Best Video Game Athletes....EVER

Since the game Pong with the right and left paddle, the gaming sport on home entertainment systems debate of who is better started. You had Ten Yard Fight and Boxing on NES. Then came an explosion of games. Tecmo Bowl, SNK Baseball Stars, RBI Baseball, Tyson’s Punch out on to Madden, NBA2K and Tiger Woods Golf and the Blitz Series. But who’s been the best? Bias comes in to the games you played and the sports you like. Here are my 3 all time greats. And they come from one of the first generations of gaming systems.

#1--Bo Jackson on Tecmo Bowl.

#34 in silver and black was the man to beat, and the man to be on one of the best football games EVER. If you didn’t select his run every play, you had the chance of getting ran over and seeing him in the end zone soon. It also made the other 3 plays increasingly effective too. If you were the Raiders, if you didn’t select that play at least ½ the time, you need a new offensive coordinator! Even though you know the D will pick that play, Bo was so good he could still break through and bust a long run. Bo is the gold standard in video game athletes.

#2--Mike Tyson – Tyson’s Punch Out.

How many times have you entered the cheat code (007 373 5963) to fight Tyson only to have Little Mac’s dreams dashed in a mere 3 jabs from the Champ and a resulting TKO? He was destructive, ferocious, he’d eat your ear if he could. But if you had the game you all tried, many times! Sometimes you’d miss getting an upper cut and be able to get 2 or 3 shots in. But to score a victory you’d have to do this every time for all 3 rounds. Like I said, if you had this game you had the cheat code written down. Tyson was a challenge to get to through Tyson Honda, Soda Popinski and King Hippo, but 90% of the time Little Mac wouldn’t be able to beat the Champ.

#3--Babe – SNK Baseball Stars

A not as well known game compared to its counterpart and MLB licensed RBI Baseball, SNK was a take on sports games that would blow up in the next gens. Creating a team/players and increasing attributes by winning and earning cash. The first dynasty style game? Well the Babe played for the power team American Dreams who had other players like Pete, Willie, Hank and Cy. But Babe was the best. He had the stick to hit shots yard, This game was one of the first where you could rob homers and climb the wall to do so.

The newer systems have had some good players too. Devin Hester on Madden with 100 speed on PS3/360. The shooting guard for UNC on NCAA Basketball on SNES. Little Mac on Tyson’s Punch Out. Star Man on Pro Wrestling.

What are your thoughts?

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