Best and Worst of the Weekend - No Hawks? No problem

Was a pretty good weekend with out Hawkeye Football.  Friday finally had supper at the new restaurant in the East Village, Zombie Burger.  I had the Trailer Trash burger.  It was ok, decent burger but kind of pricey.  And really french fries ala cart?  The Zombie Bride Wedding Cake shake was really good.  Then after that went to a friends new house and hung out with beer and brews, and before heading home saw a hell of an ending in the Utah State-BYU game.

Saturday Brayden had flag football practice again at 9.  He's been doing pretty good except when he takes a ball off the nose then he gets tentative.  Saturday he got to do some defense finally!  They had to run from one cone and then around another and back to the first.  Well most kids would follow the kid around the cone, Brayden saw the kid turn, and didn't follow but stayed in front of him and grabbed the kids flag with some nice closing speed.  When Brayden was the ball carrier he got around the cone and a yard away from the starting cone and was taken down by a horse collar tackle.  They did this for a bit and he really enjoyed it.

After that we went home, changed and headed to Pella to see Coe vs Central in some IIAC, Division III college football.  My cousin is the head coach at Coe and his son is the offensive coordinator.  My uncle and 2 other first cousins went to Central.  So we had to decide who to cheer for, we chose the KoHawks.  Hell of a game, that involved some big offensive plays, a goal line stand and then a last second heave for a chance to win.  In the end Central won 38-35.  Got to see some family members who I don't normally see often anymore so that was good.  Also got to meet @kvnrbnsn at halftime too and talked a bit about the game and Hawkeye football.  After the game Brayden got on the field too.  My first time on the field turf, it was an interesting texture.  Kind of spoongy.  He ran end to end, so a good 220 yards and walked back to the car.  Let's just say it was a good day and on the car ride home he was out.  Before he crashed he did say "Dad, I wanna play football on the Hawkeye team."  So that was really cool!  Saturday night got to watch a little more football and got some XBOX in too.

Sunday we went to a apple orchard (Iowa Orchard in Urbandale).  They had some hay slides, and corn and soybean box.  The older kids played in both and went down the slides and got some face painting done.  Afterwards we got some apples to bring home.  Brayden scarfed down an apple pretty quick while Addy with no front teeth kind of went at it slower.  The older kids helped pick up sticks and leaves too, first of many times we will be doing this.

Weekend ending with some Jets/Ravens, laundry, and apple crisp.  It was a good weekend!

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