2011 Summer Movie Awards

It's that time of year again, football is starting along with school and my time at the theater is going to be declining.....and also time for my 3rd Annual Summer Movie Awards.  I was able to 7 summer movies this year.  In order they are Thor, Bridesmaids, KungFu Panda 2, XMen First Class, Transformers 3, Cars 2 and Captain America.  This Summer definitely has a SUPER HERO feel to it with the 3 Marvel movies and the Green Lantern too.  With out further ado here are the 2011 Awards.

Best Movie 
XMen First Class

Best Dude
James McAvoy : Charles Xavier : XMEN First Class

Best Dudette
Melissa McCarthy : Megan : Bridesmaids

Best Scene
Magneto as a young boy with Sebastian Shaw in Poland Nazi Concentration Camp  - You really see what builds Erik’s 
personality. : XMEN First Class
-Honorable Mention - Charles and Erik recruiting mutants and the cameo by one Wolverine. : XMEN First Class
-Honorable Mention - Sam watching the execution of Bumblebee…the connection between the two is seen there. : Transformers 3

Best Fight
Optimus Prime vs Sentinel Prime vs Megatron…could have been longer with all 3…something the WWE would have been jealous of. : Transformers 3
-Honorable Mention - Captain America vs Red Skull in the Valkyrie : Captain America The First Avenger

Biggest Dud
Cars 2 - Cars was such a great movie, this one just fell flat, a miss by Pixar

Anticipated Sequel
XMen - I want to see this expand and tell more stories.  There are so many more XMen stories to tell..Wolverine 2 needs to be its own story arc…keep the XMen Story line characters and Wolverine characters separate.

Summer movie not seen that I want too
Fast Five

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