Who's in your 5? Hottest Celebs

Ok, so got this suggestion from Brina for Who’s in your 5. Well I got another also from her, but this one was better. The list. Friends made it famous, a list of celebrities, so who do I like in Hollywood.Well here…we…go.

5. This spot is usually a rotating spot. Christina Hendricks.

4. Maggie Gyllenhaal – The hair and the eyes get me with her every time.

3. Meg Ryan – Pure beauty.

2. Kate Beckensale – The tight black leather in underworld is niiiiiice. But fell in love with her in Serendipty.

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt – This one has been here since Can’t Hardly Wait. She can be my ghost whisperer. :)

Who's in your 5?

And if you have suggestions for the who's in your 5, holler at me.


  1. I never thought number 4 was all that attractive sir...

  2. Something about her, i like. :)