Operation Backpack

My oldest daughter came to me mid December with a Christmas wish list she shared with her teacher. She had 10 things on there, and a few where what you’d expect a 7 year old girl to have. Orbies, a dreamlight, Barbie and other toys. Then listed was one that opened my eyes. She wanted pencils and erasers and paper to give to kids to other kids who didn’t have them and couldn’t get them. I read it and looked at her and said “I don’t know if Santa can do this but we can look into something.”

I posted that wish on my facebook and it got a fair amount of likes and then some people said they’d like to help. I talked to one teacher at her school and they have a program for that too. After talking with my daughter about this she has set a goal and come up with a name. “Operation Backpack” I thought that was kinda cool and I have an idea for a logo for her just haven’t got to that yet. So a facebook page/group will probably be coming in the near future.

Her goal first goal is to help 50 kids with a notebook, 2 pencils with erasers, a folder and box of crayons. I’m really proud of her for thinking of this and thinking of others. I’ve got a great daughter growing up!

If anyone would like to help out with this who is reading this please feel free to comment on here and I can get a hold of you or contact me here.

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