mary - showed how unprepared the replacement officlas were
Blake - Russell Wilson to MD Jennings to Golden Tate
Zach - Fail Mary

Game of the Year
Matt - Packers at Vikings - Week 17 - So much on the line for both teams, Peterson and the NFC Playoff picture.  They didn't disappoint.   
Wendt Houston over Detroit (Turkey Day game)
Painter - Green Bay at Seattle (good battle despite the bad officiating both ways)
Blake San Francisco vs New England - SNF 

Offensive Player of the Year

Matt - Adrian Peterson - Vikings - What he's done this year after surgery is amazing.
Wendt - Peyton Manning - Broncos
Painter - Adrian Peterson - Vikings
Blake - Peyton Manning - Broncos
Zach - Adrian Peterson - Vikings

Defensive Player of the Year
Matt - JJ Watt - Texans - I'd love to give it to a Bear like Jennings or Tillman, can't though.  
Wendt - JJ Watt - Texans

Painter - JJ Watt - Texans
Blake - Aldon Smith - 49ers
Zach - Charles Tillman - Bears

Special Teams Player of the Year

Matt - Brandon Fields - Dolphins - 50 yd avg on punts and 26 inside the 20
Wendt - Blair Walsh

Painter - Blair Walsh
Blake - None have really stuck out.  Maybe Greg Zuerlein
Zach - Jacoby Jones - Texans

Rookie of the Year

Matt - RG3 - Redskins - A pure spark to that team and organization.  Luck and Wilson are right there too.
Wendt - Andrew Luck - Colts
Painter - hate to go with a QB but RGIII (Casey Hayward would be my vote for defensive rookie)
Blake - Tough one, but I'll go Andrew Luck.  Can't go wrong with RG3 either.
Zach - Andrew Luck - Colts

Coach of the Year

Matt - The Colts Staff - What they've done with a team that sucked last year, a rookie QB is amazing.
Wendt - Mike Shanahan - Redskins
Painter - Bruce Arians - Colts
Blake - As much as it pains me to say it, Pete Carroll.  Bruce Arians 2nd if you consider him eligible.
Zach - Entire Colts Staff

Most Impactful Injury

Matt - Alex Smith getting knocked out and thus getting Wally Pipped by Collin Kaepernick.
Wendt - Kevin Kolb - Cardinals
Painter - Brian Urlacher (the Bears win at least 1 more game and make the playoffs with him)
Blake - For once I'm not sure there has been a defining one, especially coming off the blood bath that was last year.  Maybe Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher
Zach - Alex Smith's concussion leading to Collin Kaepernick starting

Biggest Surprise

Matt - Seattle's offensive explosion.  The Bengals with Andy Dalton in back to back playoffs.  The Bears go from 7-1 to home for the playoffs at 10-6.
Wendt - Indianpolis Colts
Painter - Minnesota Vikings making the playoffs
Blake - In some order; Saints suck, Colts are decent, Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning, the Seahawks are pretty darn good.
Zach - Adrian Peterson resurgent return post-injury

Biggest Disappointment

Matt - The Steelers and Giants not making the post season, Philly's collapse too.
Wendt - Kansas City Chiefs
Painter - Tie:  Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears (hot starts, cold finishes)
Blake - Again, in some order; the Saints suck, and so do the Giants and the Steelers
Zach - New Orleans Saints season

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