No Resolutions To Break

Lately a lot of my posts have been about football, not life, so I think I need to post something.

It’s a new year, and everyone makes resolutions, and most people only to break them. I don’t believe in making them. I don’t understand why start on January 1st something you should and could do April 16th or September 27th. But I do understand it is a time to focus on life and goals and I do have some goals in process I’m working on.

I want to get back into shape like I was in 2010. In December I did check in with the lowest weight I’ve been (or knew I was with a crappy scale) as of Sept 2010. So I was proud of that. Since my lowest check in the holidays happened and I put on 4 pds back. My diet did include sweets and ham and all that goes with Christmas and New Years. Those days are done and nothing like that happening till Super Bowl Sunday.

With the 30 some day stretch ahead one goal I have is to not have a drink of booze till Super Bowl Sunday. I had a few too many shots and drinks New Years Eve and want to kind of detox the body for a bit. The bottle of vodka I have and my growler from Confluence will be ready to go though Super Bowl Sunday!

My diet has been pretty good the past month or so, give or take a few holiday meals. Been doing a lot of fruits and salad and also trying to do smaller portions at supper. I’m trying to do more chicken, pork and fish rather than beef (it isn’t easy for me) just to be leaner and more veggies, the ones that aren’t swimming in butter. So far so good.

Activity wise, well we have 7-8 inches of snow still outside so not much goes on out there, but I’m trying to get that work out schedule back. Running and testing out the ankle that I messed up and lifting weights. I ran for the first time last night in a while and it felt good. I guess I did freak out Brayden to a little bit while he was playing downstairs. He said it sounded like a rhino running upstairs. I want to get to the Y and use their weights more than just what I have at home.

I also want to get the kids going again. Right now only Addy has an activity going on, and that is because this fall, summer and spring it was like running around chasing a greasy pig with their schedules. Just needed a break. So the kids are going to have swimming again for a few months coming up before they do spring activities. Hopefully that will blow off more energy for them, and maybe tire them out.

I also am going to try to do 1-2 things on My List. I’d love to do the boundary waters or white water rafting this year but I don’t know if that will get done. But I will cross some of these things off my list this year.

So no resolutions, just trying to get better and live a little.

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