Kids do the dardenst things too…

So yesterday I had what Brady said…today, let’s go to Addyson and what she did at preschool. So I’m having a decent day and driving to pick her up. I pull up, go in to the building and get her backpack and walk out to the playground and get ready to get her, and Ms Kim says to me…”Addy got sick today, threw up.” I’m thinking oh great, sick kid, more pto. Then she goes on to explain to me how she got sick. “She got sick by eating grass.” WHAT? Um, did she see Molly doing it? Where was this coming from? A month or so ago she also stuck a marble up her nose and caused a nose bleed. So her doing strange things isn’t to odd, but yet still is. So Kim and Tonia go on telling me about what she did and what they saw. She had two handfuls of grass, and looking down there was a bare spot and then some, well vomit and grass in it. I’m still in shock that she did it. When they tell me about it, Addy gets all shy and trying to hide her face looking at me. She then runs to the car when I want to ask her about it. Gets in the car and buckled up. I then ask, “why did you eat the grass.” She said “I was playing a bunny game, and Bayleigh and I both did it”. Ok, what, more kids. Did they get sick? Especially if they are allergic to grass? I asked if she was hungry, thinking it was salad (she likes salad), she said no. And we do feed her, it’s not like she is starving. I don’t know. I guess kids say and do the darndest things too.

And on to the saying the darndest things. This morning taking her to preschool, she gets out a pencil she received from the preschool’s treasure chest for being caught doing something good. She tells me “Dad, I know what we need to do with the pencil. We need to put it in a nice spot so the steam can grow so we can write with it. Since you know, it’s a pencil, not a pen dad, it’s a pencil.” How cute/funny is that? I hope she never grows up out of this innocence but I know it’s coming and it will go faster and faster each coming day, month and year.

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