BCS or Playoff?

So you want a playoff? Have you watched the past few weeks of college football? Now I’m a BCS hugger, I think it gets to political, and there is too much bias with the human polls. There needs to be a football RPI poll that is used similarly to what the NCAA tournament selection committee uses to determine the at-large teams.

But in college football the past few weeks, all major conferences have been a playoff or will come to a playoff this weekend. First, in the Big Ten Iowa and Ohio State played off for the Big Ten BCS bid and the Rose Bowl. The Pac-10 has had Arizona, Stanford, USC and the 2 Oregon schools going at it the past 3-4 weeks knocking each other around, and it will come to an end Thursday night in the Civil War when Oregon State goes to Oregon. Winner to the Rose Bowl. The Big East, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh battle for the Big East this Saturday. Then there are the 3 Championship games. Yes #1 vs #2 in the SEC. Texas is unbeaten but still has to win the conference championship game vs Nebraska to secure a Championship Game Bid. And then ACC has Georiga Tech and Clemson facing off this week after both teams lost rivalry games the week before.

If you really look at it, there has been a playoff. It may not be a bracket you can fill out and have an office pool on. The games have played out. Should there be an actual playoff? I wouldn’t mind seeing it, but I love the bowls (well most of them), but put them all back on January 1st. Get rid of about 10-14 of them.

So for those who want a playoff, enjoy the Civil War battle on Thursday and then the championship games on Saturday. Then after that let the frustration and politicking begin.

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