2013 Summer Movie Awards

School starts tomorrow, which is a sign summer is over.  This is the 5th annual summer movie awards that I've done.  Some people and movies are moving into some prestigious territory, looking at 2 time winners and movie franchises taking home more hardware too! 

This summer also movies are coming out and hitting DVD quicker then usual so some movies may have been seen on DVD.  

Movies seen this summer:
GI Joe Retaliation, The Croods, Iron Man 3, Epic, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Man of Steel, Fast and Furious 6, The Heat, 42, The Wolverine, Red 2, Olympus Has Fallen, Mud, Planes

Best Movie – Star Trek : Into Darkness

Best Dude – Harrison Ford : Branch Rickey : 42

Best Dudette –  Melissa McCarthy : Mullins : The Heat 

Best Scene – Spock and Kirk while Kirk lays in the Enterprises reactor : Star Trek: Into Darkness

Best Fight –  Mike Bannig going John McClane through the White House for about the last hour of Olympus Has Fallen

Biggest Dud –  Iron Man 3 – There are little parts where I would have changed things differently.  I didn’t like the changing how they used the Mandarin, Ben Kingsley would have made a great villian himself.  He is supposed to be someone that is like the Joker to Tony, and it started out that way.  I also didn’t like all the suits, it reminded me of Tranformers 2 with all the extra Decepticons that you didn’t know who were getting blown up.  It’s cool to see all the tech Tony has in making the all the suits BUT nothing beats the old red and gold suit. This had a different flair from the previous 2 Jon Favereu directed flicks.

Anticipated Sequel – Star Trek 3

Summer movie not seen that I want too – Now You See Me & Despicable Me 2

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